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Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fun Monday #6 and Favorite 'Mug' Meme

(Thanks to Betty for this nifty Fun Monday graphic)
Sauntering Soul is hosting Fun Monday today.
She writes: I know we all try to be sweet and kind to people the majority of the time. But let's face it....we also know that sometimes we can be a big jerk. It could be that you experience road rage from time to time. Perhaps you empty the coffee pot at work some mornings and don't feel like taking the time to start a new pot for the next person. Or maybe you don't return phone calls on a timely basis when you know someone needs a response from you. Have you ever "accidentally" ruined a favorite shirt of your spouse just because you didn't care for it? Come on - it's confession time! List the small things you do that make you a jerk and elaborate just a bit on each one. Please tell me I'm not the only jerk around here!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I signed up yesterday to participate (before I tried to write something) then got busy posting on my other blog ... eventually running out of time to create my Fun Monday post last night. This morning I stared at the blinking cursor a long time before deciding 'poetry' might be my only hope ... and here's the result. It's a little after 7:35am and I'm out of time ... so it's either 'dump it' and tell Sauntering Soul to remove my link from the list ... (sharing the 'Mug Meme' I did create yesterday that's in the 2nd half of this post) or publish & let it be. Decisions ... decisions ;--)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Once upon a time I was
'jerkier' than now because
I knew I was right about
everything ... I had no doubt!

Actually (if truth be told)
my 'facade' looked brave & bold
but beneath the surface my
actions served to justify

my existence here on earth.
Long ago my 'truth' and mirth
were 'discounted' ... labeled as
'Pollyanna-ish.' It has

taken me a long time to
recognize this 'fact' and do
what I can to remember
who I am and why I'm here.

I could argue 'my case' and
'win' with ease! Please understand ...
'offense' seemed the best 'defense'
and I could be quite intense!

Worried I might 'disappear'
if not 'mirrored' ... I let fear
shape my choices throughout life
even in the role of 'wife.'

Only when 'the worst' did not
kill me after all ... forgot-
ten resources surfaced to
point 'the way.' So now I do

what I can, releasing fear
purposefully ... trusting clear
intuition from within
... powering my life. Chagrin

once caused me embarrassment
at how I was 'different' ...
but these days I've learned to be
more comfortable 'as me'

and although I hold some 'strong'
opinions (which might be wrong)
I can 'share' and 'listen' too ...
without forcing 'thoughts' on you ;--)

Click for other participants in Fun Monday this week.

* * * * * * *

Favorite Mug Meme

Tagged by Phyl a while back ...
I've had this one on the 'back burner' for a while
since learning of Lois' Meme ...
I don't seem to be able
to decide on just

Here are a few of my favorites
in my rather extensive mug collection.

but truth be told
the two mugs below get used
most regularly ... the 'ceramic Starbuck's mug'
for my 1st cup while the Cuisinart Brewer finishes
and the taller stainless steel mug for the next
because it keeps my coffee
hot a long time.

I tend to use the other mugs primarily
for 'tea' in the afternoons and/or
hot chocolate in the evenings.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If you decide to participate, please leave a link and/or
respond in comments below so I can visit ...
and take a copy of this Friendship
Award with my blessing.

Here are 'the rules' according to Phyl who writes:
"Alas, there is a new meme in Blogland...and you know me...I gotta do this one...cause well, I am a coffee addict...lol. I found it here. Lois' Morning Mug Meme Rules: Most folks drink some sort of a morning beverage, be it coffee or tea, and most likely from a mug.

1. Please share a photo of your favorite mug(s).
2. Tell a story about how it became your favorite. Include what you drink with this mug.
3. Be sure to link to Lois and the person who tagged you for this meme!
4. Leave a comment for Lois so she can follow her meme.

5. Signing Phyl's Mr. Linky will get you another point at Technorati & get you a return visit from her :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thought for Today
"One ought every day at least to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


ChrisB said...

That was a great poem. Way back we did a fun monday assignment on our coffee mugs~ what a coincidence!

