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Friday, December 7, 2007

Where did this day go?

I started writing this post HOURS ago, but LIFE has intervened keeping me busier than I like to be. At the moment, I find myself ready to turn off the computer, fix dinner, and cuddle with Molly a while. Of course, I need to finish this post and publish it before logging off. I promise to do better tomorrow, but for tonight ... I'm taking the "easy" route by suggesting that if you've not checked out the post I left this morning at Sacred Ruminations, you might find it fun to do so now :)

FYI - I've updated both my sites to Blogger's Draft Mode so hopefully everyone will be able to leave "links" to their URLs again. If you use a platform other than Blogger, click to the right of the Blogger/Google sign-in area to reveal a list of platforms. Choose one then enter your information, including your URL.

The last couple of days have been frustrating at best because we received no email notifications of posts, but this morning things seemed back to normal. Today emails have arrived the way they used to and it's been a challenge to keep up.

for being the 3rd person
to answer the Christmas Carol Quiz correctly!

Reminder: You've got 8 more days to figure out the Christmas Carol Quiz answers and email them to me. Peajay & Joy were the first two Bloggers to get all 10 correct and have the Small Reflections Christmas Carol Quiz Award to post on their Blogs. Who's going to be next?

Happy 4th night of Hannukah
to all those who celebrate
this holiday.


Talk..to..Grams said...

Hi, you left a comment on my blog and I am just getting over here to say Hello!! You have nice music on your blog!
We are suppose to get bad weather by tomorrow evening and into Sunday like ice!! I don't mind the snow but hate the ice!! Visit me anytime!! Grams

Momisodes said...

I'm running over to Sacred Ruminations a.s.a.p!

I had the same issue today too with the posting. I nursed my entry for a day or so, and I didn't get to posting it until so late in the day :(....

Hope you have a great weekend! I tried leaving my OpenId, but it didn't work. So I used my google account, but my URL is: http://www.Momisodes.com

Kayce aka lucy said...

glad to be here with you. sorry for the frustrating day (i've had a few myself lately :-) hope you and molly managed a nice snuggle. i have dinner prepared and am waiting for the wayward christmas shoppers to show up and eat.

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

It's amazing how a day can just slip by in one little busy thing after another, isn't it? I'm glad that Blogger has things back up and working now; those e-mail problems were frustrating!

storyteller said...

I forget exactly how I got there, but I enjoyed my visit to your Blog and will return when time permits. With all these “clickable links” it’s easy to get lost in this virtual world, but I usually enjoy the journey and often make new friends as I wander. I’m glad you meandered on over here and left a comment. I hope you looked at some of my other posts because this one left a lot to be desired.
I plan to make up for it today :)

LOL – some days just get away from me for no really good reason actually and yesterday was one. As for leaving your URL, I think if you open the drop down menu next to the “Sign-in Google/Blogger” space … you’ll be able to enter your web log address because John and others have done so since the annoying Blogger changes (that hopefully will be good in the long run).

I’m glad you’re getting out and about in the Blogosphere again. My day pales in comparison with the troubles YOU’VE had with all the flooding after the rains. My heart goes out to all of you dealing with this disaster, and I’m humbly grateful to note my challenges hardly qualify as problems at all. Molly and I did enjoy a nice cuddle after dinner. I hope the shoppers arrived home while dinner was still warm

I’m glad things are sort of back to “normal” with Blogger too. As for day’s slipping by, sometimes (as the happily retired person I currently am) I wonder how I ever had time to work at all :)

Hugs and blessings to you all,

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