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Friday, August 15, 2008

Haiku Friday #65 Admittedly Olympic Obsessed

Make Time for Small Reflections
Playing 'catch-up' once
more this morning, watching last
night's events because

NBC insists
on delaying 'live' events
until their 'prime time'

making everything
so late I can't stay awake ...
so please don't tell me

what the women did
in the individual
all-around event

that I'm watching now.
Yesterday I 'collaged' pix
in my T-13

If you missed it and
are similarly obsessed
check it out today.

I have added a
widget with the Medal Count
although that is not

a big deal to me ...
I just thought it 'kewl' when I
saw it somewhere else

and decided to
see if I could make it work.
You'll find it below.

Photo collages added late afternoon after I'd caught up
and had a little time to play with Photoshop.

Photo sources: Getty and Reuters

One more event I
didn't see last night was the
swim by Michael Phelps

for his 6th medal
15th race of 17
in these Beijing 'games' ...

How phenomenal
to observe the meeting of
genetics and such

dedication to
training ... a regimen that
simply boggles minds!

Photo sources: Reuters and Getty images

More American
swimmers race for 'gold' as well
Lochte and Peirsol

Rebecca Soni
Natalie Coughlin ... Trickett ...
Hoff ... Hoelzer ... also

Dara Torres, the
41 year old new mom
with a toddler.
~ ~ ~

Afternoon Addendum

Photo Source: Getty Images

Yea for Nastia
and for Shawn ... American
gals took one & two!

First time ever for
USA ... two women stand
on the podium

in this 'all around
individual' event ...
Nastia Liukin

Carly Patterson
and Mary Lou Retton ... three
Gold Medal Gymnasts!

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Olympic Medal winners at NBC Olympics.com!
Thought for Today
"If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking." Buddhist saying


kitten said...

That is neat! I haven't got to watch the Olympics as much as I would like. Momma don't want to watch it. Thanks for keeping me up on the medals!

Ivanhoe said...

I think you may like the womens' results. Enjoy watching the Olympics - I do ;o) There won't be any for another 4 years.

Akelamalu said...

I haven't watched much of the Olympics but I did see the highlights on the news of our Olympians getting their medals.

Joyce said...

Those gals are so cute, and so talented!

I love the saying you have posted for today. We must be pointed in the right direction . . .

Have a wonderful evening. I'm off to the Fair again. Kayla just called and wants us to accompany her, so here we go.

Princess said...

Cool Haiku. That's a big reflection, I'd say!!!
My sleeping schedule has changed because of the big O (Olympics, that is) also. Just couldn't wait for the 'morrow.
A great weekend to you.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Love your Olympic Haikus Virginia...and I've been watching A LOT of them...more than I thought I would. I've been up much too late at night. I've been running back and forth between working on my computer and watching the events and before I know it it's 1:00 AM. But I just haven't wanted to miss the swimming or the gymnastics. Some pretty amazing stuff. The volleyball's been pretty good too. Now I need to focus on writing a post for my poor neglected blog.... Take care sweetie... Hugs, Joy

NicciN said...

I love the Olympics, and your collages are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Oops, thought for sure I'd commented. I am loving the Olympics, and the haiku and collages are fun, too!

storyteller said...

Kitten – I’m glad I was able to help you catch up a bit and experience a little Olympic fever for a few minutes as you visited. Sorry you’ve not been able to watch yourself.

Ivanhoe – Yes I did like the women’s results … and thanks for giving me hope while not letting the cat out of the bag.

Akelamalu – I didn’t intend to watch much this time around … but once the events started I got caught up in swimming, gymnastics, beach volleyball and tennis along with a few other events as well. It’s been fun but time consuming.

Joyce – I’m glad you enjoyed the ‘thought for the day’ … sounds like you’ve managed to keep yourself busy even as you’re feeling a bit ‘lonely’ with your computer and family members away ;--)

Princess – My sleeping schedule has changed as the week progressed and Friday night I actually stayed up until after 1:30 Saturday morning watching … making me VERY tired yesterday … all day long.

Joy – I’ve watched more than I expected to myself. I’m relieved to know you’ve been neglecting your blog because my ‘reader’ is back above 700 unread posts again … sigh! Just when I thought I was getting a’handle’ on things … this is a huge set-back ;--)

Yertle – Thanks … I’m glad you enjoyed them. I notice you’ve been keeping up with your daily gratitude posts (and some others too) and I’ll catch up eventually … though I’m not sure just when.

Maggie – Methinks you commented on my ‘colorful’ PhotoHunt … but thanks for returning to add your thoughts here too. Hope you’re enjoying your vacation.

To all – Keeping current with blogging while watching the Olympics is proving to be a challenge, but I’m doing what I can and once the games end … I should be able to get back in the swing of things online. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!
Hugs and blessings,

Tina Coruth said...


Great post! I know what you mean about the timing. I enjoy the Olympics and this has been an exciting one, but having to wait all night for the events that are of particular interest to me has been difficult!!


storyteller said...

TinaCoruth – Thanks … I’m glad you enjoyed it. The reason why I record the events on my DVR is so I can fast-forward through the ones I don’t care about to get to the ones I really want to see. Of course, I’m always a bit behind everyone else and have to avoid ‘news’ programs to avoid hearing ‘results’ before I get to watch the events. It helps to live alone. I do wish NBC wouldn’t HOLD the ‘live events’ for ‘prime time’ because here on the West Coast we REALLY get things late.
Hugs and blessings,

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