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Monday, June 2, 2008

Fun Monday #9 and Musings of my Mind

(Thanks to Betty for this nifty Fun Monday graphic)

Fun Monday is hosted this week by

The Universe (or at least Google) conspired against me this morning ... so I'm later than usual with today's post. I slept in until 6:30 (almost unheard of for me who wakes naturally between 4 & 4:30 most mornings) and then I kept getting error messages from Google whenever I tried to access either of my blogs. I'm greatly relieved to finally have access at all while wondering what happened because I could access other Blogger sites.

Karisma has asked to share something we've made ourselves (with our own two hands or feet) today. Apparently she posted this prompt 4 days ago (giving us what she considered 'ample time' to make something), but I only found it this morning ...(I clearly need to be more 'organized' about this Fun Monday thing)... but as those of you who read me regularly know, I've been busier than usual lately with my Photoshop Elements 6 class (and now the French Open) so I'm 'off my game' a bit. So I'm making do as best I can with what I have.

1. I love to work in my garden and grow things like these:

(for more click the 'My Flowers links' in the About Me section of my sidebar)

2. I'm taking a Photoshop Elements 6 class and have shared examples of what I'm learning on each of my blogs.

3. I do create unusual linear 'visual' writing pieces with my hands and previously shared 3 simple & whimsical examples on this blog and 1 more serious one at Sacred Ruminations. I quote myself from my 2007 'Blog Review' (see link in About Me section of sidebar here for more)
"My 1st "visual scribble" resulted in a veritable deluge of comments and led to others like it later on, in addition to "outing" my true identity. Who knew that when clicked on these signed images enlarged enough to be come legible? Certainly not me! Just as with leaving my recent "cry for help" post just days ago, temptation was great to removed them and remain "a nonny mouse" storyteller (with a lower case "s" on purpose), but I took the high road and left them in place ... adding #2 here, #3 here, #4 here, and an "authentic graphic piece" from my framed collection here with a left-brained linear transcription here."
In closing, once upon a time I used to sew my clothes and loved to embroider things (tea towels, pillow cases, etc.) but don't do either any longer. While teaching, I engaged in a variety of 'art related' activities including watercolor, collage, papier mache, etc. ... and for a while I used Betty Edward's techniques (from DRAWING ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BRAIN) ... sketching a variety of subjects upside down ... but I don't have time to locate, photograph & share examples today, so that will have to wait for another time.

(Click for others participating in Fun Monday this week)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Musings of my Mind
on Tennis, of course
in Haiku!

Raining in Paris
for the Quarter Finals but
play continues on ...

Three number one seeds
on the courts at the same time.
Sharapova's in

a tie-break with Sa-
fina in their 1st set ... saves
a break point with a

drop shot at the net
then plays two spectacular
shots to take Set 1!

Earlier I watched
Ginepri play well against
Gonzalez, but lose

that match in straight sets
because Fernando is just
too good on 'red clay' ...

and now Federer
against Benneteau is up
one set, yet has missed

a match point 'op' at
5-2 in the second set ...
the Frenchman has played

with amazing heart
and in heavier rain play
continues although

suspended on all
other courts and Roger breaks
so is up two sets.

Photo Source: Yahoo Sports

All the other men's
Quarter Finals finished so
Federer does not

want play to stop but
play's suspended ... rain delay
leaves him wondering

when or if they'll get
back on court today or if
they'll play tomorrow.

Bryan brothers dropped
their 1st set but broke back in
2nd set early

Cuevas and Horna
managed to break back
later and right now

serving at 5-5
Bryan brothers break giving
them another chance

to serve for the set!
Exciting tennis today ...
even with the rain!

It's already 9:40am ... so methinks I'll stop here and post this. Perhaps I'll add more later (or not) ... just depends on how my day goes. Hope YOU'RE all having a marvelous Monday ;--)

Thought for Today
"Tennis is an addiction that once it has truly hooked a man will not let him go." Russell Lynes


Akelamalu said...

You are so creative, especially in your writing. :)

ChrisB said...

You've 'made' a beautiful garden. I've also been enjoying your tennis montages :)

Sayre said...

I am so jealous of you gardeners!!!! My black thumb requires that I pursue my arts in other areas...

I love your visual writing - you could sell those to card companies!

NicciN said...

Your garden is beautiful and so are your visual writing pieces. They both make me happy and inspire me to want to be creative in some way.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Beautiful flowers Virginia...and loved the tennis pics along with the haiku....many amusing musings sweetie....

