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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ruby Tuesday #3 and another award to share

Make Time for Small Reflections
If you're looking for Monday's post, it's just below this one.
This is my 3rd ...
Did you watch Serena Williams become #1 again ...
Photo source: Yahoo Sports
at the US Open Tennis Championships Sunday night?

Roger Federer wins his 5th straight US Open title
defeating Andy Murry in straight sets on Monday night!
This win gives Roger his 13th 'major' Championship title putting him just one behind Pete Sampras (with 14 major titles) and makes him the only man ever to win two different major tournaments 5 times in a row ... Wimbledon and the US Open. Simply amazing!
Click for others participating in Ruby Tuesday.

Thanks to Tammy of Mom Knows Everything for this nifty new award! Here are the rulez:
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Think of at least 5 bloggers that you believe to be “Brainy Bloggers”
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Share some linky love and link back to both the person who awarded you and back to http://www.mommybrainreports.com
Go back to the Brainy Blog Headquarters to sign Mr. Linky and then pass it on!
I shared it with 10 bloggers at Sacred Ruminations on Monday afternoon, and would like to share it today with the following 'Brainy Bloggers' to enjoy and pass along to others.

Small Reflections ... Smile Back

Thought for Today
"Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it." Andre Gide


Ralph said...

The Williams sisters play with so much passion...and the winner looks jubilant and very happy - and pleased that all the hard work pays off if you work hard.

Nice pictures!

Sayre said...

Oh, thank you, Storyteller! I needed a lift today and you provided it. It's been a rough weekend but things are starting to look up.

Mike Golch said...

Congrats on the award and to your recipents as well. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Serena! Happy ruby Tuesday!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Ruby Tuesday shots!


Anonymous said...

Wow...congrats, Serena!

Mine's here.

Faye said...

Thanks so much for the pat on the back Storyteller. I can pass that same "brainy blogger" award right back to you. One of the great joys of blogging happens to be meeting all the creative, thinking, feeling people in the blogosphere. It's amazing how we come to care for them and hope life treats them well.

Joyce said...

Thank you so much for the award, Storyteller. I'm thankful that you consider my blog brainy. The little online test says that my blog is of a Middle School reading level. :P

Hope you're having a lovely evening. :)

Grandy said...

I love your pics of Serena. How fun!! It's been fun to watch her grow. She's got class. :)

Columbo said...

Awesome tennis and the winners were wearing Red. Serena came through and Roger did the same. I was very happy for both.

Mariposa said...

My brother told me about the Williams victory again...and he was so passionate in telling me about it...and I remember you. ;)

Thanks so much for the awar...will post about it later.

You deserve it! And I'm honored to get it from you...

Anonymous said...

she is just awesome and the red outfit suits her. take care, Judyx

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this fun award :) You made my morning! (((smiles)))

Unknown said...

The Williams gals are awesome, great role models and love that ruby outfit.
Thanks for the award love it :)

Robin said...

Those are some very powerful reds there.

Robin said...

Congrats on your award, too. (My fingers work faster than my brain.)

storyteller said...

To everyone – I’m delighted to find your comments this morning as I sit down at the computer with my first cup of coffee before heading upstairs to get ready for my PSE6 class.

Ralph – You’re right about that! It’s wonderful to see them healthy and playing at the top of their game again at last.

Sayre – You’re most welcome. I’m delighted the award lifted you in this way … and I hope things continue to improve for you and yours.

Mike – Thanks! I’m not sure I’d consider myself ‘brainy’ … but I do LOVE awards and validation ;--)

Ellen B – Happy Ruby Tuesday to YOU as well! I’m thrilled for the success of both Serena and Roger.
Paz – Thanks ;--)

ShutterHappyJenn – With Serena at #1, she won’t be such a ‘dangerous floater’ in future ‘draws’ … and hopefully she & Venus will get to play in the FINALS of the next tournament rather than the Quarters.

Faye – You’re most welcome … and what a lovely thing to bounce the award back in this way, allowing me to share again perhaps with more deserving bloggers. I feel much the same way about blogging that you do and find it a marvelous ‘tool’ for connectivity.

Joyce – Ah … ya can’t believe those online tests. Methinks they base much of the assessment on quantity (as in word counts) and you share lots of images and write lovely poetry … the quality of which is always delightful and often thought-provoking. The parenting wisdom evident on your blog is apparent to all.

