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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Outdoor Watery Wednesday - Multiple Variations

Make Time for Small Reflections

Once again I share

photographs from my sister ...
Modified by Me ;--)

I don't know how they
manage sharing this small space
but somehow they do

South Bend, Washington
Straight out of my sister's camera

Modified by me
PSE6 filters used
then 'labeled' in blue.

These may look alike
at first glance but when enlarged
differences emerge.

If you have the time
I'd appreciate knowing
which ones you prefer.

Rough Pastels

Paint Daubs

Accented Edges

Poster Edges

Adjusted for Brightness

Click to embiggen for better viewing of the differences
and for others participating in
Outdoor Wednesday
Watery Wednesday

Mostly Wordless Wednesday
Wordless Wednesday

Small Reflections ... Smile Back

Thought for Today
"The world is governed more by appearance than realities so that it is fully as necessary to seem to know something as to know it." Daniel Webster


Photo Cache said...

It's so much fun playing with all the buttons on photo editing software, isn't it. There is plenty of suprise awaiting us when we learn to click those buttons.

I have posted my Watery Wednesday post here: www.ewok1993.wordpress.com

James said...

That is such a beautiful scene. I love the colors.

George said...

The photo straight out of the camera is beautiful, but I like the special effects you used in all of these versions.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hello, I tend to like the 2nd one from the bottom the best. I don't like a 'faded out' look --but many people do. The bottom one is a little too dark for me. BUT--even the first one right out of the camera is GOOD.


DrillerAA09 said...

Very nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Oh WoW! They're all really cool, but I think I like the Poster Edges best, that one's really neat! The others look a bit blurry until they're enlarged, then I can see why. Although, the Accented Edges is pretty neat, too. Oh I can't make up my mind, I like them all! hehehehe

Loran said...

It looks like you had a good time playing with the original picture which was great to start with. There's so much to learn about processing photos.

Sara Chapman said...

Well, I'm a fan of the natural look, perhaps sharpened a tad, or a touch of curve adjustment to bring out the color more realistically; sort of like a little lipstick, but not too much. But that's just me.

Thanks for visiting!

Inday said...

I love them all! Great to navigate and explore potentials in photographic arts.

Leora said...

Such a pretty scene on its on, I am enjoying all your playing with effects. I am usually a fan of paint daubs, but in this case I like poster edges when it is enlarged.

penny said...

What a beautiful view, I like the color of the blossoms reflecting in the water.

Anya said...

Wonderful scene,
so peaceful colors :)
Great shots !!

Kathy W said...

Love the filters you choose. I like the rough pastels, kinda has that painting look to it. Great photo you choose.

Love Bears All Things said...

Looks like a wonderful place to camp. I like the first and last photos best.
Mama Bear

Anya said...

I have that problem also by many other bloggers and the reason I don't now !!!
Its not only on my blog.

Hootin' Anni said...

Simply breathtaking!!!

MY Outdoor Wednesday is now posted if you'd like to stop by for a visit. WEATHER or not, here it comes! Finally!!

Julie said...

I like the last one! Beautiful pics. and that IS a very small space to share, but oh the fun they must have...
Thanks for visiting. Have a wonderful FALL.

Mamí♥Picture said...

Awesome Shot!!
Loved the editing you did!
Have a Lovely WW!!

My name is Riet said...

That is a great picture and I think I like the first one.

Joyce said...

Not sure I could travel in such small quarters for any length of time:) Photos are lovely and thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

It is a great photo as is, but I prefer the 'poster edges' myself.

Sandee said...

The picture out of your sisters camera makes me want to go camping. What a beautiful place.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

2sweetnsaxy said...

Those are really beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen pinks in a setting like that. Reflecting in the water they're gorgeous!

Sorry I was late posting this week but this week's post is up.

Mary Bergfeld said...

Very nicely done. You started with a photo that had good bones but were able to make it very special. I hope you are enjoying the last few days of summer.

Historical sites with charmine said...

Very pretty!I love the pinks and blues and green...everything.

Karen said...

I like the paint daub one--it's such a neat effect...

Bonnie said...

What a fun thing to try with your photos. I love all of them but if I had to pick it would be the first and the last ones.

annalarssonphotography said...

Beautiful scene!
The last is my favorite :)

Guy D said...

beautiful colors of a gorgeous location, nice pics.

Regina In Pictures

Pam said...

The shot straight from the camera is lovely but I especially like the poster edges one.

Debbie@Like a Rose said...

They're all lovely - the pink trees are so beautiful.

christina said...

Thanks for visiting me!!

Nice photo and fun to laborate with different tones in them!


Sukhmandir Kaur said...

Poster Edges (second to last) seemed much more crisp and details more clear. I think you sister manages because she has so many different front and back yards to enjoy in her travels.

Christina, Sweden said...

Nice series of photos, I like the pastel one best. Me myself seldom change photos but I guess it's fun. As for the mobile home I totally understand your sister! It a great way to travel. You can go anywhere, in cities, in the wilderness and you always have your kitchen and bedroom with you.Had one of those before but not anymore and I do miss it sometimes.

Christina, Sweden

ellen b. said...

What a pretty spot. I'm going to have to look up South Bend, Washington to see exactly where it is.

Dianne said...

the last is my favorite
although each one of them is lovely

Tammie Lee said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time playing with this sweet photo. I have lovely memories of strolling this place! Thanks for the memory.

RA said...

Great modifications. My favorite one is the Poster Edges! Your sister's living style is very impressive. Thanks to both of you for the great photos. Have a wonderful day :)

Dimple said...

Well you certainly seem to have a good time playing with pictures!
For myself, I prefer the original and the one adjusted for brightness.

Dimple said...

PS Thanks for visiting, come back anytime!

Will said...

Beautiful photos. Nice special effects. What a lovely scene with such a fantastic reflection.

Unknown said...

I love that you have so much fun tweaking photos! I do think it would be fun to RV live for a while. :)

Janie said...

Fun to try the various tweaks. I like Paint Daubs best, I think.

Blondie's Journal said...

Beautiful pictures, each and every one. Amazing colors!!

Happy Outdoor Wednesday!!


Arija said...

Interesting treatments you have used. For me, the more natural look of the first two is more appealing.

Carletta said...

I think it is such a nice scene to begin with so I'm leaning toward the adjusting for brightness.
Usually I'm a fan of poster edges. :)

Jim said...

Sydney - City and Suburbs

diane b said...

I like the pastel one best. They all show a delightfully, soft, watery scene.My pics look like they have been enhanced but they haven't. The colours in this area are unbelievable. Click here:


EG CameraGirl said...

I like seeing all the variations and you are right that you can see the differences when the photos are enlarged.

Susan Cook said...

That looks like a very beautiful spot. I like the Paint Daubs photo.

Unknown said...

I'm so behind, but I wanted to stop by and say thanks for popping over to my blog for OW.

I alway love meeting new bloggers.

Have a great day!


Martha said...

Beautiful photo. I like the Paint Daubs the best.

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