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Friday, December 14, 2007

T-13 thanks, Friday Hugs, Christmas Carol Quiz info, Windy California Weather, & Problems Leaving Comments on either Blog

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First off ... thanks for all the heartfelt comments left about yesterday's T-13 here! I'm overwhelmed by the supportive encouragement from everyone, and I've added a series of personal responses to your feedback (within the comments section) yesterday and this morning ... some of which are longer than my average daily post. LOL

I gave some thought to using the one I wrote and left this morning as a post for today's offering, but figured I'd simply reference it here and move on to other things. I do encourage others to consider the question of what you might do if you knew you couldn't fail, and invite you to leave a link here if you decided to do so. I'd love to read (and comment on) your lists!

Regarding the Christmas Carol Quiz. Several of you have indicated (with creatively colorful language) that a couple are giving you fits. May I suggest you email me the answers you have today and relax. Absolute accuracy isn't necessary to have a good time, and (as others discovered previously) ... sending the list removed stress allowing answers to arrive unbidden. You can always send another email with additional answers as they show up. Google gives me LOTS of free storage! I'm currently using 0% of the available space there. You have until midnight on Saturday, December 15th, to send me your list. I'll end the suspense and post the answers on Sunday, the 16th ... and will email the HTLM code for the award to participants then as well.

A little more than a week ago, we had stormy weather in Southern California (no snow or ice, just wind and rain). Interestingly, the palm fronds all landed in a pile in the middle of the street (see the 3rd row in this collage for those first pictures) ... something we've never seen happen before. After taking a few photos, I went on about the day's activities without giving it any more thought ... although all of us in the neighborhood assumed someone from the City would send a crews to gather them up at some point.

This morning, the pile remains ... though someone has moved them from the middle of the street to a pile near the curb (see photos on left side of collage). One can only guess how long they'll remain ... but the street sweeper does come next Monday (on MY side of the street where the pile currently resides) ... so we'll see what happens in a few days. Does anyone know how to change the sequence of pictures when creating a collage with Picasa? I've got no clue how the program decides to arrange the pictures in a collage, but it clearly has nothing to do with the order in which I take the snapshot. Sigh! So much to learn ... still.

If any of you need to feel warmer today, I hope my photos help. Certainly, I've enjoyed YOUR winter weather vicariously without having to shovel sideways or bundle up to go outdoors ... so thanks for sharing and I look forward to more wintry pictures as I wander the Blogosphere.

Finally, I've received email from a few folks who have found it difficult (if not impossible) to leave comments on one or both of my blogs. If you experience problems, please let me know so I can look into the problem and figure out how to solve it. I like reading and responding to comments, so I wouldn't want anyone to feel frustrated or discouraged.


Karen said...

We're anticipating some sleet here...sigh...so I'm enjoying the pictures (though feeling grateful I don't have to deal with fronds).

I'm not having problems leaving comments--but I DO have to sign in with a google account first (which I didn't have to do before). Not that big a deal--just another step in the process.

I'm going to email my answers--perfection be damned!

storyteller said...

Karen - Sleet ... brrrrr! I feel for my sister who's cold during winter here in So Cal. She & her husband aren't far from you. They're currently in Atlanta, GA until the 26th ... taking care of doctor's appointments, forwarded mail, physical therapy visits, etc. in between sight-seeing excursions hither and yon. I understand this is unusual weather and certainly feel for all those folks in the Midwest without power from these ice storms.

I'm sorry for the extra step, but glad you can leave a link to your Blog again. I'm assuming TypeKey and TypePad aren't one and the same. I notice many links have the Blogger "B" logo by their names these days ... so I'm guessing it's a "vanity thing" for the folks behind these changes. I'm aware that some days everything slows down to a snail's pace and I get impatient waiting for pages to come up. I'm glad you're sending the answers. Remember -- force nothing and hold nothing back (not to mention live guilt & worry free) ...
Hugs and blessings,

Mary said...