Anonymous said...

wow, I love your garden, it looks so beautiful, I wish I could see it in real life The things you are learning to do and are doing as a result of that photoshop elements are amazing and impressive. I did look at some shared examples

Molly said...

You must be a very busy person. Your garden is beautiful, and your linear visual writings are intriguing. I would love to take a Photoshop class.

Jan said...

You've made a very creative post. Lots to think about.

Unknown said...

I didn't know you liked tennis and the sewing is cute. I can see it. You're so sweet and I just love ya and miss ya. I'm back again for a week or so and then off for the weekend so tho't I'd better get over here and say hello. Hope you're well. *lovies* and blessings...

Joy T. said...

I swear, I think embroidery is a lost art. I don't hear of anyone doing it anymore and it's such a shame because embroidery is so pretty. All your projects are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing. Happy Fun Monday.

Joyce said...

Your gardening photos are so lovely!

I used to love sewing and embroidering as well. It seems I would rather be online now. :P

Dear Storyteller, don't think of yourself as being LATE to post; you're simply occupied with other worthwhile things just now. :)

storyteller said...

Akelamalu – You’re sweet to say so. I’ve never considered myself ‘creative’ … perhaps because I received no encouragement in that area from my family, nor in my schooling. Only recently have I come to believe I might be ;--)

ChrisB – Thanks. I didn’t garden before I retired. My husband was the one with the green thumb and I left it to him to take care of the yard. Only when he was gone (and I retired) did I take up gardening … and I do love it!!! Tennis has been an interest most of my life … though I’ve only known how to make photo collages for a few months after playing with Picasa. I’d like to learn to make collages with photos of different sizes … like a large one in the center surrounded by smaller images. It’s on my ‘to do’ list ;--)

Sayre – Methinks it’s a case of ‘the grass is greener’ … (or we tend to want what we don’t have, but others do). I’ve never been the ‘crafty’ type, but I loved the beloved pieces you shared today. You’re not the first to suggest I write for card companies. I suppose I could … and perhaps even will. One never knows what will capture my interest next now that I’m retired.

Yertle – Thanks so much. I’m always happy to be an inspiration to others ;--)

Joy – How nice of you to encourage me like this …(as you have from the beginning). I almost skipped Fun Monday today when Blogger wouldn’t let me log on to either of my sites … but I’m glad I stayed with it. Interesting that Safina came back and won her match with Sharapova in 3 sets after losing the tie-break in the 1st set … and sad that the Bryan brothers lost their doubles match in the rain. Both of those results took me totally by surprise … as did Benneteau’s valiant battle against Federer, even though HE wasn’t victorious in the end. The Quarter Finals promise to be quite exciting starting tomorrow.

Grace – Thanks so much for taking the time to click on some of my links. I actually clicked on my Visual Scribblings a little while ago … and had to laugh at my use of he phrase ‘veritable deluge’ of comments on the first one. However, in the early days of blogging … many of my posts had one or two (if any) comments, so eleven seemed like a whole lot by comparison ;--)

Molly – I’m busier at the moment than I like to be, but everything I’m doing is of interest … so I don’t know where to cut back. My Photoshop class is offered through Adult Education at the local High School district and I suspect other school districts must offer similar programs … so you could check that out ;--)

Jan – Thanks. When I started, I wasn’t sure what I was going to share (if anything) because the main thing I do these days with my hands is TYPE on the keyboard …(LOL)… but my fingers seemed to know what to share and I trusted them today.

Chuck – How delightful to have you drop by so unexpectedly. I’m glad you did. As for tennis, you must not have known me during the Australian Open Championship because I certainly ‘blogged’ about tennis back then. Clicking on the label ‘tennis’ will take you to all those posts. It’s always good to hear from you and know what you’re up to … so thanks!

Joy T – Occasionally I think of taking it up, but I don’t know when I’d find the time because I’m so busy as is. I did find it relaxing … loved using (and giving as gifts) the items I decorated. I think I still might have an embroidered shirt or two from days gone by hanging at the back of my closet. If they surface at some point, perhaps I’ll photograph and share … but don’t hold your breath.

Joyce – I’m glad you enjoy them. I ate that strawberry (and many others) already ;--) Thanks for the reminder that the timing of my posts is totally up to me. It’s just that in the scheme of things, getting my post published early frees me up to visit blogs, walk Molly, get to class (2 days a week), read, garden, and run errands in a more ‘orderly’ manner than publishing later (as I did today). I guess it’s ME putting the pressure on myself … so only I can R E L A X about it too.

