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Duck photo source: Lisa's Chaos
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Whimsical Wednesday #5 ... just because ;--)

Make Time for Small Reflections
What a wonderful way to start my day! Upon reading comments to one of yesterday's posts (yup ... there were TWO ... Heads or Tails and Ruby Tuesday), I learned that SwampAngel65 of A Florida Journal had 'left me something to make me smile' ... and she was right about that! Such wonderful validation for my blogging efforts!
She had THIS to say about me and Small Reflections:
"Storyteller. Joyful! that's what you are. Always kind and generous with your words. You have a fun blog to read :)"
So ... although I've received & shared this award previously ... I'm SMILING widely as I create this post. I failed to follow the rulez previously (because I felt hopelessly behind and was rushing off to my Tuesday PSE6 class but didn't want to put off sharing) ... and shared it with everyone on any of my Blogrolls ... so I'm taking a bit more time to 'do it right' today because I love 'introducing' my blogging friends to one another. Although they might have already 'snagged & shared' the award from me (or been given it by others) ... although there are MANY blogs I love, I offer this award today SPECIFICALLY to the following virtual friends (in alphabetical order):
His Girl Friday at Wellied on Life
Hootin' Anni
Joy at the Joy of Six
Karen at Journey to Authenticity
Mary of Mary's Writing Nook
Mary Ann of Desperately Seeking Serenity
Mother of Invention at Spilling Out!
Rhonda (aka Chuckie) at Foster Me Up

Sassy Mama Bear of the
The Café at the End of the Universe
Talking Bear at Sleepy Bear Hollow
and if you've not visited their blogs, I hope you'll check them out as time permits.

If THAT wasn't enough, Mary of Mary's Writing Nook shared the next 3 awards recently ... and I'm exceedingly grateful to be included in her circle of friends.

I wish to pass along this Inspiration Award to everyone on any of my Blog Rolls because I'm ALWAYS inspired by my visits to your blogs and the wide variety of things each of you share!

... and (following Mary's example) ... I would like to present this award to all my blogging friends who are creative in any way. It doesn't matter if you knit, crochet, make web graphics or are a great cook. You are welcome to have this award.

Even though Southern California doesn't experience many 'seasonal signs' ... (and although I shared this wonderful Autumn Friends Award previously) ... I offer it again here in case you missed it. Feel free to 'snag & share' with others as we move into the Fall Season ...

And finally, I offer THIS award from Sassy Mama Bear of the The Café at the End of the Universe once again to everyone who leaves me a comment today .... just because. Be sure to drop by and say 'howdy' to Penelope when you have the time.

Hopefully EVERYONE is smiling by now ...

I'd like to thank everyone who has chosen to 'follow this blog' ... and if you haven't yet done so, feel free to add YOUR link to the widget in the sidebar (under the link to my complete profile) too.

Next I share the following collage that I created yesterday (using marvelous photos from Flickzzz). You'll note it looks a bit more 'professional' because I've finally learned to use 'view grids' in Photoshop Elements ... duh (you'd think I would have found this tool previously, but ... alas ... I just found it yesterday when our instructor mentioned it in passing as we worked on a 3D project in class).
I've also used a white 'stroke outline' to separate the images ... many of which have been 'cropped' to fit specific spaces (another thing I hadn't thought to do when creating previous collages). I've created a 2nd collage I shared for Wordless Wednesday at Sacred Ruminations today. What do you think?
Small Reflections ... Smile Back
Thought for Today
"A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be." ~Douglas Pagels


Heather said...


Anni over at Hootin' Anni's suggested I contact you about hosting Fun Monday next week. I volunteered at Rayne's site, but haven't heard anything. Do I just assume I'm hosting? any help you could give me would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! I love the swan one, the wings look like they are shaped like a heart.

Unknown said...

Love the montage of animal pics, and thank you for the new awards.

Mike Golch said...

thanks for the awards.things are settling down here at Golch Central now that the power is back on.

Mary said...


Wow! You have been blessed with these beautiful awards and you are definitely deserving of each of them. Thank you so much for passing the award along to me. I'm honored.

Love the collage. You did a great job with it. One of these days I'm going to have to try doing that.

Have a great day, my friend.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Thank you, thank you again for your thoughfulness ....and the awards. I don't know how you keep up with all of these things that come your way. My head spins when I see all that you have done and are involved in....bless your sweet soul.

I am so remiss about some of these things because of keeping up with BlogHer; but it doesn't mean I don't truly appreciate them. I guess I need the HTML codes to post them, don't I? Thanks again for thinking of me sweetie...Much love, Joy

Michelle said...

what an honor to receive an award from another blogger. Congrats to you. You do have a wonderful blog and are always so sweet in your comments. Reading your blog always puts a smile on my face.

Mother of Invention said...

Thank you so much for the intro and the visits! You know absolutely everybody and are kind of like a hostess at a party! You always have such lively activities going on here!
Thanks for your hospitality! (250 e-mails?!!! Yikes!)

Ivanhoe said...

I loooove that animal collage you made. Cannot wait to get a Photoshop with my new computer. Hopefully I'll get it on Friday :o)

storyteller said...

