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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Blogland Discoveries and Busy-ness

If you haven't discovered Talking Bear at Sleepy Bear Hollow, may I suggest you begin with When Bulls Teach Bears How to be Men, a personal story with a powerful message that I'll remember and share with everyone who will listen for a long time to come. His humorous piece about the two duck hunters from Wisconsin will have you laughing out loud. (Thanks again to Annie for telling me about Google Reader so I can read his posts dark on light which is easier on my eyes.)

When you have a few minutes, I highly recommend Thailand Gal's Blog Blast for Peace -- If not now, when? manifesto. It's certainly generated lots of comments on her site, and I've had several discussions with neighbors & friends about the issue it raises today. I suspect those conversations will continue.

I enjoyed the Cleaning Poem by Paul and birthday greetings to Senior Writer on the Elders Tribune. Happy belated birthday to Marlys. I'm catching up you see. :)

Reminders to self:
Here are a few ideas I'd like to remember and tackle eventually (but not now because I'm doing enough already ... as witnessed by the email message sent by my friend M today ... offering HER advice as follows:
"I think you are one busy little girl! Remember to eat right and get some exercise or we will find you sprawled out on top of your computer -- that is my motherly advice for today."
Rest assured M, I'm eating right, getting enought sleep, and Molly keeps me well exercised. You needn't worry. Right now everything is new and fun. As long as that's the case, I'll be fine.

But I digress ... so to continue with reminders to myself ...
-- I don't know where Olivia gets the energy to do so much, but she's setting an exemplary example with her month-long One Thing- Be Brave video documentary. (How does she DO this? There's so much I don't know!)
--Now I see she's doing NoMoWriMo also. You can check out her progress on more video at Happy Luau. I love to write too, but 20,000+ words on a novel in 4 days boggles MY mind! You go girl!
--Methinks I'll save MY first novel attempt for NEXT November. I have, however, left posts on each of my sites every day. I think that has a name too, but it escapes me right now.
--Start reading Eat, Pray, Love
--Check out Picasa: re Visual Scribblings for future posts
--Find a magnifying glass so I can decipher Visual Scribblings #2
--Return to Rainbow Dreams and follow the links to get acquainted with members of that Virtual Circle
--Figure out how to write a response here and link back there
--Explore some of the "writer's links" like Sunday Scribblings and Writers Island to get acquainted with how they work, who's out there, what they're writing, and consider joining in the fun.
--Don't mess with posts once they're published. Leave them be ... just as they are. (Don't ask!)

Now you know why the previous post has the title it does, but that's enough for so ... so I'll stop.


Anonymous said...

Great links! And actually, reading your list of things to do makes me want to add to my own list. These kinds of lists are not in the least overwhelming...they're energizing! Isn't it fantastic to think of all the wonderful things left to do in the world?

storyteller said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

You'll note I didn't add:
--call the plumber
--clear the clutter off my desk
--pay bills
--freak out (and/or breath & relax) about the recent down-turn in the stock market. (My gosh ... there's been 1000 point drop in the Dow while I was playing in the Virtual World! Sigh)
--read and respond to email
--vacuum the dog hair ... again! (and tell Molly she NEEDS that hair on her body to keep warm as winter comes)
--re-oganize the pantry

You get the idea I'm sure. I stopped making "to do lists" entirely a few years back, but when things started "falling through the cracks" I started writing chores down again, but now I keep two lists -- one with things I need to do, the other with things I want to try. It helps me stay "balanced" and moving forward all the time.


Peajay said...

Thank you for visiting my blog through SleepyBear Hollow and leaving your kind words.

thailandchani said...

Thanks for the link. :) I do hope you will begin to read "Eat Pray and Love". It was a wonderful book and I really got a lot from it.

Then check out Soaring Free Souls. :)

Annie Z said...

Go girl! I admire your enthusiasm!

storyteller said...

With gratitude to Talking Bear at SBH (and apologies to all who discovered the link to "When Bulls Teach Bears How to be Men" led to Humor instead of the post in question), I've repaired the link so it now works properly ... I think.

I'm trying to give up my perfectionistic tendencies (stop laughing C, J, M, and B ... I'm really working on this! Honestly :) so don't actually check the links once I've posted because I trust myself (which was foolish in this case, but overall I'm doing okay. LOL)

Peajay -- it was MY pleasure. I'm glad to have discovered you.

Chani -- you're quite welcome. Peace is a topic near and dear to me. I spent a couple of years while studying ACIM using the walking mantra, "Peace is my only goal. Help me see a way to peace in this moment, no matter what I encounter." I still find myself uttering those words in challenging times.

Eat, Pray, Love is sitting on the desk beside me, but, alas, I'm here at my computer ... again :)

Annie -- thanks for the encouragement and watch out for snakes!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the honorable mention! I enjoyed reading the other posts you mentioned too.

storyteller said...

You're quite welcome and thanks for stopping by. Hope you'll return again when time and opportunity permit.
Hugs and blessings,

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