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Friday, May 30, 2008

HF#43, OSI Week 13, 40PC - Later than usual because I'm multi-tasking today with Reflections, Perspectives & Priorities -- Tennis Anyone?

Recently Karen
mentioned she looked forward to
my 'tennis' updates

yet I have not shared
anything specific on
this year's French Open!

Rain delays slowed the
progress of participant's
matches early on

and my schedule
interfered with viewing much
on the DVR.

More than 18 hours
over the last few days wait
there for me to see

and I'm hoping to
multi-task ... watching as I
write & publish here.

~ ~ ~

American men
doing better than last year
in the 1st two rounds.

Blake, Rogers, and Fish
Ginepri and Odesnik ...
alive on Day 5!

Sam Querry lost to
Roger. Young & Spadea
'out' in the 1st round.

Andy Roddick pulled
out because of injury ...
didn't play at all.

~ ~ ~

Roger and Rafa
played at the same time but on
two different courts

yesterday it seems
and both have advanced to the
3rd round easily.

Sharapova has
struggled in early matches
but pulled through in three

sets. In last night's match
(one I'm watching now) she took
the 1st set 6-2,

but as it grew dark
play was halted at 2-3
... Mattek in the lead.

Ginepri battled
back to defeat Andreev ...
taking it in 4!

Leyton Hewitt took
Mardy Fish out in 3 sets
and Kuznetsova

won in her match with
Vana King ... Williams sisters
each won two matches.

I don't know much more
at this moment ... but perhaps
later on I will.

If you're following
the French Open please don't tell
me what I don't know

yet because I like
to find out myself without
knowing the results.

~ ~ ~

Week 13 - The prompt is Reflection

Thirteen weeks of prompts ...
I've responded with 18
Haiku images

6 Small Reflections
12 Sacred Ruminations ...
this will make 19

~ ~ ~

Visiting others
making new 'virtual' friends ...
blessings every one!

~ ~ ~

Taking 'stock' of my
progress in this morning's 'ku
leads me to conclude

I'm delighted with
challenges like OSI ...
S T R E T C H I N G perspectives

opening our minds,
hearts and imaginations
Sandy and Andrée

I appreciate
all you each contribute to
this community!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

40orlessatpensieveltgreenOf this week's challenge, Robin writes:

"So maybe I should've opted for the shorter title, "An ant's eye view", but since I've been away from the ol' blog, I'm trying to set titling records. I think I won.

This week's Friday's 40-or-less Photo Challenge is wide open for interpretation. All you've gotta do is come up with no more than 40 words to describe a response to the photo prompt."


Robin continues:

"Originally taken for "Project Looking Through", this picture never got posted, but I LOVED it! It would've been fun(ny) for someone to photograph ME lying on my back underneath the goal trying to line it up "just so".

Does it make you think of a neighborhood pick-up game? Playing a game of H.O.R.S.E.? Nothin' but net?? Or, perhaps your thoughts are more abstract--perspectives, triangles and circles, games people play.... You can be as literal or as figurative as you'd like; fun, creativity and an easy post are your goals (hehe, I did NOT mean to pun!).

Poem (my favorite, no matter the form...no pressure or anything!)? Caption? Shortshortshort story? Click the badge above for all the details, write a post over the next few days, then come back here on Friday to link your response."

And finally ... here's MY (rather distracted) 36 word (51 syllable) response:

Bird or ant's eye view?
Other issues vie for my

attention today ...

Tennis anyone?
French Open not basketball ...
nets and fuzzy balls

plus great 'shot' angles
on the red clay courts keep my
focus on the ground!

~ ~ ~

Seriously, I'll try to do better next time, Robin ... but I've got 3 days of recorded unwatched matches on my DVR (and it's recording more matches right now) and am trying to watch as I type this morning so it won't erase them to add more, but I did want to 'play' ... so just call me crazy.

~ ~ ~

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Thoughts for Today
"Success is only another form of failure if we forget what our priorities should be." Harry Lloyd


Tina Coruth said...


I'm first! I can't believe that I am first to comment. Me, of all people, the queen of slow! LOL

I enjoyed your haiku very much, especially the way you tied basketball and tennis together.

Enjoy your tennis matches and have a great weekend! :-)


storyteller said...

Tina – Congratulations! I’m not sure there’s a prize however … and if you’ll note the time I published you’ll see it’s almost NOON. I usually publish 1st thing when I arise … and then do some blog visiting. However this is really 3 posts in 1 and I’ve spent some time on the phone chatting with a friend this morning already. Now I need to create my 2nd Haiku Friday/One Single Impression post for Sacred Ruminations … and, of course, I’m listening to recorded tennis matches … stopping to watch when things get exciting. Methinks I might be at this awhile ;--)
Hope you’re having a fantastic Friday!
Hugs and blessings,

Kat said...

I can't believe you can write about all of that in haiku! That is amazing! Wow!
Great job!

Sai Hijara - Ferraris said...

