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Monday, September 15, 2008

An brief update and (belated) Fun Monday #22

Make Time for Small Reflections
It's about 11:30am in Southern California and I'm finally turning my attention to Fun Monday. Today's hostess is Rayne at Crunchy Bits. She writes:
"Almost everyone I know keeps things that others would consider junk ... twist ties, used wrapping paper, etc. What things do you hang on to and why? Or, if you are one of those super organized and practical people and don't hang on to things like that, do you have a collection that you would like to share with us?"

She also invites anyone to participate ... even those who have never played previously. I apologize for missing last week entirely and being 'late to the party' today. I'm hoping I'll get this published soon and do some blog visiting soon. I have already published at Sacred Ruminations earlier and 'responded' to comments on posts here at Small Reflections. It's evident I'm not the only one experiencing challenges with 'customer support' ... for listening to the gals on The View talk about their own frustrations with such things a little while ago reminded me this issue is wide-spread.

The first thing that comes to mind is Hula Girl's Fun Monday prompt (my 11th) in which we shared 'collections of this sort' ... ah there's the phone again!

Okay ... now it's 12:30pm. I've finished catching up with a friend (traveling currently with her husband in their RV) and I'm thinking about things I tend to hang on to ...
1. I've got TONS of Tupperware and baking dishes in my kitchen cupboards that I seldom (if ever) use any longer.
2. I own 4 sets of dishes ... but almost never entertain these days.
3. I save aluminum cans to recycle ... and the pull tabs separately (for a class at the school where I used to teach).
4. I've got FILES full of 'stuph' in the real world (and on my computers).
5. I save old cards and letters from friends and family ... though infrequently look at them.
6. My closets contain clothes, shoes & purses I seldom use now that I'm happily retired.
7. I've got shows saved on my DVR I'll likely never watch.
8. I've got DUST BUNNIES everywhere thanks to Molly's incessant shedding.
9. Books surround me ... everywhere you look throughout my house.

Rather than take time to photograph any of these things, I'm going to stop here and publish this before it gets any later.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
And now that's it's out there ... I find myself thinking about serendipity. This morning's Daily OM for Pisces seems related to today's Fun Monday topic and my continuing 'clutter' issues.
"... One good way to free yourself from burdensome situations today is by spending time purging the unnecessary from your life. Perhaps you feel tied to activities you no longer enjoy, or your budget could use a clearing and organizing session to better serve your long-term goals. Clearing away these old situations will make you feel lighthearted and free to attract what you truly want. By clearing out stagnant situations that no longer contribute positively to our lives, we create an opening for better circumstances to enter. ... If you make an effort to clear away the old in all aspects of your life today, you will be making room for new and exciting circumstances to enter. "
Pretty fascinating, eh? I love it when the Universe presents information like this ... and just maybe I'll be able to focus my energies & make continued progress with my efforts to 'simplify' my surroundings.

Addendum after reading Rayne's Fun Monday post:
Okay ... so I clearly missed the mark on this one ... and I apologize once again, but I do have a rather extensive collection of long-playing phonograph records and 'sheet music' that belonged to my mother. Perhaps THAT's what I could have started with ... if I hadn't been 'distracted' by other things today.
Small Reflections ... Smile Back
Thought for Today
"Nature abhors a vacuum. And so do I." Anne Gibbons


Alison said...

I totally agree with you quote...whenever I purge I feel lighter and more relaxed!!

kitten said...

I think you did a wonderful job!
I also have my story of my tattoo on my blog now. Word of warning: Not the happiest of post, but it's okay because it's all behind me. This part of my life has made me the better person I am today.

Sauntering Soul said...

We have some very similar "junk" collections!

Tiggerlane said...

Hmmm...wish I could figure out how to purge the fat from my thighs.

You are I are DVR hoarders! Hooray!

Joyce said...

Hi, Storyteller,

I have trouble getting rid of worn out comforters. I can give away outgrown children's clothing, but have great difficulty throwing away clothing that is worn out. :)

Pamela said...

sheet music?
I had a collection once. I don't know where it is.

We have a bunch of LP's around, too. Hubby tried to sell them at a garage sale (no one bought them, duh!)

storyteller said...

Alison – You … my sister … and best friend! I wish I felt that way ;--)

Kitten – Thanks for the positive feedback. The last few days have been challenging and I’ve got my PSE6 class tomorrow morning, but I’ll be by to read about your tattoo tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for letting me know.

Sauntering Soul – Yup, you’re definitely correct about THAT! LOL

Tiggerlane – Oh wow … me too! Yup … I’m a DVR ‘hoarder’ too ;--)

Joyce – How interesting. Perhaps that’s because the ‘worn’ things contain ‘memories’ and are of no practical use to anyone else? I know I keep ‘mementos’ as ‘anchors’ to remind me of events.

Pamela – I actually have a turntable and can play the old LPs … even do so occasionally.

To all – I appreciate each of you dropping by and sharing your thoughts even though I was quite late to post my Fun Monday this afternoon. Some days just get away from me completely like today did.
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

I am working on purging! It's worth it! Cheers!

Better late than never, right?

Anonymous said...

I have old cards too, the ones I received on our wedding day about 8 years ago that I have just kept, not sure why but I cannot bring myself to throw them away

Unknown said...

Books and dust bunnies, an exciting combination!

Joy Des Jardins said...

Yes, that is some pretty interesting stuff Virginia....some of it is very similar to my situation too. Take care sweets....

Linda said...

Why do we keep all this stuff? I've been trying to clear things out a little at a time.

storyteller said...

Mommy Wizdom – I’m working on it too … though not with quite as much success and I’d like. It seems like such a S L O W and challenging process for me, but I remind myself often that I can’t fail if I don’t give up.

Grace – Me either … but perhaps someday we’ll figure it out … (or not). LOL

Lisa – Heheh … thanks for the positive ‘reframe’ of my situation ;--)

Joy and Linda – I’m relieved to know I’m not the only one. I’m striving to let go of ‘guilt and shame’ over the ‘clutter’ and simply DEAL with it … bit by bit as I’m able.

To all – Thanks so much for visiting and leaving your responses. I hope you’re all having a wonderful week.
Hugs and blessings,

Tina Coruth said...

Serendipity indeed! Just yesterday afternoon, I was walking down the hallway and what popped into my mind was: "We've got too much stuff around here. We need to get rid of some of it." I couldn't believe it when I read your post. I think someone is trying to tell me something. LOL I loved your list. I have a similar one. Good luck to both of us!!! LOL hugs, Tina

storyteller said...

Tina – How funny! Of course it’s always fun to find out something I share ‘resonates’ with those who pass by. As for the clutter, I figure as long as I don’t quit, I can’t fail … though it may take me longer than I’d like to simplify my surroundings. Thanks for the good wishes.
Hugs and blessings,

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