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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

(Anything but ...) Wordless Wednesday #2 (with follow-up about Blog365 Megafeed)

My Home Workspace
(although today I must confess, paper is stacked everywhere)
(Note: one of Molly's many pillow-beds
on floor at left along with several chew toys)

Actually this is Wordless Wednesday #3
since I posted #2 at Sacred Ruminations last week.

Follow up re: Blog 365 MegaFeed

Tuesday morning, I emailed Kamen with the questions I posted a couple of days ago here.

My query reads as follows:

Thanks again for getting the whole Blog365 challenge started. It promises to be good fun. I've found a few new blogs already I might never have discovered and am grateful for these connections. I do have a question about the MegaFeed (more out of curiosity than anything else) and I posted the following yesterday at Small Reflections, but (alas) it didn't show up in the Blog 365 "Feed", so I received minimal response. I do, however, remain curious and I remembered I have your email address. Here's what I posted:

I'm trying to understand how this Blog 365 MegaFeed works. From personal observation, I'm assuming it must be a random generator of some kind that gathers new posts periodically, but not in any orderly way. Sometimes there are 150 new posts ... other times 35 or so. I don't think there have been any where near 900 each day (though I could be wrong ... it certainly wouldn't be the 1st time I've made mistakes in public). Although I've posted on both of my blogs daily thus far, only one of those 12 posts has appeared in the MegaFeed. So ... is that what's happening to everyone? Please don't misunderstand. This is not a complaint. I'm just curious because I like to understand how things work.

FYI - This is the link to the actual blog page:

I realize you must be much busier than me (since I'm happily retired), but when time permits, I would appreciate a response. I'm also wondering whether or not my second blog got added as I requested.

Kamen responded quickly as follows:
Your post you linked to did show up, but it might have shown up further down the list than expected.


I am still trying to tweak things to make things populate in a better way, so I am hopeful that changes are on the way. Currently I manually add feeds that have been submitted by Blog365 members. The MegaFeed site is setup to “poll” the feeds for changes and add them as posts. There are some inherent issues with this kind of system, mainly having to do with times and dates, that seem to be keeping some posts near the top and sticking other posts further down the list. Currently I have over 300 feeds being polled, so most posts roll through the front page somewhat quickly.

As far as your second feed goes, send it to me and if it hasn’t already been added, I will add it for you.

Thanks for the query and for joining!

After clicking on the link he provided and re-examining the entire Megafeed list in my Google Reader, I wrote and emailed the following to Kamen as feedback:
Thanks for your prompt reply. I've done some checking of my Google Reader MegaFeed and just one of my posts shows. Yes, I checked every page. Maybe after checking out the sites I've starred to come back to in the MegaFeed I'll try unsubscribing and resubscribing to see it that makes a difference.

I'm in awe of what you're doing with all of this and don't begin to understand much on the technical side. I do have some appreciation for the time and effort you've put into doing this. I'm glad to know others might be seeing my posts in their readers.

A question about the link you provided to Small Reflections. I apologize, but I am a curious critter by nature. The 1st and 3rd links are mine. The 2nd and 4th links are to Sandy at Momisodes, a blogging friend of mine. The one link that DOES show up in MY reader doesn't show up on YOUR list and I have posted daily on each blog all along... so 2 of 7 posts are accounted for at Small Reflections. Nothing here shows up in my reader (on the MegaFeed) and that 's intriguing. I could provide links, but I sense I have more free time than you and don't wish to add to your workload. Is there a way for us to check for ourselves?

My other blog feed is:

I do appreciate your patience and promise not to bug you continually, but perhaps feedback of this kind may help you resolve the issues at some point.

On checking the MegaFeed this morning, I discovered the following:
Yesterday's Small Reflections post DOES appear in the list. So does Eve's response to the three quizzes I posted at Sacred Ruminations yesterday. So ... that's what I know about the way the Blog 365 MegaFeed works. I'm impressed with the time and effort Kamen has invested in initiating, publicizing and following through with this blogging challenge. I've encountered a few new blogs I enjoy and picked up a few new readers (and perhaps lurkers) here. Thus far, the challenge has created no stress for me ... but Sandy (who's responsible for my participation in this blogging madness) had a "moment" yesterday until her daughter came up with a simple solution.

This is (quite possibly) more information than any of you wanted about any of this, but anyone who knows me will tell you .... I'm not only curious, I'm incredibly thorough and determined once my interest is tweaked. Hopefully the Wordless Wednesday folks enjoyed the photo and ignored the rest.

One additional note on a totally different subject:
Sherck is the first to take up the Hybrid Haiku Chain Email Meme Challenge, choosing to post yesterday rather than wait for Friday. You can read his excellent response here.

Thought for today:
"Once children learn how to learn, nothing is going to narrow their mind." Marva Collins


Momisodes said...

Yes,...hopefully my "moment" has passed, and will not return til at least November!!!

Wow...you have a nice and large work space :) I love the pics! My kitchen table and my back are quite envious :)

A for the Megafeed, that's great you got a reply, and that your blogs are showing up. I've never checked, but now I'm going to start since you've raised my curiosity on this one too :)

Andrea said...

Nice work space!
thanks for taking the time to check out my site earlier today...you're welcome back anytime.

storyteller said...

Sandy - I'm sure you'll manage the Blog365 challenge just fine all year long. As for my workspace, it's "makeshift" from two large and one small folding tables (from Costco) arranged in a modified "U" formation ... and eventually I want to acquire "real" office furniture. For the past few years, however, it has functioned well for my "stock trading" and other computer activities like email and bill paying. Of course now it gets lots of use as I play in this "virtual world" ... blogging.

As for the MegaFeed ... your posts all seem to be showing up and have from the beginning.

Andrea - Thanks for returning to visit here. I've got your blog in my reader and keep tabs on what's happening there ... commenting occasionally when time permits. I've got another (more traditional) Wordless Wednesday ready for Sacred Ruminations but haven't gotten around to posting it yet. Sigh! I posted my work space in response to Sandy at Momisodes sharing hers recently.
Hugs and blessings,

Hugs and blessings,

Karen said...

I love looking at photos of people's work spaces (maybe to see if they're as disorganized as me). It's so interesting to see what others consider essentials. By the way, I need to keep my furry creatures, close too--I've allowed a cat bed into my personal work room!

Mike Golch said...

I just don't know what I'm doing but at least I'm haveing fun doing it,I think mike golch

Anonymous said...

Your desk looks great :D
And that pillow is snuggly, I'm sure my two rascals would love it too ;)

In regards to the Megafeed, I am SO impressed :)!!

storyteller said...

Karen – I’m happy I moved my “work space” from the “office” upstairs downstairs into what once was my “family room” because it’s close to everything and the view is better. My desk is often more cluttered than picture here, but I do like to have room to spread things out. So … when do we see YOUR workspace? LOL

Mike – You certainly seem to be having fun … and that’s as it should be.

Nicole – Thanks for the compliment and Molly DOES enjoy this bed because it’s close to me as I work … though she has several others spread throughout the house because I don’t let her on “people” furniture. As for the MegaFeed, it certainly IS a thing of wonder.

Hugs and blessings,

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