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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Haiku Friday - Directory

  1. Sandy's Chain Email Meme in Poetry
  2. Storyteller Revealed - Coming Out of Hiding
  3. Morning Routines - Introducing Molly
  4. Tag - A 2nd Hybrid Meme (7 Weird Things About Me)
  5. Morning Routines - Introducing Ms. Kitty
  6. Tennis - The Australian Open (Part 1)
  7. A Blogging Milestone for Me
  8. Tennis - The Australian Open (Part 2)
  9. Obsession Interrupted by Illness
  10. 1st Belated Haiku Friday - Weather Changes & Recovery
  11. MSN Email Woes
  12. A 2nd Belated Friday Haiku - On Change
  13. An Unexpected Surprise
  14. Windy Weather Effects
  15. Celebrating Life
  16. Best Laid Plans
  17. Thanks for Visiting
  18. Message in a Bottle
  19. Morning Ruminations & and a Friendly Invitation
  20. Spontaneity
  21. Catching Up is Hard to Do
  22. Shifting Priorities
  23. Tennis on my Mind - Pacific Life Open in Indian Wells, CA
  24. Tennis Time Again - more Pacific Life Open matches
  25. Hai-kudn't
  26. Moms and Babies
  27. Men's Update -Sony Ericcson's Miami Tennis Tournament
  28. Women's Update - Sony Ericcon's Miami Tennis Tournament
  29. Of Oddities & Change
  30. Joyful Burst of Color & Pensieve's Poetic License #1
  31. A Little Link-Love
  32. Musings of my Mind (and more linky-love)
  33. Baby Beagle Update
  34. I up and did it yesterday!
  35. One Man's Trash ...
  36. Combination HF with Pensieve's 40PC#1
  37. Focus on Thinking
  38. Poetic Trio in a Single Post
  39. Simple Photo Manipulation (with Photoshop 6)
  40. Photoshop Lessons Learned
  41. General So Cal Update & More
  42. Haiku Book Review: The Red Tent & One Single Impression Week 12
  43. Tennis Anyone? (and more ... OSI & 40PC ... multi-tasking in Haiku)
  44. Haiku 'Reflection' and OSI: Week 13
  45. Photoshop Collages & Women's Semi-Finals Tennis Update (French Open)
  46. Corn on the Cob at the Beach (multi-tasking with Pensieve's 40PC)
  47. Anticipation
  48. Running Late but Feeling Grateful & Sharing a big of Love Today
  49. Changes: I've been 'productively' busy this morning ...(and this afternoon too)
  50. A Medley of Happy Things ' Stuph
  51. Ups & Downs ... and Ups
  52. Giraffes and Photoshop Lessons
  53. Williams sisters at Wimbledon
  54. Beginning My Day ... with journaling (and Sky Watch too)
  55. Mental Musings of the Morning ... and more
  56. Sky Watching ...
  57. Cool Clips & Catching Up ... (or trying to)
  58. Sunsets
  59. Still trying to catch up ...
  60. Remembering ...
  61. An apology, correction, and more ...
  62. Sunrise ... on a cloudy day
  63. Some days are harder than others ...
  64. Cloudy Collages
  65. Admittedly Olympic Obsessed
Remembering to update this list is becoming more challenging all the time, I've decided to add the following clickable links here and forgo future updates ... just because.

Thought for Today
"It's okay to make mistakes. Mistakes are a part of learning." John Bradshaw

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