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Monday, September 8, 2008

The Purse Meme and MORE ...

Make Time for Small Reflections
... but no 'Fun Monday' this week because 'creative writing' is WAY OUT of my skill set ... and 'romance' isn't high on my list of priorities or interests these days for a variety of reasons. This week's Fun Monday hostess is Woodlandmama who asked that we "... write the beginning of an unusual love story (not a real one) and add illustrations to 'spice things up' if we've really daring" ... but I'm definitely NOT up to this challenge. I did create a new Fun Monday logo I'm looking forward to using ... shared below just because ...
and that reminds me ... I created a Fun Monday logo last week too when we shared our 'blogging spaces' using a funny cartoon that I found at Chuck's a while back ... but no one seemed to notice so I guess I should have pointed it out in that post ;--)
... the Purse Meme
Once upon a time I participated regularly in something called 'Meme Monday & Awards' ... and that's what I've opted to do today because I have some awards to share and Akelamalu 'tagged' me last week for 'the Purse Meme' started by Mimi Lenox (Queen of Memes) at Mimi Writes) saying:
"As you may know when you get tagged by Mimi you refuse to do it under pain of being locked in her dungeon. Now I don't like dark places where things like rats etc might lurk so I'm doing the meme - my name's craft not daft!"
Here are the rules. Find a safe quiet place free of significant others, nosey meme makers, priests, nuns, all things religious and men in general. (If you're a guy just reverse this process to female and tell us about your wallet, tool box, briefcase or metro sexual accessory.)
1. Dump the contents of your purse in a pile
2. Take a photo of your purse and the contents
3. Be brave and 'splain to your fellow bloggers what lurks inside the purse. There is a method to my madness. I dare you to find a story in the pile.
4. Tag others who might want to embarrass themselves
5. Answer these questions:
*****Describe the contents of your purse.
--What's the most important thing in your purse?
--What's the most embarrassing thing in your purse?

--What's the smallest thing in your purse?
--Is there anything illegal in your purse?
(end of rules)
Here's Mine
I'm not much of a 'rule follower' generally speaking, but I don't much care for cold, dark, damp places either ... so I've decided give it a go and hope for the best. Although I own many purses (and I do mean MANY), this Kipling bag is what I've carried lately. You'll note the 'Hatter Logo' on the right (making it easy to find my keys quickly) and 'Anca' on the left (all Kipling bags traditionally come with a matching monkey and each has a name, so I have an extensive monkey collection too). The remainder of the collage provides an overview of what's inside my purse. The older I get, the less I carry with me ... mainly because I try to keep the 'weight' down to save aches & pains in my neck, back, and shoulder.

With my light-sensitive eyes, I wear Polaroid sunglasses always when outdoors (these are Maui Jim's guaranteed for life). I can see anything at a distance, but need glasses for reading and 'Refresh tears' for my 'dry eyes' ... always have reading & writing materials with me including a pen and mechanical pencil with extra lead because one never knows when the muse might strike. I'm currently reading TRANSITIONS by Julia Cameron ... again. Finally, I carry a wallet (also one of several made by Kipling), lipstick, Blistex, Lifesavers, Swiss Army knife, nail file, cellphone (with hands-free cord) , and keys.

I'm not sure there's a 'story' lurking here ... though you're welcome to share what comes to your mind an/or ask questions in comments and I'll be happy to respond. When I'm away from home, the most important thing in my purse is my keys (and sunglasses if I'm outside), but my wallet (containing cash and credit cards) is often all I take with me on quick 'errands' ... (with reading glasses suspended from the neck of my shirt and cell phone in my pocket). I'm not sure I carry anything 'embarrassing' these days (sorry folks, but at 63 nothing much embarrasses me any more). I guess the coins in my wallet would be the smallest thing within my purse.

So ... that brings me to 'tagging' ... something I'm always reticent to do. Instead ... I invite all who visit here to participate as time permits ... and I offer the awards below as an incentive to do so.

How about SERENA ...
winning the US Open and becoming #1 again ... finally!!!
Jelena Janokvic competed better than I expected her to and last night's 'Championship' match was fun to watch ... but I hope Serena and her sister Venus can stay healthy enough to play more regularly again in the next few years because I'd love to see more matches like their 'Quarter Final' match last week.
Photo source: Yahoo Sports
Tonight's men's Championship match between Roger Federer and Andy Murray should be fun to watch too, but I must confess (with sincere apologies to all the Brits out there) that I was hoping Rafa Nadal could pull that semi-final match out of the hat somehow, but Murray's certainly playing magnificently ... perhaps better than Federer thus far in this tournament. I'll definitely be watching ;--)

Next a Blogthing ... just because

Who knew? Certainly not me ...

You Are Break Dancing

You are a rebel and a rule breaker.

You are uniquely you, and you expressing your individuality.

And while you're different and a bit weird, you're no slacker.

You're extremely hard working. Having unusual talents is not as easy as it looks!

