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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's my 6th Heads or Tails and Ten on Tuesday

Hosted by Skittles at Heads or Tails
This week's theme/prompt is:
HEADS - Any Tom, Dick Or Harry
Note of explanation: Because I'm starting my Photoshop Elements class Tuesday morning at 8am ...(after being unexpectedly hijacked by social interaction today), I'm creating and publishing this Heads or Tails post EARLY (after noting some participants do this all the time). I suspect I'll be rushing to get out of here in the morning and, of course, Molly will need her walk before I leave. I'm definitely having second thoughts and can't believe I actually signed up for a 5 week class that meets on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8-11:30. What was I thinking?

Anyway ... I've taken a 'literal' approach to the theme ... doing 'the obvious' with this week's prompt and am wondering how many similar (or even identical) posts I'm likely to encounter ... when I visit Tuesday afternoon ... once I return home.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Meet Tom who looks 'worried' even though it's Springtime ... nowhere near the end of November. Methinks he must have heard alarming 'stories' that have him 'on edge' today.
tom turkey

Here's the only Dick that comes to mind ...
Richard Nixon

And who can resist this Harry?
Harry Connick Jr.
Harry Connick Jr.

Next week's theme/prompt is:
HEADS *OR* TAILS - Peace *OR* Piece

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The prompt this week is
10 Things I'm Really Good At

1. Meeting new people and making friends.

2. Keeping an upbeat, positive attitude toward life and living ... even in the face of difficulty and/or challenges.

3. Reading fiction (and nonfiction) for fun and pleasure.

4. Writing Haiku ;--)

5. Creating poetic pieces with strong rhyme & rhythm patterns.

6. Growing roses and other flowers (as long as you don't take me away from home where the weather's wonderful).

7. Teaching myself what I need to know, when I need to know it ... and/or asking for help when I'm in over my head.

8. Generating 'messes' (and ignoring) them in my workspace when I'm engaged in an interesting task.

9. Waking early in the morning without an alarm clock.

10. Writing in my journal and BLOGGING ... though I'm finding it more challenging all the time to visit everyone as often as I'd like. I always seem to be playing catch-up because 'life' gets in the way of this 'virtual' world.

Click for other participants in ToT this week.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thought for Today
"You are led through your lifetime by the inner learning creature, the playful spiritual being that is your real self. Don't turn away from possible futures before you're certain you don't have anything to learn from them." Richard Bach


Barb said...

Good luck with your busy schedule!

Poor Tom better be worried.. we'll be looking for him before you can blink a few times. Hmmm.. I thought of another Dick, but decided against posting. (Grin.) Fantastic choice for Harry!!!

Mom Knows Everything said...

Very cool HoT's! Harry is H-o-T!!!

kitten said...

I love your heads or tails! I also love your 10 things you are good at. I can relate to all, but the 1st one. I make good friends in the Blogging world, but in person it takes me time to warm up to people.

Unknown said...

Oh that was fun! Tom, Dick & Harry - creative. Your list: to the point and love to learn about you. You're a gem. *blessings*

Juliana RW said...

great post. Are you teaching Photoshop Elements?? In my spare time, i am play with Elements 6.00, Photoshop CS3 and digital scrapbooking :D

I still learn CS by myself with the books

Will you visit mine Thanks

Momisodes said...

Whew! I LOVE Harry ;) You are one busy lady. I hope your class goes well tomorrow. So based on #9 I'm guessing you won't be using an alarm for your class in the am?

Joyce said...

Hi, Storyteller,
I enjoyed your Ten on Tuesday. Thank you for the reminder. Now I had better prepare mine. :)

Hootin Anni said...

I love Harry Connick Jr. Can't tell a lie....that DICK you chose really was!!!!! Oh this is great. Love your HoT

Good luck in your class today.

Anne B. said...

Have fun in your class. Photoshop is so cool - I wish that I knew how to do more with it!

storyteller said...

Skittles – Thanks. I’m taking a ‘mini-break’ for breakfast before I head upstairs to shower. As for my choice for Dick … this man fits the term in so many colorful ways.

Tammy – Yez he is ;--)

Kitten – Methinks I had a huge smile (and a twinkle in my eye) at birth and those two things can win almost anyone over.

Chuck – What a lovely comment and delightful surprise to see you ‘present’ in this virtual world! I’m wondering if you’ve posted again and wish I had time to check. Alas … that will have to wait until this afternoon.

PicturingOfLife – No … I’m ‘taking’ this class because I want to learn more about the program. I purchased PS1, 2, and 3 when they first came out … played (as you’re doing) … but didn’t begin to scratch the surface of the potential. I’ll probably buy 6 this week because that’s what we’ll be using in the class. Yes … I’ll visit LATER ;--)

Sandy – You’re right … I didn’t use an alarm and have been up a little more than an hour ;--) Actually, I’ve been busier than usual and there’s no end in sight, but methinks it might be good for me to take on a bit more occasionally and S T R E T C H myself.

Joyce – I’m delighted to be of service, and will look forward to reading yours this afternoon.

Hootin’ Anni – Ah … I suspected folks like you would see the multiple meanings driving that particular choice ;--)

Anne – I’m hopeful the class will present appropriate challenges without being too demanding. The tough part is getting Molly walked and me ‘ready’ to leave home by 7:30 because I’m out of practice.

How fun to find all your comments this morning! I look forward to visiting your blogs as time permits … but I must ‘get moving’ for now. Hope you have a delightful day!
Hugs and blessings,

Susan Demeter said...

Great Hot post! Hope the class goes well :)

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

Good luck I love that quote '
"Writing in my journal and BLOGGING ... though I'm finding it more challenging all the time to visit everyone as often as I'd like. I always seem to be playing catch-up because 'life' gets in the way of this 'virtual' world."

you inspire me with your creativity.

bundle-o-contradictions said...

