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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Small Reflections Christmas Carol Quiz Answers

As promised, here are the answers to the 1st Annual Small Reflections Christmas Carol Quiz. Thanks to everyone who played, hummed, and sang along. I'm told #1 & 9 were doozies! I guess we all have our favorite carols, and these are two of mine. I didn't realize they were obscure when I created the Quiz, but now I do.

1. There’s a Song in the Air

2. What Child is this Who Lay to Rest

3. Angels From the Realm of Glory

4. Joy to the World the Lord Has Come

5. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

6. O Come All Ye Faithful

7. The First Noel, the Angels Did Say

8. We Three Kings of Orient Are

9. In the Bleak Midwinter, Frosty Wind Made Moan

10.Good Christian Men Rejoice

Be sure to watch for this lovely award created by Mary (with snow added by me) as you wander the Blogosphere.

Snowy Christmas Carol Award


Mary said...


No wonder I couldn't get one and nine. LOL I've never heard of nine. I never did get my others mailed to you, but thanks for creating this bit of Christmas fun. I love the effect you gave to the award. It is very pretty.

I'm not sure what's up with blogger. I see you had trouble posting in my comments and last night blogger ate one of my comments entirely. I had to repost.

Thanks so much for your wonderful comments on my Saturday post. I am so glad we are becoming friends through blogger.

Blessings and hugs,

storyteller said...

I couldn't have done it without you Mary. I want to learn how to make these awards myself as you did. I love this one and the wreath with the kitty & the puppy, but I have no clue how to create them on my own ... and I'm still not quite sure of how things work at Blingee. At least on my 2nd attempt I managed to get snowy conditions without obliterating the original image (like I did the on my 1st attempt). The “undo” option didn’t seem to work and I gave up for a while, returning a few days later to try again. I'm learning as fast as I can ... and that has to be good enough.

As for the carols in the quiz, the first was my favorite as a teenager when we sang it in choir. Number 9 was new to me a few years back when Barbra Streisand sang it on a holiday CD ... but I love it and hum it throughout the season.

Sometimes the system gets so slow (on Thursdays, weekends, and evenings) that getting the comments page to come up only SEEMS endless. Other times it IS endless because things get "locked up" causing me to have to reboot and start over. I appreciate you hanging in there and returning today. You're welcome for everything and have a wonderful time tomorrow however you choose to celebrate your anniversary.
Hugs and blessings,

Talk..to..Grams said...

Hi, Thanks so much for your visit!! I love making new friends!! Mary is one of my friends so I know I will love coming over here too!!
I have met so many nice blogger since I started this!!! Blessings Grams

Maude Lynn said...

I'm so glad that you posted the answers! I totally got stuck on number one!

Grandy said...

What a fun quiz to do...great job! How did Karen end up doing? I was worried about her as she seemed stressed about getting it right. ;)

I like the snow...I am way too inept to create something like that.

Maude Lynn said...

You're tagged!

Karen said...

I don't feel nearly so bad--I've never heard of 1 and 9 either! Although I must admit that my faith in Google has suffered a blow--I really thought I'd be able to figure them out with some intense internet searching!

storyteller said...

How fun to find all your comments this morning. Thanks for visiting.

Grams - Mary's lovely and she's been so helpful to me as a "newbie" ... I suspect it was through her blog that I found yours.

Mama Zen - LOL! As I've told my students time and time again ... SKIP to the ones you know and come back. Of course, I know you've been under stress being housebound with children & dogs, so you're excused this time. :) Tagged huh. Guess you didn't get the care packages after all? I'll have to visit later to see what I'm in for now.

Grandy - I worried about her too, but fortunately Karen took my advice (finally) and lightened up on herself. Of course I sent her the HTML code for the award ... 80% is better than I did on Akelamalu's 2nd holiday carol quiz. SHE had some I'd never heard of on that one! Somewhere I read STRESSED is DESSERTS spelled backwards. No wonder we all eat too many sweets. LOL

Karen - Google research??? Now why didn't I think of that? I'm surprised #1 and 9 weren't out there however now that you mention it. They're such a part of MY Christmas caroling heritage, but then I am "older" than you.

I guess I'll go see what Mama Zen has "tagged" me for. Guess I should have been more sympathetic to her house-bound plight? ROLF
Hugs and blessings,

Joy Des Jardins said...

I so enjoyed your quiz Virginia....even if I almost got a brain aneurysm trying to get the last answer. It was great fun...and I love the Xmas Award Button. Thanks sweetie...

storyteller said...

Joy – I’m so glad you survived the trauma … ah experience … emerged with your wonderful sense of humor intact and found a way to add the award to your sidebar at your blog!
Hugs and blessings,

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