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Sunday, June 15, 2008

CC#9 ...UM#10 ... and Sunday Stuph ;--)

Happy Father's Day to all Dads out there!

I started a week late so today is my 9th
Misty Dawn started the meme and explains the rules here:
Introductory Information

Jenke & Molly
pause to catch their breath after ...

enjoying a spontaneous (and vigorous)
'front-yard' encounter.

Click for others participating in Camera Critters this week.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'm participating for the 10th time today.
How about you?

What comes to YOUR mind?

If you'd like to play here, copy and paste the clues in comments along with your responses ... or post on your blog and let me know so I can visit ;--)

Here are MY responses:
  1. Purchase :: Anticipation ... I can hardly WAIT for THIS to arrive!!!
  2. Squeaky clean :: Brand new (or freshly washed)
  3. Blended :: Jamba Juice ... I love these fruity smoothies! 10:30am - I've added the link after a Julie & Shannon asked what Jamba Juice is ... just in case others may not have discovered this tantalizing (and healthy) treat.
  4. Wednesday :: I'm usually (almost) Wordless ... and occasionally downright 'wordy'
  5. Function :: something this old computer barely does any more ... sigh!
  6. Look down :: nope ... I prefer to look UP and/or straight ahead ;--)
  7. July? :: just around the corner ... the 3rd is M's b-day (and Joyce's 26th anniversary)
  8. Raspberry :: strudel (yum - would go great with my coffee right now)
  9. Assertive :: bold (and clear) but not 'bossy' communication
  10. Cracker :: Jacks & prizes ... or 'soda' & salty with tomato soup? (Perhaps NOISY as in the 4th of July firecrackers that are illegal here but more common than ever. Hmmm ... is it Wednesday? I'm feeling WORDY all of a sudden here, but I'll stop ... now). LOL
Your turn: I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Purchase ::
  2. Squeaky clean ::
  3. Blended ::
  4. Wednesday ::
  5. Function ::
  6. Look down ::
  7. July? ::
  8. Raspberry ::
  9. Assertive ::
  10. Cracker ::
Click for others 'muttering' this week.

How about that Tiger Woods! Isn't he amazing to watch?
I certainly hope his knee hangs in there one more day so he can make this Sunday at Torrey Pines (in San Diego County here in Southern California) one to remember! Even HE had to laugh at that incredible 'birdie' on the 17th hole Saturday after the amazing putt on the 13th. Who would have guessed he'd be the leader with his 18th hole birdie? Of course, we KNOW he does this kind of thing ... yet marvel every time he pulls it out like this. I'll be watching today ;--)

Source: Yahoo Sports Photos

Thought for Today
"Surprise is the greatest gift life can offer us." Boris Pasternak


Sandy Kessler said...

oh I love these two . please keep posting many pictures of them sandy

Mary said...


I enjoyed your visit to my Writing Nook. It seems like ages since we visited each other.

Enjoyed your unconscious mutterings and the photo of the dogs is delightful. Don't be a stranger.


Anonymous said...

Love those two pets, they looks adorable and sweet.

Jamba juice seems good, what is it made of?

Have a great week!

I have read your anticipation and wow, that is a good one!

Shirl said...

i love how you mutter!

Hootin' Anni said...

I know what you mean about anticipation. I love my new computer. Tho, it's not new any more, I've had it nearly 6 months now. But the huge flat monitor and the Windows Vista?---awesome.

Great mutterings as always storyteller.

storyteller said...

Sandy Kessler – Actually I don’t have many photos of the two of them playing (except for the dozen or so I snapped yesterday) because Jenke’s ‘dad’ works long hours and my schedule has become busier of late. Jenke is about a year younger and 30 pounds heavier than Molly. They used to play together all the time but I’m usually so busy ‘supervising’ … (to protect my flowers) … I seldom think to grab the camera. I’ll try to do better in the future since you enjoy them so much.

Mary – I enjoyed dropping by as well and I’m hoping to get myself ‘caught up’ with you (and several others I’ve neglected lately). The new computer should help. This one tends to ‘freeze up’ at the most inopportune times.

JulieJamba Juice is a ‘local juice bar’ that makes all kinds of ‘blended’ smoothies. I’ve been a fan since they showed up nearby a few years back.

Shirl – Methinks I love you!!! Most folks find me a little ‘scattered’ when I let my mind run like I do with UM on Sundays :--)

Thanks to everyone for dropping by and hope you have a fantastic Father’s Day!
Hugs and blessings,

Deb @ Sugarfused said...

There's just nothing like the anticipation of getting a new computer lol! Especially a laptop! So happy for you...you're going to love it. Wish I had a matching one lol!

Rayne said...

Look at them! They are wonderful.
I've got to check out this camera critters thing. Looks like fun.

Joyce said...

Good Morning, Virginia,

I'm just checking in on you before the busy day of going to church with the family and visiting with friends afterward.

I love how you have captured the time of doggie camaraderie in the photo of Molly and her playmate. :)

Thank you for mentioning Rick and my upcoming 26th wedding anniversary. He booked us for a night in a bed and breakfast in a quaint town with which he is familiar from his log home building days, but which I have never explored. I'm looking forward to a fun time. :)

Hope you have a beautiful Sunday!

storyteller said...

Hootin’ Anni – Thanks. You must have left your comment as I was leaving my first response earlier. Isn’t it amazing how quickly ‘technology’ becomes ‘not new’ … even when it clearly still IS? I’ve been thinking about getting a new computer for almost a year but resisting while they work the bugs out of Vista. The Photoshop class (along with frequent ‘crashes’ recently) pushed me to bite the bullet and go for it sooner than I would have liked … but I’d kind of like to keep this old one functioning for my ‘stock trading’ and other ‘financial’ stuph as I use the new one for blogging, writing, and photo-related activities.

