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Friday, December 21, 2007

A Christmasy Video Experiment with YouTube

After enjoying so many video presentations on other's blogs, and discovering THIS hilarious Christmas Countdown video at Lins Honeyman's blog through His Girl Friday's recommendation this morning at Wellied on Life ... I decided THIS was worth the effort to teach myself what I need to know to do this thing for myself here. Perhaps I was foolish, because the clip took forever to load there ... but what the hey? It's worth the wait to laugh yourself silly! Seriously!!! If this doesn't work, you can click on either link to find and watch the clip ... but I've got my fingers crossed.

Hooray! It worked for me ... so it should work for you. Warning ... it DOES take a bit of patience, so while it's loading from YouTube, get yourself a cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, eggnog, or whatever you choose ... and give yourself a "break" enjoying "Frank Kelly's 12 Days of Christmas." If you encounter difficulty, check out Melissa's advice from Part of Everything that I've added below the YouTube screen and leave a "thank you" at her blog.

For slow or choppy online videos, try the following:

  • Click the "play" button.
  • Once the video starts to load, click the "pause" button and let the rest of the video load.
  • If you watch the status bar at the bottom of the video, (the bar with the pointer that tells you how far into the video you are) you can see the bar filling up.
  • Once the status bar is full and the video is loaded, click "play" again and the video will usually play through much better.

This will work for most online videos regardless of how old or slow a computer is. The key is to wait until the video has fully loaded before attempting to view it. Try it!


Lins said...

Thanks Storyteller. Good to hear from you and glad you enjoyed the Christmas Countdown post. Have a great Christmas!

storyteller said...

Lins - Thanks for the return visit. I'm wondering if posting the video on your blog has slowed things down for your visitors the way it seems to have done on mine. Just getting here from "gmail" to write and publish a response to your comment took a long time for the page to come up ... so I'm not sure adding it was a good thing, but it was fun to learn how it's done for future reference. Here's wishing you and yours a Happy Holiday as well!
Hugs and blessings,

Gledwood said...

That is a really entertaining vid.

If you don't mind I'll put it on my video blog http://gledwoodvideo.blogspot.com

and of course give your own linkback there!


have a merry You Know What
and an Entertaining New You Know What Too!!

storyteller said...

Gledwood - Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Of course, you're welcome to the video. I tried to leave a comment on your site, but it wouldn't let me ... so I'm hoping you clicked the little box for follow-up comments in your email. Happy holidays to you and yours. Feel free to drop by anytime.
Hugs and blessings,

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