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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Day After Christmas to All

I'm told it's Boxing Day in England, Canada, Australia (and possibly other places) ... a day to clean up and/or "re-gift" things. Melissa at Part of Everything shared about her experiences with this holiday, causing me to check Wickipedia, however I neither cleaned nor re-gifted anything today because I've been catching up with comments on my two blogs and devoting quality time to Molly who spent more time alone the past couple of days than she's used to. I hope your Christmas was merry and bright. Mine was anything but "white" with Santa Ana winds gusting again. They've calmed down today, but yesterday the palms fronds were flying everywhere.

I expected to spend more time here in “this virtual world” (with no family in town with whom to celebrate), but surprisingly I’ve created new traditions of my own this year as I experienced the kindness of friends who knew of my situation. After decades of including “strays” in our family gatherings, I’ve become one … and realize (perhaps for the 1st time while being on the "receiving" end) what a lovely gift such fellowship is.

While responding to Eve at Adamswife's Blog, I noticed that Zazzy left a link to an unique version of the 12 days of Christmas I'd never seen or heard before ... performed by the Indiana University's all male A'capella choir known as "Straight No Chaser". If you've not experienced them, I hope you'll check this out. Their version was most unusual and entertaining.

I hope 2007 has been a good one for you. According to this Blog-thing mine was FANTASTIC, and I'm grateful! If you decide to take this quiz yourself click the link below my results. I hope your prove as good or better than mine. If you'd rather, you can try the second one to see which movie your Christmas was most like here. Mine was like the Charlie Brown's ... but I have no idea what the other options were.

You Had a Fantastic Year!

Compared to most years, last year was definitely great.
Overall, you're living a much better life than you were twelve months ago.
And nothing is a better mark of a good year.
Here's to hoping next year is even better!
How Did Your Year Rate?

I don't know how many of you know that
NORAD tracks Santa's progress each year. We used to check their website when my nieces and nephew were little, but I've not done so for years. I was reminded this morning at Melissa's and have added a note for NEXT year in my Palm LifeDrive along with the reminder to participate in Operations Christmas.


Annie Z said...

As I suspected, mine was a bad year. Oh well. Here's to next year.

So glad you had a good Christmas in the warmth of friendship.


Melissa said...

Yeah, it turns out my year was horrible according to that too! Lol!

Melissa said...

Oh! And I meant to add that I LOVED the Straight No Chaser video! I watched a few more of theirs on You Tube too!

Mary said...

The grandsons always track Santa on Norad, along with Mom. She gets just as excited about it as they do. The oldest boy phoned me this year to see if I was tracking Santa, so I went to the website.

I also had a fantastic year according to the quiz, and really, I did. There were many moments to be thankful for.

Take care. I wish you a Happy New Year and hope that 2008 is another fantastic year for you.


storyteller said...

Annie - I'm sorry THIS was the post you happened upon when you visited since it focused your attention on your troubles. There were so many uplifting ones you COULD have read, so next time be "choosy" and seek out the positive to lift your spirits.

Melissa - Ditto what I said above to Annie, but I'm glad you could laugh about it. Because there were only 2 choices for each question (better or worse) I found answering challenging since some things were "about the same" for me, but overall ... I guess I had a good year. I'm glad you enjoyed Straight No Chaser as much as I did. Like you, I watched many of their videos and as I bookmarked them I decided it would make a great T-13 for today.

Mary - I'm assuming you're on the road headed for Florida. I hope the weather permits safe travel and that you have a marvelous time. Take lotsa pictures to share when you return.

Thanks to everyone for visiting at this busy time of year.
Hugs and blessings,

Grandy said...

Hey you!! Hope you had a great holiday!! Thanks for stopping by my site with all your great comments. I'm going to have to catch up with everyone now. ;)

storyteller said...

Grandy - I'm happy to know you "survived" your vacation and have returned safely. Hope it was as much fun as it looked and that you took "lotsa" pictures to share ... especially of that "risky business" that took MY breath away! Good luck catching up in the virtual world. I didn't go anywhere, but I'm behind in MY blogging visits just from spending holiday time with friends around home.
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

I took both the quizzes. According to this I had an average year and my Christmas most resembles "A Very Brady Christmas." LOL I'm thinking that's a good thing.

storyteller said...

Eve - 'Tis good to see you out and about in the Blogosphere. Thanks for visiting and sharing your Quiz results. It DOES seem you've found ways to enjoy the holidays while dealing with challenges. FYI, although Ning didn't let me on when you sent the original invitation for Blog 365, it did allow me to log on this morning ... and I can't quite believe it myself, but I've joined the madness ... oops, I mean fun. I've only signed up with Small Reflections, but understand I can post on EITHER ... so that should make things a bit less crazy.
Hugs and blessings,

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