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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Whimsical Wednesday #6 ... just because

Make Time for Small Reflections
I'm almost wordless at Sacred Ruminations finally.
I've had fun putting my developing PSE6 skills & knowledge to work creating 'graphics' to use as new, original logos & awards. You may have noticed I've modified my 'Granny avatar' a bit in my Profile (see sidebar) ... removing the patches, adding a bright yellow background, a small 'cheery' bird, and my 'storyteller' handle (ever so discreetly). I'm experimenting still with creating an 'animated gif file' but am not happy with the results just yet.

I'd like to take this opportunity
to pass along this newly created award ...

... to the following blogging friends who took time to provide feedback on different versions of some new awards I created & shared in Unconscious Mutterings & more and Sunrise-Sunset/BYBS on Sunday. If I missed anyone, please let me know so I can acknowledge your supportive encouragement here:
Thanks to ...
I'm blessed to have encountered each of you
and appreciate your enthusiastic support.

Mama Zen 'tagged' me on Monday for the 'Six Quirky Things' meme ... and since it's been quite a while since I've done this one, I figured I'd give it a go (though I'm not sure what 'quirks' remain to share). Regardless ... here goes nothing:

1. I am (and have always been) an early riser. I awaken (w/o an alarm) and am up & moving by 4 to 4:30 most mornings. As a result, I'm headed upstairs for bed around 8:30 or 9 most evenings, though now that I'm happily retired ... I'm not usually asleep until 9:30 or 10pm.

2. I start the day brewing coffee from freshly ground beans ... no matter where I am. I bring my own coffee pot & beans with me when I travel ... just because. I wrote of my 'morning routine' in Haiku Friday -Volume 3. Occasionally I enjoy visiting Starbucks with friends where my favorite afternoon beverage is a decaf Caramel Machiato.

3. Although I've written in journals for decades, I seldom shared anything I wrote with anyone ... ever ... until I started blogging eleven months ago. I've made a gradual shift from writing by hand with a mechanical pencil to composing at the computer. I seldom 'plan ahead' ... so I'm often creating posts each morning while enjoying coffee laced with half & half. Methinks if I tried to create them ahead of time I'd spin my wheels ... dumping draft after draft ... and end up writing them at the last minute anyway because I'm a bit 'obsessive' ... and very much a 'perfectionist' ... seeking to let both of those characteristics go. That said, this post has been 'in the works' and held in my 'drafts folder' since last Friday (when I answered the Friday Fun questions initially & published them with my Haiku ... but removed them within minutes just because). Methinks Maggie of Maggie's Mind might have been the only visitor who saw the brief glimpse. When I finished creating it last night, I thought about 'scheduling' it for automatic publishing but didn't ... and here I am at 5am ... revising & editing yet again. Sigh!

4. I enjoy eating 'breakfast foods' for 'dinner' ... cereal & fruit or Canadian Bacon with eggs & waffles.

5. Although I own more pairs of shoes than I'd care to acknowledge, I'm almost always 'barefoot' whenever I'm at home.

6. Yup ... it's no wonder I have trouble with Autumn (or Fall) ... check out the results of this Blogthing!

You Belong in Spring

Optimistic, lively, and almost always happy with the world... I do try to see the glass half full on a regular basis ... even in 'troubled' timez.

You can truly appreciate the blooming nature of spring. YES ... this is definitely true of me ... especially since I've retired and my 'allergies' have faded significantly for whatever reason, but this was not always so.

Whether you're planting flowers or dyeing Easter eggs, spring is definitely your season! ... and it's a good thing I live near the beach in Southern California where it's 'Spring-like' often ... no matter what!
What Season Are You?
Somehow I'm just not surprised in the least!
If you're so inclined, I invite you to play along to see what season YOU are ... and to share either in comments below or on your own blog ... leaving a link if you do so I can read your results.