How lovely to return from my afternoon walk with Molly to find all your comments. I appreciate you stopping by and hope you’re had a marvelous Monday!
Hugs and blessings,

karisma said...

You have lots of different talents! I LOVE your garden, its beautiful. I wish I had more time to persue such things as well. Maybe one day!

Very interested in the right brain drawing idea. I will have to give that a go one day! Thanks for joining in.

Anonymous said...

Love your haiku. I used to dabble with it for awhile some time ago. I would love to have a garden of flowers in your display. Maybe one day. Your photos are beautiful as is your haiku.

Momisodes said...

Goodness! Your garden is really thriving despite your crazy weather. I had no idea you dabbled in such crafty things in the past.

Sounds like it really was an exciting game despite the rain. :)

Alison said...

Your flowers are gorgeous!! The visual art is very interesting, I have never seen that before!!

IamwhoIam said...

The flowers are gorgeous I have a love of roses and you have a few lovely samples. My you are creative with all you verious forms.

Tina Coruth said...


I love your flowers and strawberries! Is that an Iris next to the strawberry plant on the bottom row? Beautiful!


Heather said...

Your flowers are so beautiful! I could stare all day long at those!

Your writing is so unique - I enjoyed it very much today!

storyteller said...

Karisma – I enjoyed this week’s challenge … both reflecting on my own ‘talents to share and seeing what others have created with their hands, so thanks for hosting this week. I also appreciate you adding me to the list. I need to remember to check out next week’s Fun Monday host earlier from now on so I have time to plan ahead.

Olive – I’m glad you like my Haiku …(I love writing in the form)… and my garden. I find the photos online and arrange them into collages to illustrate my ‘tennis’ updates, though I’d love to be watching these matches in Paris and taking my own pictures ;--)

Sandy – As long as I keep things watered, nothing dies … though the heat has shorted the blossoming season for several of my plants. Yup … I used to do things I don’t do any longer, but I do things now I’ve never done before too. As for the tennis, methinks the rain made some of the matches even more exciting and affected the outcome as well.

Alison – Thank you. I’m not sure where the idea came from initially … it just occurred to me one day to do it and I liked the results. I’ve framed and given away many pieces like the one in the last link (that takes you to my other blog). The 1st three were ‘experiments’ when I got an electronic gadget that sent these scribbles directly to my PDA … then to the computer.

IamwhoIam – I love roses too and have several varieties … though I admit I don’t know their names. I selected them by the color and blossoms years ago and the ‘tags’ are long gone. I do love writing poetry (especially Haiku) as much as I love tennis ;--)

Tina – Thanks so much. I love them too. Actually it’s NOT an iris, but I can’t think of its name right now because it’s late and I’m T I R E D … but I’ll try to remember to send you email tomorrow afternoon.

Heather – What a lovely compliment about my flowers and my writing. I appreciate both.

I’m delighted to find all of your comments as I finish writing and publishing my HoTs and ToTs post for Tuesday tonight … knowing I won’t have time to do it in the morning before I leave for class. Thank you all for your kind comments.
Hugs and blessings,

Betty said...

I'm sure you have a beautiful garden, and I envy that. I am not good at all at growing flowers or any kind of plants. And you are always creating different things. You are so talented.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

You are SO talented. I am especially impressed with your garden. Can I come sit amongst your flowers and sip tea?

Anonymous said...

I am always amazed when people can garden so well. Me? I turn every plant brown.

Unknown said...

I used to sew too but haven't in a while. I kinda miss it. Just can't find the time to do everything I want to do.

storyteller said...

Betty – Thanks … I do love my garden though I’m careful to select hearty, easy-to-grow plants for my part of the world. I don’t think of myself as talented. I just work at things doggedly until I figure them out ;--)

Hulagirlatheart – I appreciate the compliment … and yes, you can come sit with me in my blue patio chairs and sip tea (and/or fresh lemonade made from the lemons on my tree). You might enjoy my Blog Party Post. I think there’s a link in my sidebar.

Nikki – The trick is choosing plants that thrive on neglect and don’t die easily. It works for me anyway!

Lisa Marie – Every now and again I get the urge to sew (or embroider) … but like you, I just don’t have the time for everything as is.

I appreciate all of you stopping by and leaving me comments. Hope you’re all having a wonderful week!
Hugs and blessings,

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