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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saturday Edition - Five Really Good Things

1. This picture from Lol Cats and Funny Pictures cracked me up this morning when I saw it!

2. Greatfullivin gave this Link-Love Award to me and others who linked to her 'Gratitude Journal' blog during February.

3. My rose bushes are leafing out and looking healthy. I'm looking forward to lovely roses soon.

4. These lovely purple irises bloomed in my front yard last week and more buds are ready to pop!

5. I spent the afternoon with my Red Hat 'Sisters' and won this mug in a drawing after a delicious lunch at PJs Abbey in Orange, CA.

I hope you had a delightful Saturday like me!

Thought for Today
"Success is the result of good judgment, good judgment is a result of experience, experience if often the result of bad judgment." Tony Robbins


Anonymous said...

I love the first signs on Spring and I love roses :)!
The cat picture is hilarious :D!
And the mug just lovely!

Karen said...

As always, I love the flower pics--at least it's spring somewhere! (Although there IS hope in Maryland--I've noticed that my orange lilies are sending up little green shoots!)

storyteller said...

Nicole – My friend Kara told me about ‘Lol cats’ when she introduced me to blogging and I go there whenever I’m in need of a laugh. I’m sipping my morning coffee from my new ‘Red Hat’ mug, delighted to have ‘won’ something at last!

Karen – Hooray for your orange lilies providing a ‘lift’ for you by sending up shoots! I’ll look forward to seeing your ‘lily photos’ on your blog once they burst forth in full bloom.

Thanks to both of you for stopping by and I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.
Hugs and blessings,

Joy Des Jardins said...

Roses...my favorite. Yep, I can't wait to see ANY signs of buds around here. Actually, it looks like some of the snow is melting...and I do see some green stuff. I'll take that as a sign.

Congrats on the mug....it's adorable. Have a wonderful Sunday sweetie....

Momisodes said...

Looks like it's Springing over there! I love those Iris'. Rose bushes are one thing I always associated with California. I had never seen a rose bush until I lived there :)

Congrats on the adorable red hat mug! Glad to hear you had another lovely time with them this weekend :)

storyteller said...

Joy – I’m happy you’re beginning to see some ‘green stuph’ and hope all that snow around you melts soon. Thanks … and I’m enjoying coffee from my new mug today ;--)

Sandy – Yes … definitely ‘springing’ here … but I loved your ‘snow angel’ and snowman pix today in your Weekly Winners. As for Red Hatters … these gals know how to have a wonderful time always!

Thanks for visiting this morning and sharing your thoughts.
Hugs and blessings,

Greatfullivin said...

What a FUN Saturday! I love that your area is in bloom. I have a rose that belonged to my grandma (she passed in 1968) I so look forward to seeing it every spring! (((HUGS)))

Maude Lynn said...

I LOVE the purple irises! So pretty!

Mary Ann said...

Purple iris -- one of my favorite flowers. It's nice to know they're blooming somewhere already.

Betty said...

That's a cute picture of the cat in the space heater. From looks of your pictures, Spring is just around the corner.

I hope you have a good week.

Betty said...

I meant to congratulate you on winning the "Red Hat" cup.

Tina Coruth said...


I love these photos! The kitten is hilarious. Your rosebush looks very healthy and it is a joy to see the iris' in bloom. Congratulations on winning the Red Hat mug! :-)


Joyce said...

Hello, I loved the pictures of the flowers in bloom. I have to wait till May. Take care.

Love and Hugs,

storyteller said...

Greatfullivin – Yes, it was a fun day! I relate to your feelings about your grandma’s rose as I feel similarly about a fern of my dad’s planted at my house.

Mama Zen – Me too … thanks ;--)

Moana – Yes … but unfortunately this morning is WINDY so I don’t know what my irises will later today :--(

Betty – I love the photos at ‘Lol Cats’ and check them out whenever I need a lift! Thanks for the well wishes and for the congrats on my ‘win’.

Tina – I’m happy you enjoyed them. They make me smile too. I’m sipping my morning coffee from the new mug as I type.

Joyce – I appreciate your return visit and hope to check out your blog as soon as I clear out the 56 new items in my ‘inbox’ this morning.

Thanks to each of you for sharing your thoughts. I love finding comments in the morning … or anytime for that matter. LOL
Hugs and blessings,

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