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Friday, September 5, 2008

HF#71 - 2008 NY US Open Tennis Reflections

Make Time for Small Reflections
Sipping coffee ... hoping the

cobwebs in my mind

will soon disappear
giving way to a
creative idea.

Novak Djokovic
played a top-notch match last night.
Andy Roddick seemed

'off' ... even though he
raised his game mid-match and pushed
back ... creating hope

we would see 5 sets.
Serving at 5-3 ... he dropped
serve as he had done

three times in set 1 ...
and (although it went
to a 4th set tie-break), he

couldn't regain his
momentum ... and now
just 4 men are left.

Murray plays Nadal
Djokovic plays Federer ...
if 'weather' does not

disrupt play in these
semi-finals Saturday.
(Hannah's moving North)

Today the women's
semi-final matches are
scheduled to be played.

Serena against
'Safin's little sister' ... whose
name is Dinara.

battles against Jankovic.
Both matches could be

close and fun to watch
but most likely won't compare
to the match between

the Williams sisters
Wednesday night on Center Court.
What a match THAT was!!!

Venus - 10 'set points'
unable to make 1 stick ...
Serena covered

the whole court ... running
like the wind from side to side
... astonishing shots!

If rain delays halt
play this weekend, I suspect
it will 'air' again.
Photo source: Yahoo Sports
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Thought for Today
"With extraordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable." Thomas Foxwell Buxton
Small Reflections ... Smile Back


Storytellin' Mama said...

I need the coffee to clear the cobwebs too.. once again great tennis and a great tennis post!!

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of stuck way up there with the coffee. Mmmm, coffee.... ;)

Unknown said...

Wow, what a great tribute to the game & players with this 'ku. Very nice, mine is to mothers today at http://mamabearwrites.blogspot.com/2008/09/haiku-friday-motherhood-unscripted.html

SwampAngel65 said...

Thanks for your thoughts today. My husband went to BJs and got TONS of hurricane supplies, as well as my D batteries! It looks like Ike *may* go to the south which would be good for us. Say a prayer!

Michelle said...

I always have to have coffee in the morning or I just won't function. Great Poem and beautiful picture.

Anonymous said...

Wow, if only coffee could help me be that creative! Great haikus and another (as usual) awesome mosaic.

storyteller said...

Laura (Storytellin’ Mama) – I’m feeling more ‘alert’ this afternoon … hoping to do some more blog visiting as I watch today’s tennis matches. The Bryan Brothers won their match and the ‘doubles’ title earlier. Now I’m watching the Jankovic - Dementieva match.

Maggie – Yez … I start EVERY day with coffee as a matter of course. It DOES seem to help get me started.

SassyMamaBear – Thanks for the ‘kudos’ and the link … I’ll drop by when I finish responding to comments on the last few days posts here.

SwampAnger65 – You’re most welcome. You (and all those affected) will remain in my prayers.

Michelle – I certainly relate. Molly’s learned she has to wait for me to put the coffee on before she gets fed.

Vixen – Ah shucks … thanks for the kind words. You know how much I love to write in Haiku … and it’s sure fun to create these collages too. I’m getting quicker with both.

To all – I appreciate you dropping by Small Reflections and sharing your thoughts. I hope you’re having a fantastic Friday.
Hugs and blessings,

Sai Hijara - Ferraris said...

You got me at your opening...then gut stuck at coffee! LOL

Wow, you can really tell us something in 'Ku...that will take me a lifetime to do!

Happy Friday!

Joy Des Jardins said...

Oh that coffee....how great it is. Love your tennis pics and another great Haiku Virginia....always so nicely centered around your love of tennis....

kitten said...

Love that 1st picture! And your peom!

Princess said...

Could not post for SS but couldn't miss to visit either. Enjoyed your posts.
Have a great week ahead.

storyteller said...

Mariposa – I suspect many of us begin our day with coffee. As for my ‘ku … I do love to write in this form and it comes easily to me. That said … YOU write a pretty wonderfully impressive haiku each week yourself.

Joy – Yez … the coffee DOES help me get going in the morning. As for tennis … once the US Open ends there won’t be any more tennis for me until the Australian Open in January, so I’m making the most of it now. Looks like we won’t know who will be playing Federer in the ‘finals’ until the ‘rained out’ Nadal-Murray match is finished tomorrow afternoon … though Rafa’s down 2 sets. He’s got a long way to come back at this point, but we’ve seen him do it before so I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t pull it off.

Kitten – I’m glad … thanks ;--)

Princess – Thanks for dropping by even though you’re unable to post for SS. I’m glad you enjoyed the posts.

To all – I appreciate each of you stopping by my Haiku Friday at Small Reflections and sharing your thoughts. Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend.
Hugs and blessings,

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