Finally ... two Awards to share!
Sassy Mama Bear shared the first one at the Cafe at the End of the Universe. If you've not visited, you're in for a real treat. She's a MOST creative and entertaining blogger. Of course, I'd like to send it back to HER ... and offer it to all who decide to participate in the Purse Meme. Be sure to leave me a link so I can see yours too.
I shared the one below once before when I did something stupid
and Peajay saved the day for me as a new blogger!
It's yours if you leave me a comment and/or
share results of the Blogthing

here or on your own blog.
Small Reflections ... Smile Back
Thought for Today
"A loyal friend laughs at your jokes when they're not so good, and sympathizes with your problems when they're not so bad." Arnold H. Glasgow


Anonymous said...

My purse is such a mess that maybe after I clean it out a bit I'll post it.

Betty said...

I enjoyed seeing what's in your purse. I'm like you in that a lot of the time I only carry a billfold in my hip bottom with cash and credit cards inside. This makes me feel safer as there are so many purse snatchers out there.

I like your "Fun Monday" graphic you made. You are getting so good. I'm trying to learn to make for myself a new banner. If you know how maybe you can give me some pointers.

I just can't seem to get into blogging much lately. I've been really bad about not visiting others either, but I hope everyone knows I haven't forgotten about you.

Have a good rest of the week. Stay safe.

Akelamalu said...

Oh thanks for doing the meme and I loved seeing what's in your purse. I think lifesavers are what we call polos! They're either mint or fruit is that right?

Jo Beaufoix said...

Your handbag is very smart and chic. Mine was less so, hee hee, but I had fun doing the meme. :D

Alison said...

I love your new header!!

Cute awards, congratulations!!

I am glad I wasn't the only one to break the rules this week!!

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

What an interesting meme.....I have always like rummaging through purses...with permission!

Mary said...


I enjoyed my visit and must say that you have a very organized purse. I haven't carried one in 20 years. After I had my accident, I could no longer carry a purse because it affected my neck. Too much weight on one side or the other. I miss my purse.

Love your awards and you are very deserving. Be sure, if you haven't already, to stop by my blog and pick up a copy of the Autumn Friends Award that I gave out a couple of days ago.

Have a great week.

Linda said...

Are we allowed to clean out our purse before we bare all to blogland? I will do the meme later in the week. You did a great job on the Fun Monday graphic. I enjoy playing around with graphics.

I stopped by the post about Molly at the beach. What a cute dog. And, to be able to go to the beach whenever you like. I so love the beach.

IamwhoIam said...

Ok cute logo - I always love those anarodeck chairs. I see your taking Swampy rules to heart with Fun Mondays LOL

storyteller said...

Tammy – The rules don’t specify that you can’t clean it out first, so feel free. I change my purse so often that it gets cleaned out regularly. Thanks so much for the 'bloggy awards' ... I shared one today at Sacred Ruminations and in my Tuesday post here at Small Reflections. I'll share the others soon.

Betty – Thanks for all your specific feedback here. I’d be happy to help with a new banner for you. What I did for mine was take a regular photo (from my sidebar) and alter the dimensions to be wider, but not so tall … then I used Photoshop to add text, but you could use Paint or some other program just as easily. Let me know what I can do. Seems like you’ve got lots of health issues to deal with currently, but once that all gets sorted out … you might feel more like blogging again.

Akelamalu – You’re welcome. It was fun actually. Yez … Lifesavers come in various flavors. Mine are an assortment of fruits, but I sometimes carry minty ones too.

Jo – Why thanks! It’s a casual bag … but I live a pretty casual life style these days … so it works for me. I have dressier ones for special occasions too. I left you an award in Tuesday's post. I hope you like it ;--)

Alison – Thanks! I’ve had such fun using the tools and techniques I’ve learned in my Photoshop Elements classes. I know what you mean about not staying with the Fun Monday challenge, but sometimes a gal’s just gotta do what a gal’s gotta do ;--)

Wayfaring Wanderer – I’m glad you found it so. This is my ‘playful blog’ while Sacred Ruminations is for more ‘serious’ things generally. It makes for a good balance overall. Let me know if you decide to play on your blog.

Mary – Thanks … it wasn’t always so neat when I didn’t switch purses so often. The bags I carry now are much smaller than the ones I used to carry.

Linda – As I said to Tammy above, since the rules don’t specify that you can’t clean it out first, please feel free to do whatever you wish. I change my purse so often that it gets cleaned out regularly. Molly’s a sweetie all right. She’ll be 4 years old at the end of December, but still thinks she’s a puppy. We are fortunate indeed to have Dog Beach within walking distance. She loves to run free!

IamwhoIam – Heheh … I was hoping no one would mind if I took a little ‘break’ this Monday and I was most relieved to discover a few others did likewise for various reasons. I didn’t want to miss out on visiting however because it’s always fun to see what everyone shares. Thanks.

To all – I appreciate each of you visiting and sharing your thoughts. Comments are always so much fun to read and I enjoy responding here in addition to visiting your blogs as time permits. I hope you’ve all had a marvelous Monday!

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