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Friday, November 16, 2007

My brother used to say "discretion is the better part of valor" and I'm taking it to heart today with GR

Alle alle auxen ... free!
After accumulating more than 900 new posts vying for my attention in Google Reader (watching the number drop as I devoted significant time to reading and leaving occasional comments on newly discovered Blogs ... only to see it climb again when I encountered more fascinating new sites everywhere I explored), I've decided to use the feature that allows me to "mark all posts as read" from now on when I add a new site, rather than continuing to try to "catch up" with previous posts as I've tried to do the past week or so. Clearly, it's a losing proposition anyway. Eventually I may go "exploring the past" ... but for now, I'm sticking with NEW posts to save my sanity. :)

I do like the convenience of GR letting me know when a Blog I've discovered (and enjoy reading) has something new so I don't need to search aimlessly any longer. Google Reading allows me to use my "computer time" more productively, and in addition, this nifty free program allows me to read posts "black on white" ... which is easier with these aging eyes than trying to decipher white writing on a dark background ... and that (in itself) is a gift to myself.

I've added a few new "favorites" to my link list here on Small Reflections finally (something I'd neglected for a while once I started using GR) and will try to keep it current as I find interesting Blogs. Live and learn ... baby steps. :)


Annie Z said...

I learnt that one myself quite quickly. 10 posts to catch up on was just too much. I can't believe you have so many blogs that you've subscribed to.!!

storyteller said...

Hi Annie,
I'm surprised to discover you venturing out this evening, but am glad you stopped by and left a comment. I've added Blogs to Google Reader as encountered if they look interesting (and/or others have recommended them), but I've also (just as quickly) "unsubscribed" to many if they don't "grab" me when I return to check them out. You'll recall that I've got lots of time currently (though that will drop off significantly as my friends return in December). I'm just maximizing the time I have ... because I know it won't last. I'm also a "pack rat" ... a collector of "stuph" ... though I'm trying to simplify my life and surroundings bit by bit.

If you're familiar with Barbara Sher's books ... I'm what she calls a "scanner" who jumps into new things exuberantly, but gets distracted easily ... moving on to other things fairly quickly. I'm already thinking of shifting the focus of at least one of my Blogs ... changing the name, but keeping the address the same ... and/or creating a 3rd, 4th, or 5th Blog. I'm just a crazy gal. :)

I was sending email to my friend Carol (on the road) when I noticed your comment come through, but I'm about ready to turn this thing off and do something else.

Take care of yourself!
Hugs and blessings,

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