Belatedly (for the first time) I'm answering
Kiki's Friday Fun Questions
(even though it's Wednesday today)
1. What different blog formats have you used (i.e. Blogger, LiveJournal, WordPress, your own HTML, etc.? Which did you like the best? Alas ... I've used ONLY Blogger thus far and have no immediate plans to move to a different platform.

2. How did you get into blogging? After attending a week-long Writers Retreat in Taos, New Mexico during the summer of 2007, a gal I met there called and 'introduced' me to the Blogosphere for the first time. How long have you had a blog? Since October 22, 2007. I'll celebrate my 1st Blogoversary for this blog in 28 days (according to the 'count-down widget' in my sidebar) and in 29 days for Sacred Ruminations.

3. Why do you blog? For many reasons ... and I've shared previously in Why I Blog, so I won't attempt to answer further right now, but feel free to click the link if you're curious.

4. Do you have theme blog (i.e. crafting, cooking, deployment, pregnancy, etc.) or is it all in one? I don't actually have a 'theme' on either blog, but I tend to 'reflect' on both ... more seriously at Sacred Ruminations and more 'light-heartedly' here at Small Reflections.

5. Do you let it all hang out on your blog, or do you keep it light?
I suppose I'm a bit 'reserved' on both blogs because I'm basically a private person. I give thought to what I share, but am sometimes surprised at what 'slips out' unexpectedly (as with in Friday's Haiku).

6. What is your favorite thing about your blog? I love what I've learned through blogging and the many friends I've encountered in the Blogosphere. What has it given you? A forum to share with others and to explore new things for myself.

Your turn (should you so choose) to share either in comments below or on your own blog). Just let me know so that I can read your answers too, okay?

1. What different blog formats have you used (i.e. Blogger, LiveJournal, WordPress, your own HTML, etc.? Which did you like the best?
2. How did you get into blogging? How long have you had a blog?
3. Why do you blog?
4. Do you have theme blog (i.e. crafting, cooking, deployment, pregnancy, etc.) or is it all in one?
5. Do you let it all hang out on your blog, or do you keep it light?
6. What is your favorite thing about your blog? What has it given you?

I'm reminded of the questions in the Blog Survey I shared a while back. If you didn't see it (or have time to respond back then) and if time permits today, perhaps you'll check the survey out and participate now (or sometime soon)? I've added the questions here just because. Clicking on the 'Blog Survey' link above will take you to my answers.

1. How many blogs do you comment on each week?
2. Do you comment on the same blogs routinely?
3. Do you comment just to comment are do you comment with the expectations that the blog owner will visit your blog as well?
4. How would you like the blog owner to respond to your comment, if at all?
5. How many comments would you say you got (on average) in your last 5 posts?
6. Do you respond to your comments?
7. How do you respond, within that post or via email or some other way?
8. [If you don't respond to comments] Why not?
Small Reflections ... Smile Back
Thought for Today
"Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked why." Bernard Baruch


Mom Knows Everything said...

I never wear shoes at home either, but it's been so cold lately that I've been finally wearing socks again.

Maude Lynn said...

I belong in Fall!

Anonymous said...

great photoshop creations!

Karen said...

Oh my goodness--I just responded, Blogger took forever, and then came back with a "Request took too long" message, and told me to go back. Well, I'm back and my comment is gone...heavy sigh...let's just leave it at Thank you and I'm a Spring (though I'd have thought I'd be autumn)...

kitten said...

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the award! I was upset at 1st for losing everything in my files, but I'm okay now. I only lost about a hand full of pictures because I had already added all them on a web page and have some on my blog.(the pictures I lost was not good ones anyways) I did have about 150 plus more files I was going to add to my new home school resource page, but I still have a lot in in my book marks. If God laid this book on my heart, he will give me my words back to write the book. If he don't give them back then I take it was just for me. (Which I do know he was helping me over come somethings in my past and I felt he wanted me to write it to help others, so I feel he will help me re write it.)
If you don't mind, I want to use the 'Six Quirky Things' meme and the "What Season Are You?" for my next post.
I will either do it tonight or 1st thing in the morning.
We have a tent revival for the youth that our teen drama teen was invited to tonight, so it may be early morning.
Thank you Bunches! & Hope you have a Happy!