Phyl said...

Love your poem!!!!

And...your mug collection is awesome:). Thanx for playing along...

Sayre said...

That was impressive for feeling "blank" this morning!

I am trying hard not to be a jerk, but you know that stuff is all in my head... I try to at least maintain a facade of sanity around my guys. I don't think they're falling for it though.

Akelamalu said...

That's a great collection of mugs and a great poem too!

j said...

Fun way to approach Fun Monday. You have arrived!!


storyteller said...

ChrisB – Thanks. Methinks I’m feeling better about it now … but initially I wasn’t sure at all. I’ll have to check out past Fun Monday’s to see what you all shared about ‘mugs.’ Please feel free to ‘snag and share’ the ‘Friendship award’ for passing along the ‘mug’ info for me today ;--)

Phyl – You’re sweet! Actually I have many more mugs than this in my collection, but these jumped out as my favorites as I took photos recently.

Sayre – Why thank you! I’ve learned that the rhythm and rhyme of language can overcome ‘writer’s block’ for me … and today it worked. Methinks it’s often ‘the stuph in our heads’ that creates the biggest problems in our lives until we remember we have the choice to stop listening ;--)

Akelamalu – Thanks for the encouraging words!

Jennifer – As I mentioned in my comment to Sayre … today it was the ONLY way for me to participate.

I’ve enjoyed visiting many Fun Monday posts this morning and could (perhaps) write more specifically about ‘continuing jerkiness’ in my ‘quirkiness’ … but think I’ll let things be. I hope you’re all having a marvelous Monday!
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

Nicely done - I don't think I've ever seen a Fun Monday done so poetically!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Cute mugs and that poem was fantastic. I loved it. Have a wonderful week.

Alison said...

that is a perfect poem....kinda describe me too!! I love it, thanks for sharing.

Hootin' Anni said...

Now tell me....this just came off the top of your mind whilst you watched your cursor blinking? DANG girl....this is GOOD.

It's perfect in every way except one...I don't think you're a jerk.


Sauntering Soul said...

I wish I could be half that creative when I'm rushing and drawing a blank. That is one terrific poem!

Thanks for playing along this week.

storyteller said...

Karmyn – Thanks ;--)
Poetry is a ‘fall-back’ position for me for lots of reasons and I use it often.

Jo – Many of the mugs in my collection were given to me by former students who seemed to know me well … and I suspect that’s why these are my favorites even today.

Alison – What a nice compliment. Sometimes the things I believe to be the most ‘personal’ turn out to ‘resonate’ with others. You’re certainly welcome ;--)

Hootin’ Anni – Yez … that’s pretty much the way it works. I stare at the cursor … then give my fingers free reign … occasionally ‘editing’ what appears on the page. Thanks! I’d like to think I’ve left my ‘jerky ways’ behind for better alternatives.

Sauntering Soul – Once I let my fingers have some freedom … ideas did fall into place … though not as I ‘intended’ when I sat down to compose this post. Given the response, methinks I’m glad that’s what I did. Thank you for an interesting prompt. I’ve enjoyed visiting others to see what they did with it though I’ve not been to everyone’s yet because ‘real life’ intervened. Hopefully I’ll catch up another day.

Thanks to each of you for visiting and I hope you had a delightful day! If I've not been to yours, I'll try to visit tomorrow after my Photoshop Elements class.
Hugs and blessings,

kitten said...

Love how you did your FM!Great Poem! I really love your mugs. My favorite is one I got from Wood Badge. It has my name on it, so no one can use it. hhehehehee!

Joyce said...

I love the "lack of planning" motto on one of your favorite mugs. :)

I hope you have a lovely, enjoyable experience at your upcoming classes! How exciting!

storyteller said...

Kitten – I appreciate your compliments on my FM poem. I’ve got a few mugs with my name as well … and they definitely came in handy before I retired. Since I live alone (except for Molly & Ms. Kitty, neither of whom drink from cups) it’s unnecessary to ‘claim’ any particular mug these days ;--)

Joyce – I put that one in the center of the collage for a reason. While I worked, it was my absolute favorite … given to me by a student whose parents had it made for me because they thought it ‘reflected’ my ‘philosophy’ so well. I’ll let you know how things go in class today.

