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Duck photo source: Lisa's Chaos
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Whimsical Wednesday #4 ... just because ;--)

Make Time for Small Reflections
So ... it's already after noon and I've not created & published something for this blog. I did generate and share an 'Almost Wordless Wednesday' post at Sacred Ruminations earlier this morning ... after experimenting a bit more with 'adjustment layers' and 'photo filters' to alter the 'hue & saturation' of a single 'desert' photo. I'm sorely tempted to do something similar here ... but the experimentations are quite time-consuming and I'd like to do some 'catch up blog visiting' today ... so methinks I'll forgo that for today. Perhaps I'll create something for tomorrow's T-13 ... or not.

Since this is my 4th Whimsical Wednesday, I decided I'd create another 'logo of my own' using one of the photos from this 'whimsical incident' with the 'curious bird' at my kitchen window ... shared a while back for Camera Critters.

One of the errands I ran yesterday was to Staples where I broke down an purchased an 'external mouse' ...(I've always used the mousepad built into my laptops, but I've grown accustomed to using a mouse with a scroll bar in my PSE6 class)... so I opted for this nifty 'V450 Nano cordless Laser mouse' created especially for Notebooks by Logitech. It's very 'kewl' and, naturally, I needed a 'mouse pad' ... so I bought one 'on clearance' with 4 cute Golden puppies just because.

You See the World Through
Blue Colored Glasses

You live your life with tranquility. You have faith that things will work themselves out with time. This seems fairly accurate to me, though it was not always true of me.

You judge all your interactions through the lens of hope. You try to get all the facts before forming your opinion. True again ... (this is getting a bit spooky however).

You face challenges with wisdom. You know that all bad things pass, and you have the confidence to see problems through. I'd say I rely on my rather considerable life experience ... as I pray for wisdom & guidance.

You see love as the utmost expression of trust. Your relationships tend to be peaceful and stable. For the most part ... this is true as well.

At your worst, you can be cool, melancholy, and detached. You sometimes have to step back from emotionally charged situations. I'm seldom 'cool' or 'detached' ... but once upon a time I experienced 'melancholy' often ... not so much any longer though.

You are at your happiest when you are able to reflect and relax. Yup ... this is definitely true of me.
If you'd like to play along, feel free to leave your results in comments below or share on your own blog, leaving a link here so I can visit. As an incentive, here's an award I received recently from Tammy at Mom Knows Everything (also, A Little Girl Talk) ... and should you decide to 'play along' ... it's yours to enjoy and share with others too.

Small Reflections ... Smile Back
Thought for Today
"When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight." Kahlil Gibran


Akelamalu said...

I love the whimsical wednesday picture!

Joyce said...

Good Afternoon, Storyteller. :)
I see the world through blue glasses also. Thanks for the fun little quiz. :)

storyteller said...

Akelamalu – Thanks … I had fun creating the new logo and it will serve as a reminder of that whimsical day the inquisitive little birdie spent about 10-15 minutes peeking in my kitchen window … for whatever reason ;--)

Joyce – You’re welcome … and thanks for playing along.

I appreciate both of you visiting and leaving your comments. You arrived while I was still working on the post, so you missed my newest ‘toy’ … a very ‘kewl’ V450 Nano cordless Laser mouse created especially for ‘notebooks’ by Logitech. I hope you both had a wonderful Wednesday and that Thursday is a delightful day too.
Hugs and blessings,

Unknown said...

Is that a bird peeking in the window?

You liking the new mousey? Hubs has one, I just use the little thing on the laptop.

Karen said...

I came up "Blue" too--which did ring true. I actually can be "cool, melancholy and detached"--in fact, I'm just (thankfully) coming out of one of those periods. Interesting.

I didn't realize how much I missed your Blogthings until I saw this--it's been ages!

storyteller said...

Lisa – Yes … a PERSISTENT little bird actually. I shared 9 photos in a collage for Camera Critters #4 … taken over a 10-15 minute period while that little bird hung around on the window sill and fence outside my kitchen window for whatever reason. Like you, I’d never used an ‘external mouse’ until I started the PSE6 classes this past summer … and until this week I used the built-in mouse pad on my laptop at home, but some things (like scrolling & zooming ... using the clone stamp tool, etc.) with the mouse pad isn’t as easy as with the external mouse … so I decided to make the purchase and I’m glad I did.

Karen – I’m glad you’re coming out of your ‘cool, melancholic, detachment’ because I’ve missed you … seriously!!! I’m glad you enjoyed the Blogthing. I was later than usual to publish this ‘whimsical’ post, but it sure didn’t generate as much interest as usual for some reason.

I appreciate both of you dropping by and adding your comments. Hope you have a pleasant evening and a fantastic Friday!
Hugs and blessings,

Tina Coruth said...


I see the world through blue-colored glasses, too! LOL

How is the new mouse working out? That wireless mouse seems like a good idea. I really do not like the touchpad.


storyteller said...

Tina Coruth – I appreciate you playing along with this blogthing and sharing your results here in comments. Seems we have one more thing in common. As for my new wireless mouse … I love it! I thought I’d use it just when working with Photoshop, but find myself reaching for it other times too, so it’s pretty ‘kewl’ overall, but I still use the touchpad for most things just as I always have.
Hugs and blessings,

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