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Friday, November 23, 2007

Reclaiming My Front Yard (Part One) or The Way Things Were Before I Started

As per Karen's suggestion in a recent comment,
I've decided to share the following saga in three parts.

In April of 2006, my front yard looked like this ... overgrown and crowded ... with plants and trees as out of control as the Korean grass that had crept over the concrete footers, infiltrated the rocks of the stream-bed drainage area and sneaked under the Tam Junipers on the parkway in an unsightly manner.

Navigating the walkway toward the house, avoiding the overhanging bushes and the fruit-laden branches of the Dwarf Meyer Lemon tree, required special skill for the Postman and other visitors. Ms. Kitty enjoyed the jungle-like growth because it offered many hiding places, but to me ... it had become an embarrassing eyesore.

Returning from a Caribbean Cruise, I struggled to drag my suitcase up the sidewalk and into the house muttering under my breath. The next day on a whim, I purchased several pairs of gloves and a hand-held electric clipper at Osh and got started doing what I could to take charge of the mess and reclaim the yard.

This was no small task and took the better part of 6 months to accomplish, but little by little I succeeded in pruning, weeding, ripping out, and reclaiming the space. This is Part 1.

Part 2 (the gradual process of reclamation) and Part 3 (new plants and regrowth over time) will follow in separate installments.


Casdok said...

I love the wild over crowed over grown look!!
But yes dosnt go with suitcase dragging!

Anonymous said...

Yaay! Thanks for sharing--I'm looking forward to parts 2 and 3!

storyteller said...

Whew! It's 11:24am & I've been at this since the wee hours of the morning. Sigh! At the moment, I'm relieved to get connected with this site finally, and to be able to read & respond to comments. I don't know if the problems are solved, but I'm here now and that's a good thing :)

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Regarding this reclamation, for a while after I started this project, I had second thoughts because things got worse before they got better, but when I sit on my patio these days ... it was worth the effort!

okay ... maybe I'm glad too, but I'm not sure when parts 2 and 3 will show up so bear with me :)
Hugs and blessings to you both,

Talking Bear said...

ST, I do not think you are the only one having some difficulty. I have not been able to connect to some of my things, Talkr, sitemeter...ect. I had some trouble like this last year and contacted blogger. They put us on servers and sometimes another site oin our shared server goes crazy with traffic. This effect the overall bandwidth of the server and we get stuck for a bit. SO it might not be you at all......:), Oh ya, Please do not chose the option of not blogging.:( You would be missed greatly, and it is the struggles in life that makes us better. Bear Hugs to ya TB

storyteller said...

Talking Bear
I'm sorry you're having trouble also ... but I'd be HUGELY relieved to learn it's not my computer after all! The thought DID occur to me (while creating the post at Sacred Ruminations earlier) that it might be a problem with Blogger because early on when I had trouble uploading photos I didn't know until after the fact that it was a system-wide issue.

One thing I noticed about both my sites (after finally getting reconnected right now) is that the SiteMeter links have disappeared from both and when I tried to log on to SiteMeter to check things out, the page wouldn't load.

Thanks for the encouraging words. Giving up blogging certainly isn't a choice I'd like, but when considering options, I try to include whatever comes to mind. Adding an idea doesn't mean I'll actually consider it, but writing everything down is part of the process of brainstorming (letting go of "filters" to generate lots of possibilities). Guess the teacher in me takes over :)
Hugs and blessings,

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