Fun! Happy Tuesday. :)

Kayce aka lucy said...

i hope you can shake off all of this busyness and really enjoy your photoshop class!!1

Akelamalu said...

I love the 10 things you're good at and the H&T too.

Have you tried using blogger draft to schedule your postings? I use it all the time.

Karen said...

It's a good thing, taking the class! Really, it is!

Tom, Dick & Harry made me laugh! Great pics!

I hope you enjoyed your first class!

Raven said...

Enjoyed both your Tom Dick and Harry and your ten things I'm good at list. Hope you enjoy your class today.

Anonymous said...

I like your choices for HoT!

Now that Photoshop class is something I would take because of the time. Most are offered in the evening and my children need me then!

I agree about the messes though!

Anonymous said...

Nice take on the theme! I need a class on Photoshop and PS Elements. I've been playing around a bit, but there is so much more to learn.

peppylady (Dora) said...

I real like the way you did your Heads or Tails

Betty said...

I like your take on HoT. Very creative.

Also, nice to learn more about you on your 10 on Tuesday. I wish I was good at teaching myself things I need to learn.

Good post for today.

storyteller said...

Sue – Thanks! The class was excellent … well-paced & interesting w/o being overwhelming … nice review with just enough ‘new’ information to be worth getting out of the house early.

Baby~amore – What a lovely sentiment to share as feedback ;--)

Bundle-o-contradictions – Happy Tuesday to YOU too!!!

Lucy – I have learned to R E L A X and take one thing at a time, so hopefully all will work out for the best. I just can’t do everything however … such is life ;--0

Akelamalu – Actually I’ve not experimented with the new ‘Blogger in Draft’ features yet, but that’s an excellent suggestion. Thanks!

Karen – Yes, I know this is a good thing … really I do. It’s just getting myself back into the ‘swing’ of such things that raises some anxiety on my part, but as I shared in my comment to Sue above … methinks all will be well. I’m actually looking forward to Thursday, but am happy I’ve got Wednesday to just be at home for some ‘catching up’ … and Molly’s happy with that too ;--)

Raven – Looking at them today, I'm rather pleased with they turned out too and I appreciate your feedback!

Jean – Thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else did with this week’s prompt, but want to comment here first. Check ‘adult school’ schedules because ours offers classes from 8-11:30, 11:30 to 3:00, and 3:00 to 6:30 … so yours might have a similar schedule. As for ‘messes’ … they seem to be my specialty ;--)

Maggie – I’ve ‘played’ for a few years, but figured a class might help me make progress at a faster pace. PSE 6 has lots of features my PSE 3 doesn’t … so I’ll be buying the ‘newer’ program soon.

Peppylady – Thanks. I ‘went’ with the first 3 ideas that occurred to me because I was short on time, but it came together pretty well.

Betty – Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your last trip. Thanks for visiting and sharing your reactions to my HoT and ToT ;--)

Finding comments on my posts is always fun … and today’s are no exception. Thanks to each of you for visiting Small Reflections. I’ll be checking your blogs this afternoon and tomorrow. Hope you’re all having a good day!
Hugs and blessings,

Inspiration Alley said...

Great post. Hope all goes well with your class.

Linda said...

I love Harry Connick, Jr. About your Tom....I went grocery shopping this afternoon and almost bought a Tom!!

Grandy said...

Great list!! I can't keep any plants alive, it's a pain.

storyteller said...

Inspiration Alley – Thanks … and the class was excellent! I learned some cool stuph already.

Linda – Hmm … perhaps ‘my Tom’ has REASON to be worried after all … regardless of the season?

Grandy – When I worked, I found keeping plants alive harder than now that I’m retired. That said, I’m careful to select ‘hard to kill’ varieties that do well where I live ;--)

I’m delighted to happen on your comments this morning and hope you’re all having a wonderful Wednesday. Thanks so much for stopping by.
Hugs and blessings,

Phyl said...

Love your Tom, Dick, and Harry:).

Your list of 10 Things You Are Good At is encouraging...I don't think we gals give ourselves enough credit. You did a wonderful job:).

storyteller said...

Phyl – Thanks! I’ve enjoyed participating in HoTs and ToTs the past few weeks because the prompts invite me to explore topics I might not consider otherwise. I suspect you’re correct about we gals not giving ourselves enough credit. It’s not easy to sing our own praises is it? I appreciate the visit and the feedback. Hope you have a wonderful day!
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

You're going to love your class! Wish I were taking it with you. And I know why that turkey is worried: it's turkey season in Vermont! Watch out!

storyteller said...

Andrée – I apologize for putting the wrong link in the Mr. Linky at HoTs last night, but thanks for the visit and comment here today.

I do love the class. We’ve had 3 sessions and I’ve learned so much already … shared some of those things from week one in my Friday Haikus on each blog last week. The teacher is wonderful … so well organized and knowledgeable. Her pacing keeps us on our toes … challenging us to keep with her … but the detailed handouts fill in the ‘memory gaps’ once I get home to play. I’ll probably share more about what I’ve learned in future posts.

Turkey season in Vermont, eh. No wonder the turkey was worried ;--)

Hugs and blessings,

Tina Coruth said...


I think your Tom, Dick or Harry is terrific. Poor Tom, Dick is just about how I remember him and I know I can't resist Harry! Great job!


storyteller said...

Tina – I’m glad you enjoyed my answers. Some of these weekly prompts cause me to think ‘literally’ and others ‘laterally’ … but it’s fun to come up with something I like … then visit to see what everyone else does with the task. I’m often amazed at the diversity of responses.
Hugs and blessings,

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