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Saturday, January 12, 2008

De-Lurking and Everyday Kindness

This request may be
late, but it is most sincere ...
Won't you share your thoughts?

Comments make us smile
when we find them on our blogs.
We care what you think.

Please don't hesitate
typing a few words below ...
You might find it's fun!

While meandering through the Blogosphere visiting T-13ers on Thursday, I happened upon this Everyday Kindness logo near the end of a excellent illustrated list entitled 13 Rules for Living. After leaving a comment about the post, I clicked on the logo itself and discovered an invitation to join Claudia in making kindness a commitment during 2008. I was sipping coffee from a favorite mug at the time inscribed with the words, "Practice Random Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty" ... a campaign of a few years back that shifted my awareness at the time. The basic idea was to smile (and perhaps even say hello) to people you encountered, do an unexpected (and perhaps anonymous) thing for someone (whether or not you knew them) like put a quarter in the parking meter when you notice it's expired (especially if you see someone writing tickets approaching). What I remember most about adopting the practice myself at the time was how happy I felt after taking such action.

Since I subscribe to the belief that "coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous," I left a comment indicating my interest ... saved the image on my computer to add to my sidebar later ... and made a note to post about it when time permitted, all the while smiling to myself and thinking what an excellent idea this is to share. So ... I'm offering a bit of link-love and some encouragement to anyone who might want to adopt the practice and spread the word.

Thought or today

"We make a living by what we get,
but we make a life by what we give."

Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)


Nina said...

I try to smile, and I try to be kind, but I do not always succeed. I may feed a meter or two tomorrow - parking tickets in NYC are over $100 each.

Great post.

Mary said...


I always try to do random acts of kindness on a daily basis. I don't always succeed either, but try my best.

While in Florida, I helped an elderly lady who was visiting the Orlando area from Miami. It was New Years day and she was freezing. Her fingers were so cold she couldn't get her cell phone open, so I opened it for her and then helped her into the hotel. She was most grateful and we had a wonderful chat. I will remember her for a long time.

A little kindness goes a long way. It makes both the recipient and the giver feel wonderful. Thanks for reminding us to show a little kindness. A smile can brighten someone's life, as can a kind word or two.


Kelly said...

Ok, this is me delurking myself. You have inspired me to write about small acts of kindness.

Eve said...

I haven't thought of it consciously, but I try to be kind at all times. I offer help when I see someone who is obviously lost, smile at strangers (although I sometimes wonder if this doesn't make them nervous as to my motives), and endeavor to always leave a comment when I visit someone else's blog. I also strive to answer all comments left on my page. After all, my mama taught me to be polite - a lot of kindness is done in the name of good manners.

storyteller said...

Oh goodie – 4 comments :--)

Nina – That's a good idea! For me, it’s about making a conscious decision to do something small every day. Your comment reminds me that one of the thing I do on the 1st and 3rd Mondays and Tuesdays each month is notice whose cars are parked on the street and knock on their door before the street sweeper (followed by two “ticket writers” in trucks playing leap-frog) come by at 10am so they can avoid the $35 ticket twice a month (or 4 times a month if they’re really unlucky). It’s a small thing, but everyone is always grateful.

Mary – You’ve been most kind to me in this virtual world and I’m appreciative. Thanks for sharing the story of your experience in Florida. That’s the kind of act I believe Claudia is encouraging us to do. The nifty thing is everyone wins!

Kikipotamus – Thank you for “de-lurking” today and for deciding to share this idea on your blog. It’s a simple one, but mighty.

Eve – These are all wonderful ideas and it’s clear you have habits in place that serve you (and others) well. Yes … my parents taught me manners too.

Thanks to everyone for commenting.
Hugs and blessings,

Momisodes said...

I'm not a lurker...but leaving comment anyway :) I love that image BTW!

I try to always smile and be kind with my words where ever I go each day. Whether it's opening a door for someone else, or calling someone that is home alone without loved ones. I always find that the little things can go a long way :)

storyteller said...

Sandy – Yep! You’re definitely the kind of “reader” we bloggers LUV! You always leave a comment here and send email when I comment at Momisodes! I don’t know how you do it and keep up with that cute little girl of yours too. Your blog gets sooooooo much traffic! How do you manage?
Hugs and blessings,

Magpie said...


storyteller said...

Magpie - Thanks! :-)

Karen said...

When I first read through this, I thought, "Oh no, something else I have to do everyday!" Sigh. And chuckle. So silly of me! Being kind every day is so easy, and the benefits so quickly apparent--not a chore, but a way of being.

storyteller said...

Karen -- Yes! How perfect to see kindness as "a way of being" rather than "one more thing to do" ... and don't overlook the idea of being at least as kind to YOURSELF as you are to others. I don't think ANYONE has ever been as hard on ME as I've been on myself. I remember “lightening up” when I first heard of the “Practice Random Kindness” movement in the 1990s.
Hugs and blessings,

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