Heather – I’m not sure what Hootin’ Anni was thinking … since I learned about Fun Monday from HER and have only been participating a few months. I dropped by your blog earlier to suggest that you check with Chris of Ms. Cellania or Robin of Pensieve instead. I’ll be interested to know what you learn though … just because.

Tammy – Thanks. I wish I could take credit for more than finding and ‘collaging’ them in PSE6.

Sassy Mama Bear – You’re certainly welcome … thanks for the feedback and for dropping by.

Mike Golch – You’re welcome. I’m glad things are getting back to normal for you after the storm.

Mary – You’re right … I do feel blessed and am grateful that you (and others) share such lovely awards with me as you create and/or receive them from your friends. I suspect you’d create even more stunning things if you decided to experiment with Photoshop Elements because you’re much more creative than I’ll ever be.

Joy – You’re most welcome and I’ll try to get the HTML codes to you sometime soon (if I can figure out which ones you want). Perhaps you could help me with that by sending me copies of the images in email as you did way back when I first helped you out in this regard? I’ve totally lost track … LOL

Michelle – I do feel honored and most grateful. I’m also delighted to pass these awards along to be shared with as many bloggers as possible … just because. I’m glad to know my blog makes you smile.

Mother of Invention – Interesting observation. I no longer do much ‘entertaining’ in the ‘real world’ … so perhaps becoming a ‘virtual hostess’ is a substitute for that. As for emails … I had it down under 75 a few days ago, but this morning’s count is 368. I’ve got to stop checking the little box … seriously!

Ivanhoe – Thanks … and if I can answer any questions … I’ll be happy to share what I’ve learned. I’m assuming you went ahead and bought the Dell laptop, right?

To all – I’m delighted to find your comments and hope you’re enjoying a wonderful Wednesday!
Hugs and blessings,

Akelamalu said...

You so deserve all those awards m'dear and how kind of you to share them. :)

I love your collage, you're getting really professional at them.

Anonymous said...

I like the white stroke. It adds a different dimension to the mosaic. Nice job.

Thanks for the blog bling, I will be hijacking them some soon!

Sylvia K said...

I love your Blog and want to thank you for your visits to mine. Just opening yours lifts my spirits -- not always easy to do these days of junky politics. But like you, I can still see the beauty everywhere around me and am so aware of how blessed I am in so many ways. We all need a 'just because' day! Hugs to you.

SwampAngel65 said...

Love your collage...the baboons are so cute, all of them looking at that baby.

I would feel very guilty to take all those wonderful awards, but I will take one. Which one, I'm not sure yet,but I will take one! Thank you very much, and thank you for always making me smile :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! You deserve them!!!

And love your thoughts for the day about friendship...amazing, the second line is just what I told IT Guy when he asked me what's my definition of a friend this morning...hmmm...think I need to make a post about it! ;)

stan said...

what prog did u use to create that collage?

RW said...

Hey! Just stop by to thank for the nice comments!

storyteller said...

Akelamalu – I feel honored to be blessed with such great bloggy friends and LOVE passing along the awards I receive because ‘sharing like this’ just feels good! Thanks … I kind of agree. This collage DOES have a more professional (look in my humble opinion).

Vixen – I appreciate the specific feedback about the stroke outline. Previously I used various ‘shadow effects’ that set off photos from one another, but this technique is one I want to remember to use again. No need to ‘hijack’ … I offer them all freely … just because ;--)

SylviaK – What lovely sentiments you’ve shared here! I’m delighted you find my blog uplifting … and appreciate you adding your avatar to my ‘follow’ widget. Thanks for everything … especially the hugs. One can never receive too many of those.

SwampAngel65 – Ya know … ‘guilt and worry’ are the biggest energy drains I know of … and I’ve worked diligently to give them both up … just because. Please feel free to take as MANY as you’d like … and pass them along w/o restrictions to others also! Spread the love around generously …

Mariposa – Thanks. I love ‘serendipity’ and am often delighted when I discover ‘synchronicity’ happening. I’ll look forward to reading what YOU share … whenever.

Sho – I used Photoshop Elements 6.

Roger – You’re quite welcome. Actually … these days I ‘lurk’ more than I did because there’s just not enough time in the days to do everything. Every now and again I feel moved to comment … and do so.

To all – Thanks so much for visiting and sharing your thoughts. I hope you’re each having a delightful day.!
Hugs and blessings,

Tina Coruth said...

Congratulations on all these wonderful awards, Storyteller! You did a wonderful job on the collage. :-) hugs, Tina

Unknown said...

Congrats on all your wonderful awards! And as always, I love your collages!! So many great critters there!

storyteller said...

Tina and Lisa – I appreciate your congratulations & supportive feedback on my collage. I hope you ‘snagged’ some awards to enjoy and share with others. Thanks so much for visiting.
Hugs and blessings,

kitten said...

I love Fall. It's my favorite time of year. Everything is so colorful!

storyteller said...

Kitten – You … and a host of others seem entranced with Fall, and perhaps if the colors actually CHANGED here at the beach in Southern California … I’d enjoy it more too. Thanks for the visit ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

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