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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #1

Thirteen Things about ...
Authors and Books worth Sharing with Young Children.

1. Anything by Eric Carle ... but start with THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR and proceed from there.
2. Everything by Robert Munsch ... but don't miss THE PAPERBAG PRINCESS and I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER. I found his website here: http://robertmunsch.com/booklist.cfm
3. STELLA LUNA (methinks by Richard Scarry who's written many others also)--Uh oh ... Mea Culpa! This one is by Janell Cannon, and I'm grateful to Alida for setting me straight. Guess I could have "Googled" these, but (alas) I relied on my memory. Sigh
5. WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE by Maurice Sendak
7. ASK MR BEAR by Marjorie Flack
8. GOODNIGHT MOON and RUNAWAY BUNNY by Margaret Wise Brown
9. GOODNIGHT GORILLA by Peggy Rathman
10. IF YOU GIVE A MOUSE A COOKIE (and all the spinoffs) by Laura Joffe Numeroff
11. THE PINKISH BLUISH PURPLISH EGG by Steven Kellogg who also has many others if memory serves
13. anything by Judith Viorst, Bill Peet, & Dr. Seuss ... and of course I loved THE POLAR EXPRESS at this time of year. I confess I read it aloud every Christmas, even to my 8th graders when teaching Middle School, and was always surprised to find a few kids who had never heard the story.

A few additional comments for the parents of young children who want to give their kids a good start in school. As a kindergarten teacher, my sister ...
--highly recommends including all the nursery rhymes (3 pigs,
3 bears, gingerbread boy, etc) because knowing them gives kids a running start at school.
--says to skip the "cartoon strip books" based on TV shows that kids seem drawn to because of television exposure. She says they're mundane & boring and not worth the time or expense.
--suggests walking into a public library and/or a good book store and asking whoever works in the children’s department what’s new and wonderful because that’s what she did as a young mom to find all these treasures.

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Happy 3rd night of Hannukah
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Momisodes said...

What a great list! Some of our bookshelves may look the same. We share many of the same books...more than half! ...what great literary taste we have ;)

Kerith Collins said...

i agree with sandy c.---i got #1,5(in book and movie), 6 (book & movie), 8, 9 spinoff, 12,(book and movie),13 (book & movie)...yea...i got 'em.

storyteller said...

Thanks to you both for stopping by and leaving your comments. I actually put this list together in collaboration with my sister who was a kindergarten teacher for a LONG time, but who is now happily retired and traveling the USA in an RV with her husband.

I spent the majority of my years in education with kids aged 8 through 14 ... so maybe I'll put together another list with books for older kids sometime.
Hugs and blessings,

Samantha_K said...

My children have bursting bookshelves...and I'm proud of that. Reading with your children is so, so very important. These are all wonderful books.
Happy Thursday!

tickledpink.nicole said...

As a teacher I applaud your list!

cindy kay said...

We all absolutely loved "Harold and the Purple Crayon" when my kids were young. In fact, I still do. Hmm, I wonder where I can get a copy....

Melanie said...

Love your list...my girls LOVE Eric Carle and The Hungry Caterpillar is a favorite.

storyteller said...

Thanks to all of you for stopping by. I'm guessing you must do Thursday Thirteen so I'll need to check YOUR posts :)

Yes ... reading with kids IS important. So is letting them see YOU read for pleasure :)

Ah ... thanks. I'm wondering what grade(s) YOU teach, but maybe I'll find out when I check our your Blog later.

mom huebert,
I suspect there might be a copy in a used book store somewhere, but I'm pretty sure Barnes & Noble still carries this classic!

M thru S
I'm glad and I hope you find something new to check out with your girls too.

Thanks again ... Hugs and blessings to you all,

Sherck said...

Just wandered over more or less by way of Holidailies... saw you comment on two blogs I found that way, so thought I'd stop by here too.

My mother read to me all the time until I was old enough to read (and even sometimes after that!) and it's been one of the best things she could have done. She taught 5th grade for years, and had a stock of books from reading to her kids, but we also one or two summers did something different... we started with the first book in alphabetical order in the kids section and took 10 books and read them and then got 10 more. It helped, of course, to have a mother who was a teacher, because she had time all summer, but we read an awful lot of books that way (and she found some new ones for he classes, too!). I don't remember any of the particular books, but that experience sticks with me, and certainly the role that books played in my early development--and thereby in my later development--was significant.

storyteller said...