Thanks to both of you for visiting and sharing your thoughts. Hope you each have a delightful day!
Hugs and blessings,

Tiggerlane said...

What a completely brilliant poem! LOVE IT!

And I love the mug collection...especially the "...does not constitute an emergency..." mug!

Karen said...

Oh I love the mugs! I've started picking up hand-made ceramic mugs at the Maryland Renaissance Festival--one a year! I need to take pics!

And oh, the poetry--this really felt from the heart. It moves me to tell you the impression I formed of you within the first day or two of our meeting:

Strong and confident. Graceful and purposeful. Intelligent and curious. An enthusiastic talker and a wonderful listener. Animated and quiet.


storyteller said...

Tiggerlane – And I appreciate your enthusiasm!!! That’s MY favorite ‘saying’ too ;--)

Karen – Methinks one can never have too many nifty mugs … in fact, when one gets ‘broken’ I always feel as though I’ve lost an old friend. If you do take pictures of yours, please be sure to share and perhaps ‘link’ with Lois (and Phyl). As for my poetry, sometimes it reveals more than intended ... and rereading this one just now, I see that it does come from the heart. I appreciate you offering your early ‘impression’ of me in Taos. It’s hard to know how others perceive you unless they share as you’ve just done, so thanks!

I love comments ... and hope you’re both having a good day!
Hugs and blessings,

Unknown said...

I;m a total freak cuz I love coffee mugs but don't drink coffee. :)

storyteller said...

Lisa Marie - I didn't drink coffee at all until I was in my 30s, and sometimes I wish I hadn't learned to like it then ... but it's possible to drink just about anything from a mug you know! I use mugs for water, milk (chilled & warmed depending on time of day), even soda ... in addition to coffee, tea, and hot chocolate so don't let this stop you ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Patience-please said...

I love the whole poetry slant! And I REALLY love the mug about "your lack of planning isn't my emergency" because in my world, MY lack of planning is always MY emergency! HA!

storyteller said...

Patience- Thanks! I had no idea my poem would strike such a ‘resonant’ note and elicit enthusiastic responses from visitors. As for the ‘lack of planning’ mug … I suspect most of us can relate to that! I appreciate you stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Make it the best day possible!
Hugs and blessings,

Tina Coruth said...


I enjoyed your poem. I can certaily relate to it!

Nice mugs!


storyteller said...

Tina – How fun to revisit my previous posts while you’re ‘catching up’ with them today. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.
Hugs and blessings,

Tina Coruth said...


I'm hoping to stay at least a "little more caught up"! I do enjoy reading your blog. I'm going to click the "email box" from now on! :-)


storyteller said...

Tina – We all get busy from time to time … and I’m certainly no exception. Whenever you have time to read and respond is fine with me, and I catch-up as time permits too. I’m just glad you enjoy reading my blog enough to devoe the time and energy whenever ;--)

I did get my email box cleared out on Wednesday, but today it’s got more than 75 unread messages again … probably because I do tend to check the little box (and subscribe to ‘trackcomments’ for ‘non-Blogger’ sites) to receive follow-up comments in email, and because I wasn’t on the computer at all yesterday. I had Google Reader down to less than 500 unread comments (from well over 1000) but haven’t even checked that today. I slept in a bit later than usual and haven’t posted anything for Haiku Friday yet on either blog … plus I have HOURS of TENNIS ‘recorded from the past few days with more being recorded as I type this, so I’ll be playing ‘catch-up’ myself for weeks!!! Just R E L A X and enjoy … because its all supposed to be FUN!
Hugs and blessings,

Unknown said...

I finally participated in the mug meme. Check it out at http://allthingscherished.blogspot.com/2008/06/morning-mug-meme.html.

Thanks for the beautiful graphic.

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