Grandy – Methinks Serena has finally made her fitness and tennis game singular priorities this past year … allowing other interests to fade to the background for now … and it’s made all the difference. It’s made for exciting women’s tennis that should raise everyone’s game.

Columbo – It was interesting to see Roger, Rafa, and Serena in RED this year. I would have liked to see a final with Roger and Rafa … but I guess we’ll see that in a future year instead.

Mariposa – Methinks your brother and I must share a love of tennis. The matches this year throughout the tournament were more exciting that in recent years. There are some incredible up-and-coming teenagers with big games out there.

Judy – I thought so too ;--)

Sue – You’re welcome. You often make ME smile and think too!

SassyMamaBear – I couldn’t agree more about the Williams sisters and the excellent role models they are. You’re more than welcome for the award. I love the changes you’ve made out there at ‘the end of the universe’ and am glad to point others your way.

Robin – Yup … they chose to wear this power color … and their ‘games’ lived up to the image they projected. As for fingers, mine often seem to have a mind of their own too. LOL

To all again – I appreciate each of you dropping by to share your thoughts. I won’t have time to visit until later this afternoon, but I look forward to seeing what’s up at your blogs too. I wish you all a delightful day!
Hugs and blessings,

Ivanhoe said...

Federer won again? Hmmm. This is getting little too old for me ;o) Just kidding. Congrats to him and Serena!

Mojo said...

That's what ABC used to call "The thrill of victory"...

Tink *~*~* said...

Nice capture of all the red! It's a power color, so it's supposed to communicate your supremacy in a competitive situation.

I gave you a shout-out and some linky love on my own blog today!

Tink *~*~*
My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

Carletta said...

Isn't it amazing how Williams and Federer pretty much have a monopoly on winning these past few years - they are super. I do miss a little upset now and then. :)
Great reds.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ahhh thanks for that. I love that you think maybe I'm brainy, hee hee.

maryt/theteach said...

Yea! Serena! Great Ruby Tuesday post, storyteller! :)

Dianne said...

Serena was so excited it was infectious!

She's magnificent

Congrats on your award

storyteller said...

Ivanhoe – LOL - Yup, but you do know … this is the FIRST ‘major’ Federer has won in 2008 (since he won it in 2007 against Djokovic) … so even though the guy has a ‘stellar’ record for 2003-2007 and managed to reach the ‘finals’ of two others (Wimbledon & the French Open) along with the ‘semis’ of the Australian … THIS win was certainly not a ‘given’ and must be a HUGE relief for him!

Mojo – Yez … for BOTH of them I’m sure!

Tink – Wow, really? Thanks! I’ll be over in a little while to see. Linky-love is ALWAYS appreciated ;--)

Carletta – Yup, Federer has certainly been at the top of the men’s game for the past 4 years or so (until THIS year). As for Serena (and Venus too) … In 2001, it sure looked as if they’d DOMINATE the women’s game, but a series of injuries kept them from playing much after 2003 … so it’s really only been in the past year that they’ve made a huge comeback. I just hope they’ll STAY healthy enough to play regularly for the next few years. The big upset at THIS year’s US Open was Andy Murray defeating Rafa Nadal in the semis ;--)

Jo Beaufoix – You’re quite welcome … and I’m SURE you’re deserving of this award. I hope you have fun passing it along to others too.

Mary, the teach – Thanks! These photos DID seem PERFECT for this week’s post.

Dianne – Yez … watching her jump up and down like a little kid showed us all how much getting back to the top of the heap MATTERS to her right now doesn’t it? She and her sister are BOTH magnificent, and I hope we see many more matches between them … and between Federer and Nadal too.

To all – Thanks for dropping by Small Reflections Tuesday and sharing your thoughts on my Ruby Tuesday post. I’m sorry I didn’t get an opportunity to do any blog visiting yesterday, but I’m planning on getting out there in the Blogosphere as soon as I finish responding to comments and post something here for today. I did share sample of what we’re learning in PSE6 about ‘adjustment layers’ and ‘filters’ at Sacred Ruminations this morning . It’s amazing what dramatic effects can be achieved. I hope you’re all having a delightful day.
Hugs and blessings,

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Thank you! I do so love to be called brainy! :)

storyteller said...

MPJ – You’re oh so welcome my friend. Of course you’re ‘brainy’ and eloquent with a wonderful sense of humor and unique perspective. It’s why your blog’s in my ‘reader’ and I’m doing all I can to eventually catch up after falling behind.
Hugs and blessings,

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