I love your photos and am glad that everyone ecouraged you in your last post.

If I couldn't fail, I would challenge myself to lose 50 lbs in the next 6 months. I'm not going to do that, but am going to try to lose all that I can.

Enjoyed visiting with you on both of our blogs.


Momisodes said...

Oh those photos and your music is making me long for some warm weather. We just had a foot of snow with more forecasted this weekend...ugh, blue skies, how I long for you :(

storyteller said...

Mary - I appreciate the feedback about the pictures and am glad you were able to visit. I know you're busy. As for weight-loss, 50 lbs in 6 months seems like a lot ... I'm lucky to average getting rid of 2-3 lbs/month so the best I'd do in that span of time is about 20. This is a tough time of year to do anything but maintain ... but I figure staying the same is better than gaining.

Sandy - if I could send you some warmer weather and blue skies, I would ... seriously. I enjoy your snowy, icy photos from a distance ... but I wouldn't want to be there with you in this weather. Seems like time to light a cozy fire and curl up with a good book while that little QT of yours takes a nap perhaps?

Thanks to both of you for stopping by.
Hugs and blessings,

Mary said...


Yes, 50 lbs is a lot in 6 months and I wouldn't attempt it but would love to get it all off at once. I really need to loose that much and am going to attempt a start on it after the holidays.

To answer your question on my blog, I don't think hubby and I will be doing a lot for our anniversary this year. We are going to Florida on the 27th and have decided to spend our money on the trip instead.

Akelamalu said...

Those photos are WILD!

Mary Ann said...

I could send some snow your way. It's falling now, soft new snow, turning the evergreens white.

storyteller said...

Mary – Yes … I know the temptation, but that never works in the long run. Even if you take the weight off, it doesn’t stay off. As for your anniversary & using the money for the Florida trip, you sound like my kind of person! That’s what I’d do too.

Akelamalu – Yup … the weather here can be wild sometimes, though for the most part it’s a laid back, easy going, beach community with lots of interesting people living a pretty wonderful life.

Moana – Hmmm … thanks for the offer of a little snow, but I’m pretty sure it would melt before it arrived. Reminds me of a time we kids packed snow on the car (while visiting the mountains) thinking it would be fun to spread on the lawn back home, but all we had was slush upon arrival ... or the first time I experienced hail. When I saw all the white stuph covering the grass, I gathered up some (at the age of 4 or so) in my tin cup and put in the fridge to show “Daddy” when he came home from work. Sigh! I guess that’s when I learned about freezers.

Thanks to all for stopping by. Happy Holidays and of course ...
Hugs and blessings,

Smiler said...

That is some mighty powerful wind! I got your comments, and especially the one regarding blog tips - I'll be starting the series during the course of the week. Look forward to seeing you there! :-)

p.s. if you have any specific questions you'd like me to address do send me a comment and I'll do my best to give you an answer of refer you somewhere.

storyteller said...

Smiler - Yes they were. My neighbor is having a party tonight and is worried about where her guests will park. Of course, the palm fronds remain. I'm waiting to see what happens Monday when the sweeper comes by.

Thanks for the offer of help. I'm learning as I go, but sometimes run into challenges (as I did this morning with the FeedBurner link). I've learned a bit about HTML adding code to my sidebars from other places and from inserting my Thursday Thirteen posts into their code. Off the top of my head, I'm curious about layouts with 3 columns like your blog ... about creating a different type header with pictures and alternate fonts, and making the pictures in my sidebar "clickable" links. Every day I seem to come up against something I don't know how to do, then spend time figuring it out. For the most part I enjoy these challenges that make me think. Sometimes, however, when answers elude me for long stretches of time, I get frustrated ... like this morning when I called Kara. Hmmm... I wonder if I should be leaving this on YOUR blog instead of here. Well ... here now and maybe your blog tomorrow. Thanks again.
Hugs and blessings,

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