I'm glad you wandered on over via Holidailies and stopped to comment. Your story may be just the thing to inspire & encourage parents who happen by to read with their kids as well.
Hugs and blessings,

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Lots of great books here -- my kids also like the Charlie & Lola books by Lauren Child -- things like I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato and I Am Not Sleepy and I Will Not Go to Bed.

Maude Lynn said...

Great list! My favorite is definitely "Where the Wild Things Are!

damozel said...

I don't have children, but I definitely remember "Where the Wild Things Are" and "Harold and the Purple Crayon"! Excellent list!


Jientje said...

Hi Storyteller,
as a kid I used to read so many books, every week we went to the library to fetch some new ones. Sadly enough, now I don't seem to get round to them anymore!
The books I've bought the last two years are still unread!

Jeannine said...

Nice list. Will certainly go and look into it!
Happy TT!

storyteller said...

Wow -- Thanks to everybody. I guess Holidailies and T13 do increase Blog traffic :)

MPJ - thanks for the suggestions. I'm not familiar with either but I love the titles.

Mama Zen - it's one of mine too. I wish I could draw!

damozel - I appreciate the feedback and the wonderful T13 list YOU left this week. I'll be visiting often to learn about all that Blogging stuph. I've only been at this 7 weeks or so, but I see there's lots to discover.

Jientje - sometimes that happens to me these days too ... blogging can eat up lots of time I used to spend reading.

Jeannine - happy T13 to YOU. I enjoyed your "almost wordless" T13 post this morning. Lovely photos.

To everyone -- I've updated both my sites to Blogger's Draft Mode so hopefully everyone will be able to leave "links" to their URLs again. The last couple of days have been frustrating at best because we received no email notifications of posts, but this morning things seem back to normal.
Hugs and blessings,

Suzann said...

Thanks for your many visits and comments at my blog - I have added you to my blogroll and will visit again soon. Blessings to you.

storyteller said...

'Tis always my pleasure :)
I notice you have an "automated" Blogroll and that's something I need to check out. I've been trying to keep MINE current with a link list in Blogger, but it's hard to keep up.
Hugs and blessings,

Jientje said...

You could not even hold an umbrella
today, there's such a strong wind, but it would be nice to walk in the rain together, I'm sure!

Mary said...


I love books and am pro literacy for children. ALL of these books are FANSTASTIC and my grandsons are familiar with them all. I read these books to them when they were small. They read them to me when they started reading. They especially loved ALL of Eric Carle's books and I have them put away for when the boys are older, so they can read them to their children. Another favorite was "When You Give a Mouse a Cookie." Their favorite book that I gave them for Christmas was "Stranger in the Woods." It is for children who are a little older, but is a beautiful story is wonderful illustrations.

Thanks so much for sharing.

storyteller said...

John - I don't know how it happened, but your name is now a link, so I guess it was a Blogger issue that's been resolved since you left the comment. Interesting turn of events, but now I can visit your Blog :)

Jientje - it wasn't blustery here at all. We had a gentle rain for about 9 hours ... just a good soak for my yard, though I think there were mudslides in the burned areas and that's so sad.

Mary - keeping the books for the next generation is a wonderful idea. I have some books that belonged to my mom and my dad when they were little and I treasure them like you hold the angel your mom made dear.

Hugs and blessings to you all,

Alida said...

I wandered over from Jeinjte's blog. Love the list. Stella Luna is written by Janelle Cannon who also wrote Verdi. I only know because we read it EVERY night, did I say EVERY night, yep. You get the picture! I'm off to read your other posts. Have a good weekend!

storyteller said...

Alida - thanks for stopping by and for helping me correct the information above. As my loyal readers know already (and you just discovered, I often sing) "I'm not perfect and I know I never will be ..." (see November 7th post entitled "Oh my Lord, there's so much to do ..." for the rest. LOL
It's always nice to meet someone new and I hope you'll return.
Hugs and blessings,

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