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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

"Oh my Lord, there's so much to do! Tomorrow I think I'll pour a bucket of water down the mail shute!" ELOISE!!! (That's my name.)

Do you recall that song? I used to LOVE "Eloise" as a child. She did all the things I didn't dare try. I was such a good compliant child (otherwise known as a "wimp" or chicken) back in the day. Who knew I had such a wild child within?

And that reminds me of one of the songs I used to teach my students ... way back when. Always a big hit with the kids (who never failed to laugh hysterically whenever we sang it), parents used to share that it was one the entire family used to sing together ... often ... especially whenever someone blew it big time. Actually, that happened frequently in the middle of class as well ... always defusing embarrassingly tense situations.

I don't recall who wrote it ... or where I picked it up. Like the Eloise ditty ... it's a part of my memory from wherever. If I knew how to record it on YouTube and upload it there (as Olivia at Happy Luau did with her Gratitude Dance) perhaps I'd sing it for you and provide a link ... but I don't. So, here are the words. They'll have to suffice. If anyone knows the source, let me know and I'll add credits later.

I'm not perfect and I know I never will be
No one's perfect ... I know it's true.
Sisters and brothers, even dad's and mothers
All make mistakes, and I do too.

Verse 1:
In the yard I left the rake.
By the stairs I left my skates.
When my mom and dad discovered them,
I knew I'd made a big mistake.
When my bubble full of air ...
Got too near my mother's hair
I tried to pop it but it was too late!
I knew I'd made a big mistake ... Well

I'm not perfect and I know I never will be
No one's perfect ... I know it's true.
Sisters and brothers, even dad's and mothers
All make mistakes, and I do too.

Verse 2:
My friends and I were having fun
Playing ball, I hit a run
When I heard the plate-glass window break
I knew I'd made a big mistake!
Filled my squirt-gun very full.
Then the trigger I did pull.
When the water hit my teacher's face,
I knew I'd made a big mistake ... well

I'm not perfect and I know I never will be
No one's perfect ... I know it's true.
Sisters and brothers, even dad's and mothers
All make mistakes, and I do too.

Verse 3:
Grannie baked an apple pie.
I ate so much I thought I'd die.
When I couldn't sleep for the belly-ache,
I knew I'd made a big mistake.

Uh -oh ... my memory just pooped out on me all of a sudden.
Sigh! These things happen. If someone out there remembers the rest, please add it in "Comments" and we'll all be grateful. Forgive me if it's out of order. I don't think I've even THOUGHT of this song for DECADES so I'm surprised this much remains. ;)

(It seems appropriate to end with)

I'm not perfect and I know I never will be
No one's perfect ... I know it's true.
Sisters and brothers, even dad's and mothers
All make mistakes, and I do too.

After thoughts:
--One thing I do recall is that we substituted the word "teachers" for the word "even" in the chorus to make it more inclusive ... so we sang "teachers, dads and mothers" instead.
--Remind me again why the arts no longer are included in public school curriculum. Seems to me there are valuable lessons learned through art, music, dance, play, drama and other subjects I loved to do as a kid and teach in my classroom later on. How did we let this happen?
--Maybe when I finish my month of daily Sacred Life posts at Sacred Ruminations, I'll switch to weekly Sacred Life Sunday posts and take up the One Thing - Be Brave challenge for the next month. Who knows ... I might even explore YouTube and sing this little ditty.

(Enough! THAT'S a topic for another day)


Anonymous said...

How come I never had a teacher like you oh so long ago, when I was still in school? And please, figure out YouTube...this I've gotta hear!

storyteller said...

First things first, Karen. While playing with Molly just now, I remembered the last part of the lyric. Memory's funny that way.

After "Granny's pies" & the "belly-ache" the 3rd verse continues ...

Fished with Grandpa in his boat
Pulled the plug, it wouldn't float.
Soon we were swimming in the lake.
I knew I'd made a big mistake ...

(followed the the chorus that you might recall by now)

As for why you didn't have a teacher like me ... I'll take that as a compliment and hold it close to my heart today. Sometimes I miss the kids ... but I don't miss being in public schools today (though I do believe in free public education the way it ought to be ... NOT driven by Standardize Tests that by definition mean half of those who take them will score below the 50th percentile since they're based on a Bell Curve.) Sheesh -- don't get me started! I tend to rant on this subject.

So ... I'll publish this comment and walk away from the computer singing ...
"I'm not perfect and I know I never will be. No one's perfect, I know it's true. Sisters and brothers, teachers, dads and mothers, all make mistakes ... and I do too."

Annie Z said...

You are really going hell for leather with all the blog stuff!! I was the same when I first started. It's so much fun. So glad you are enjoying it all. And glad you are becoming a part of tbis little community.

Catherine said...

I don't think I've ever heard that song!

Yes, I'm the one who wrote the comment about the affirmation. I'm happy to meet you! It looks like you have two lovely blogs - and from your titles and descriptions, I think we have similar blogging goals. I'm happy to "meet" you. :)

storyteller said...

"hell for leather" is a phrase with which I'm unfamiliar ... but YES you could say I'm enthusiastic about this Virtual World. Of course my family & friends in the "real world" would be quick to add that I'm excited by most things in life (often digging for the pony in a pile of shit). Sigh!

Thanks for the words of welcome. At the moment, my sister is on the road with her husband (has been since June or before). They're planning to be out there RVing for a couple of years (give or take) so our only contact is by cell phone (she avoids all things related to computers).

In addition, my two best friends have been on the road since September and just joined up with sis & hubby ... somewhere near Cape Hatteras looking for Wild Horses (among other things). C and J should return sometime next month, but for now my only contact with the two of them is by cell and email so it's good to have this Virtual World to explore so I don't feel lonely with everyone gone.

Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself. I appreciate your kind words and am happy to meet YOU as well ;)

Hugs and blessings,

Melissa said...

That is an insanely long song ;)

storyteller said...

Yes ... it certainly is, yet it was a favorite of every student I ever taught it to (and their parents, siblings, etc) LOL

It's clear to me that we both have altogether too much time on our hands today. I'm turning off my computer so I get some other things done tonight ... like fix & eat dinner :)

It's been fun getting acquainted in this way, and I'll look forward to future interaction. Hmmm ... if you're looking for something else to do tonight, check out my Christmas Carol Quiz posted November 28th and the nifty Award posted on the 29th (or not). LOL
Hugs and blessings,

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