Can I attach the word Haiku to your name as Storyteller? Bec you are able to tell any story in haiku in a breeze! A-ma-zing!

Have a nice weekend!

ChrisB said...

I enjoyed these ~ and I won't mention tennis results!

Anonymous said...

Well, darlin', that WAS your response to the piccha...and it made me smile :). No apologies necessary, but NEXT time there'd better not be any distractions.

Just kidding, you'll probably make me grin again if there are.


(Did you get my email @ snail mail?)

Betty said...


You are very good at multi tasking. With all the irons you have in the fire, it amazes me that you still find the time to blog.

Have a good weekend.


storyteller said...

Kathryn – I can’t explain it, but Haiku just ‘flows’ out of me and I love to write these Friday posts!

Mariposa – Thanks! I suppose it might be an accurate ‘shift’ in my identity ;--)

ChrisB – I’m glad on both counts … but I now know (at 7:05pm on Friday night) that Serena lost her 3rd round match. She just didn’t look like she was ‘into’ it at all!!! Very disappointing for her fans … but it opens things up a bit for other women.

Robin – I appreciate you understanding and am happy to generate a smile. As for distractions, these days they’ve become ‘the norm’ for me … perhaps because I’m trying to do too much. Email @ snail mail??? I’m not sure what you mean. My Inbox is LOADED, but I’ll make it a priority to check tomorrow. I’m too tired to tackle it (or Google Reader) tonight.

Betty – Thanks! Methinks it helps to be ‘single’ … but I am feeling a bit overwhelmed this week. Perhaps the early class twice a week for the past three weeks is taking its toll finally, but I don’t wish to give it up because I love what I’m learning. I am T I R E D … and need S L E E P … but want to watch TENNIS before the recorded matches get dropped to record the ones for Day 7 tomorrow. Such a dilemma ;--)

Thanks for visiting today and sharing your thoughts. I’m about ready to turn off the computer and fix something to eat. I’ll try to visit your blogs tomorrow or Sunday.
Hugs and blessings,

SandyCarlson said...

These are wonderfully done, Storyteller. You have the gift. I love the joy and sense of freedom you bring to your writing. You inspire me.
Writing in Faith: Poems

Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm just stunned. You managed to ku the entire French Open! With all those crazy Russian names. WELL DONE

Robert said...

Tennis is always a welcome distraction-playing or watching. Besides, you did well and no one would know you were distracted had you not told us. :)

Joy Des Jardins said...

Another wonderful tennis Haiku Virginia....Since I don't watch all the tennis matches, it's nice to get caught up through your Haiku. Hope you have a great weekend sweetie....

Akelamalu said...

You always do a brilliant job on Haiku!

storyteller said...

SandyCarlson – What a lovely comment to find this morning! Thanks so much for your encouraging words … especially as I strive for balance without sacrificing quality in my posts in my overly busy state.

AnglophileFootballFanatic – I’m always grateful for Fridays when I can write in Haiku. I’m not sure why poetry comes most easily to my fingertips, but it just does. I enjoy the challenge of fitting those crazy Russian names into poetic forms and am delighted you enjoy the results.

Robert – Ah … you’re another tennis fan then? Hmmm … I’ll keep that in mind for future reference ;--)

Joy – I’m happy to keep you informed about tennis and am hoping to catch up on recorded matches so my posts will be more ‘current’ in the future. I don’t have many plans for the next two days other than to devote some time to Molly … catch up on tennis & blogging … and perhaps spend some time dealing with ‘clutter’ ;--)

Akelamalu – Haiku is so much simpler for me than Wordzzles and Friday Fiction in 55 words. Perhaps it’s MY niche?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Thanks so much for visiting and sharing your thoughts here at Small Reflections. I love comments!!!
Hugs and blessings,

Kim said...

Your 40PC is great this week! I've really enjoyed reading everyones this week as all of our perspectives of the photo have been so different.

Mine's up...come on over!

Anonymous said...

Wow, lots of tennis you managed to fit into haiku. Nice!

Trog and Troggy said...

Love the 40 or Less post! I have enjoyed reading everyones submissions and eavesdropping on the blogs... this is GREAT!

Karen said...

What a provocative quote--I hadn't thought of success that way, but I can certainly see how true it is!

Nice response to the photo!

storyteller said...

Kim – Thanks for your visit and your comment … reminding me I’d not had time to visit everyone in the 40PC this week, but I’ve done so now. It was fun to see what everyone did with this photo.

Maggie – Yup … I took a page from YOUR book this week ;--)

Tami – I’ve been unable to get to your blog from the link at Robin and/or the link here … and you don’t seem to have email available, so I hope you checked the little box to receive follow-up comments in email. I appreciate your visit and would love to read yours. Perhaps you could send me a link in email?

Karen – I love quotes like this that open us up to a new way of seeing and being!

Oh my … it’s Sunday and I’m trying to catch up with blog visits and responses while I watch recorded tennis matches … and hopefully I’ll even get to email, but that might be expecting too much. I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!
Hugs and blessings,

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