Ivanhoe said...

This was a very busy post :o) I'm Spring as well. Although I hoped for summer, which is my fave.
I love the award you created. Must be that I'm a sucker for large dogs ;o)

Momisodes said...

Thank you so much! you are so sweet :)
I am like you, and I rarely ever like to wear shoes. Makes fall and winter here in new england tough :( Methinks I must belong in Spring or Summer!

Akelamalu said...

You're up at 4.30 a.m.? I thought I was an early riser at 6 a.m.!

SwampAngel65 said...

Thank You! Your graphics are great! I need to take a photoshop course, myself. It's so overwhelming but you seem to be conquering it!

Michelle said...

I also love breakfast food for dinner and I never ever leave on a long trip without my coffee pot. My husband thinks I'm crazy. LOL! I love the new graphics. Wish I had the talent to create something artistic. Thanks for all your kind comments on my blog. I appreciate it. Take Care.

Joyce said...

Thank you so much, Storyteller, for the lovely award which you crafted. :)

Also, I took the blogthings post, and thanked you for the award over at my place:

Unknown said...

Wow you have been a busy bee! I love that new award and thanks for including me!! :)

Spring is a little ways off, hope you can make it through the winter. :)

Ivanhoe said...

Stop by when you have a minute, I posted some bling-bling for you :o)

NicciN said...

I'm always barefoot too, and am also a Spring. :)

storyteller said...

Tammy – Methinks it doesn’t get as cold here at the beach in So Cal as it does in other places ;--)

Mama Zen – Somehow that doesn’t surprise me at all.

ces – Thanks!

Karen – I’m sorry Blogger ate your comment. I know the frustration all too well … in fact, I’ve adopted the practice of copying my comments (to the clipboard and/or pasting them in a Word Doc) before pressing ‘publish’ so that when this happens (all too often it seems) I can ‘paste’ and try again. As for Blogthing results … sometimes they ‘fit’ … other times not so much. LOL

Kitten – You’re oh so welcome for the award (and everything else. I’m glad you’re working through the loss of the computer files. I’m delighted you decided to use the Six Quirky Things & What Season Are You for your next post and enjoyed your post.

Ivanhoe – I’m so relieved to not be the only one who isn’t ‘into’ Autumn … and thanks for the feedback about the award. The dog I used for that awards is the one from the Guiness Book of World Records.

Momisodes – You’re most welcome … as always. Hope things are getting back to normal for you now that ‘company’ has gone home.

Akelamalu – Yup … it’s 4:45am right now and I’ve been up about an hour already. Such is life ;--)

SwampAngel65 – You’re welcome and thanks! I highly recommend taking the PSE class. Doing so made all the difference for me.

Michelle – Yez … my family and friends think I’m crazy for taking the coffee pot with me, but they all drop by for a cup when they arise. As for ‘artistic talent’ … I don’t have much of that myself, but I’ve learned to pull together ‘resources’ and ‘arrange’ them to my liking. PSE6 helps a LOT with that!

Joyce – You’re welcome … and thanks for sharing at your blog. I appreciate the linky-love always ;--)

Lisa – Yup … busy bee, that’s ME right now! LOL Fortunately the weather in So Cal at the beach is Spring and Summer like most of the year.

Ivanhoe (again) – Thanks so much for thinking of me. You're a sweetie ;--)

Yertle – How intriguing to find others with whom I share so much in common in this ‘virtual’ world.

To all – I appreciate your visit and comments. Sorry to be slow to respond. Keeping up with things seems to be a continual challenge these days, but I’m not complaining because life is good, indeed. Hope you enjoyed your weekend and that you enjoy a marvelous Monday!
Hugs and blessings,

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