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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Holidailies -- Introduction (just a little late)

Whilst perusing the "virtual world" this morning, I came perchance upon a site with THIS:
I thought to myself ... do I need some time off from Blogging for other things?
It's true December is a busier than normal month ... with holiday parties ... shopping ... gift wrapping ... Christmas cards (Ohmygosh - Reminder to self: I need to get crackin' on making those!) ... decorating ... baking ... (you get the idea), but I'm on a roll with NaBloPoMo and don't want to lose momentum. Participating in the 30 posts in 30 days activity led me to meet even more interesting folk and brought visitors to both my Blogs. Even now, I'm following up on those "leads" and may eventually find it overwhelming to keep up, but so far ... so good.

Fortunately, I discovered these as well:
You'll notice
I have added one
here at Small Reflections
and the other
at Sacred Ruminations
I've decided to
continue posting daily on both Blogs.

As some of you know, I began Blogging here on October 22nd of this year and at Sacred Ruminations on October 23rd. My "story" is in my Sidebar ... and additional info in my Profile ... so I won't repeat myself here. I will add that I wish I'd listened to friends and family sooner. They knew what I didn't ... that this is my element! It helps that I'm "happily retired" and have more time than most to "play" in this "virtual" universe. Often, I feel as if I've died and gone to heaven.

I've wandered through the "Blogosphere" visiting other Bloggers, reading & leaving comments, looking to see what's possible, returned to experiment and teach myself what I need to know to be creative here. I've posted something just about every day on each site, and had fun doing so ... figuring things out as I go. I appreciate those of you who have followed me back (who knew that would happen?) and left comments in return. Knowing there's an "audience" out there keeps me honest :)

So ... it's a good thing I continued to post daily because I'm not behind ... yet. Hopefully I won't let myself fall behind. I fully intend to meet the goal of 31 posts in 31 days from December 1st through January 1st! In addition, I plan to venture out and read what other Hollidailies bloggers are writing. I've added links in the Sidebar of both sites to relevant pages so that any of you who wish to enjoy these posts can do so with ease.

Now ... for my regular public service announcements :)
--If you need a laugh this evening, check out the video clip at Karyn's blog. (You know how important laughter is to me).
--Reminder: You've got 11 more days to figure out the Christmas Carol Quiz answers and email them to me. Peajay is the first to get all 10 correct and has the Small Reflections Christmas Carol Quiz Award posted on her Blog. Who's going to be next?

Happy 1st night of Hannukah
to all those who celebrate
this holiday.


Anonymous said...

As long as the blogging is fun, and not a chore, keep it going! But if things DO become too busy, don't stress if you can't post as frequently.

Momisodes said...

I agree with Karen...I'm trying to keep the momentum myself too. But if I'm missing showers for this...skipping a day :)

So glad we met!!!

storyteller said...

As per your suggestion, I've put a post-it on my laptop that reads, "As long as the blogging is fun, and not a chore, keep it going! But if things DO become too busy, don't stress if you can't post as frequently."

Since I don't have a "little one" clambering for attention, I'm not likely to miss showers for anything!

Thanks to your both for dropping by and take a minute to remind me to be sensible about all this :)
Hugs and blessings,

Kitty said...

Hi, best wishes on Holidailies postings.

Holidailies helped me keep my mind off of things during a rough time (I'd just lost a brother).

storyteller said...

Thanks for visiting here and leaving a comment. I read the "Grinch" Holidailies post and left a comment yesterday (which may be how you found me). I've lost a brother also and know how hard the holidays can be.
Hugs and blessings,

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