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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Visual Scribblings

Here is an example of the kind of writing I've done for years. This brief, simple piece is something I created experimentally using a gift from M. It was a device that linked electronically to my now defunct Palm V ... allowing me to write with my hand yet transfer the results to my computer. I don't recall what it says and don't know if it will be readable once I publish this post, but I offer it here today simply as a reminder to myself and sample of what's to come.

Once I learn how to scan what M refers to as my "graphic poetry" and save it in a readable format, I intend to post some of them here. In Taos, both Suzanne & Jen encouraged me to do so. This is a first step.


Kayce aka lucy said...

baby steps :-) keep up the good work!

Deborah said...

Hey! Surprise! If you click on the image it enlarges and you can read it. I wonder if that works on my page as well? I'll have to check - see, we're all learning. ;-)

storyteller said...

Wow! Does it really? That's pretty cool. Thanks for the tip.

Joy Des Jardins said...

I like it! Once I enlarged it to actually see what you wrote....it was very cool. I defintely think you should use these little scibblings from time to time in your posts. They're artsy and different.

On the Road said...

I enjoyed your kodos and am glad you are experimenting, nicely so, with blogging. You make it look like fun. J on the Road

Anonymous said...

Aunt Ginny... I love your art, your words. Hope to see more of these posted. Beautiful blogging!

storyteller said...

Thanks for checking in and offering your feedback, support and encouragement. I'm here finally ... wishing I'd taken your advice sooner, but not letting regret take hold. The present is precious. I'm here, now ... and I have a link to YOU! :)

I'll visit your Blog soon. I love you always and forever.

Anonymous said...

I really like this...it makes the blog even more you--if that makes sense.

storyteller said...

Thanks Stag Woman,
I do know what you mean and this little doodle seems to have generated more interest than anything else I've published here in Blogland. Thanks to all of you who have stopped to leave a comment. I appreciate the feedback and encouragement.

I do have quite a collection from which to choose. In the past, I've framed & given these "graphic pieces" as gifts to friends and family. I guess I'll need to get busy soon and figure out how to scan my collection of original visual pieces into the computer so they can be enlarged like this one. I suspect THIS piece (and the few others I could share from the same time frame) is a fluke because it was actually created on paper & transferred to my Palm V simultaneously via a device called a Multi-Mate ... then to my computer during a "Hot Sync".

Maybe Picasa will allow for this type of manipulation once I learn more about how it works? I did happen upon some site out there (though I don't recall just which one currently) where viewers could click on pictures of hand-written journal pages captured in Flickr and make them bigger, so that gives me hope.

In the meantime, anything I do post will be as much a surprise to me as THIS one, because I can't enlarge them directly on my computer as they now exist.

Kara said...

Wow, look at all the comments this one got - we want to see more! I want more.....

Catherine said...

Oh wow...how lovely!

storyteller said...

Kara and Catherine,
I didn't realize you'd commented or I would have responded before now. I'm only checking today because I included a link to this post (and my other visual scribbles) in my Fun Monday #9 post today (June 2nd). Hope you're both doing well!
Hugs and blessings,

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