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Saturday, December 29, 2007

HELP!!!!! Methinks I did a FOOLISH thing and ...

now I have NO SOUND on my computer!!! Yikes -- I hope it's recoverable. I'm hoping someone out there can help me figure this out. Early in December I installed Sonic Widgets with Christmas music on both of my blogs. Yesterday the one at Sacred Ruminations kept freezing up my computer for some reason. After shutting everything down and rebooting for the 3rd time, I'd had enough. While clearing out the Christmas decorations here and there, I decided to REMOVE THOSE ELEMENTS in the layout area of Blogger. Apparently in doing so I also deleted something I shouldn't have ... resulting in TOTAL SILENCE (except for the fan working overtime). It's strange how we don't miss something until it's gone. Until recently, I kept the sound OFF most of the time. However, today the silence is deafening.

What can I do to retrieve sound in my computer?


Peajay said...

Hi Storyteller
Is it just the sound on your blog or the whole pc sound that has disappeared? If it's the pc then perhaps a visit to 'Start', 'Control Panel' then 'Sound & Audio Devices' will show you whether you have muted the volume or any other pc sound related problems. Good luck.

storyteller said...

Peajay to the rescue!
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It wasn't just sound on my blogs, but sound period on my PC. When I followed your instructions, I saw that the MUTED box indeed was checked. The problem of no sound is solved simply it seems, and I'm breathing a sigh of relief ... even though the blogging world now knows just how little I know about how computers work. Fortunately, I know enough to ask for help and to follow directions when given.
Extra warm hugs and blessings to you today!

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