Deb (at Sugarfused) – Yup … I’m definitely counting the days and HOPING it will arrive sooner rather than later ;--)

Rayne – Camera Critters IS fun … though getting around to everyone presents challenges for me currently. I’m hoping the new computer will help with that.

Joyce – You’re quite welcome. I guess your anniversary popped into my mind because I have it associated with M’s b-day … and I remember his b-day because it comes around just before the 4th. Sounds like fun plans for your upcoming celebration. Go Rick!!!

I appreciate ALL of your comments … and am trying to stay ‘current’ today (as much as possible), but Molly grows impatient so we’ll be headed out for a walk soon. I was hoping the sun would come out first, but maybe it’s going to be one of those June-gloom days?
Hope you have a delightful day!
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

I'm happy that you drop by my blog for a visit. And your answer to Look down is classic! You have some great mutterings there!

ShannonW said...

Jenke and Molly are such beautiful dogs. Looks like they were having fun!

I also like smoothies. What is Jamba Juice?

I really don't pay much attention to Tiger Woods. He has never been one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

My Dad's birthday is on July 3rd too.
I like Raspberry Strudel, I did not think of that but it sure makes me hungry!

Hope you can stop by mine.

ratmammy said...

love the two doggies!

Anonymous said...

Of course, your mutterings rule - yummy raspberry strudel!?! Wow. My mouth is watering - do you make it yourself?

Happy Sunday!

storyteller said...

Tien – You’re most welcome. I enjoy seeing what others come up with for their mutterings each week.

Shannon – If you click on the link I left in my response above to Julie’s comment it will take you to the Jamba Juice website and from there you can click locations to see if there’s one near you. If not, watch for them when you travel. They’re most common in coastal communities on the West Coast, but I’ve seen them in the Scottsdale, AZ area too … so they may be branching out.

Jean (at Penny Lane) – What a coincidence! As for the ‘strudel’ … I’m still craving it and may need to make a ‘run’ for some ;--)

Ratmammy – I’m glad. They sure enjoy one another. Unfortunately Jenke’s gone this morning so Molly had to ‘make do’ playing fetch with me out front before our walk. Of course she got to visit with other neighbors and enjoyed that … but she had no fur-friends to romp with yet today.

Claudia – Why thanks for the kudos … a made my morning!!! Nope … I hardly make anything myself in the kitchen any more, but there’s a good local bakery nearby ;--)

How fun to find your comments as Molly and I returned from our neighborhood walk. I took a peek at Dell’s ‘tracking site’ to check the status of my laptop … discovering it’s ‘in production’ as I suspected. The gal across the street (and a friend’s husband) told me their last computers arrived in 3 days … so I’ve got my fingers crossed (making it difficult to type) … hoping mine won’t take the 2 weeks they indicated when I ordered it last Thursday.

As many of you know, tennis is my game so I don’t usually watch golf … but I was with friends on Thursday when this tournament started and know Tiger’s not played since his latest knee surgery … so I just got ‘hooked’ I guess. Wimbledon starts on the 23rd … so I’ll be watching tennis then. Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!
Hugs and blessings,

Tina Coruth said...


What a sweet picture of Jenke & Molly!

Purchase :: price
Squeaky clean :: mouse after a bath
Blended :: smoothie
Wednesday :: Thursday
Function :: use
Look down :: Look up!
July? :: 4!!!
Raspberry :: jam -- mmmmm
Assertive :: strong
Cracker :: graham (with some of that raspberry jam!)

Tiger Woods is a great golfer! I hope his knee holds, too!


maryt/theteach said...

Great critters! Marvelous Tiger! :D

AppleDebbie said...

Labs are the best and Jenke and Molly are beauties! Our puppy Trooper has a best Lab friend that lives across the street from us. It's so much fun to watch them romp and play together (and it seems like they can play for hours! lol!)

Maude Lynn said...

Would that happen to be Molly's gentleman friend?

Misty DawnS said...

What beautiful dogs! I love watching dogs play together!

storyteller said...

Tina – Thanks for ‘muttering’ along with us today. I’ve never had raspberry jam on graham crackers, but I bet it’s tasty indeed. I dunno how Tiger pulled that last shot off on the 18th hole to force the 18 hole tie-break tomorrow … and I hope his knee allows him to play another round. For someone (obviously in a lot of pain) missing as many shots as Woods did today, it’s nothing short of amazing he stayed close enough to pull this off … but that IS what Tiger does so often in major tournaments.

Mary, the teach – Molly plays with just about ANY fur-critter who’ll let her near (would LOVE to play with Ms. Kitty actually), but when she plays with other labs she seems to have the most fun! Fortunately we’ve got several in our neighborhood and there are always labs at Dog Beach!

AppleDebbie – Yup … I know just what you mean. One neighbor has a Golden Doodle who visits from time to time and watching the way Lucy plays (mainly ‘batting’ with her paws as opposed to lunging and tackling one another as labs do) is funny. I’ve got it on video and should post it one of these days for Camera Critters.

Mama Zen – Nope … Jenke is another female, but Molly’s always ‘popular’ with the males at Camp Ilene. Fortunately I had her spayed at 7 months … so there will be no surprises ;--)

Misty Dawn – Me too … especially labs! They play with such abandon and enthusiasm!

Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comments. It’s been fun checking in periodically today and responding to everyone individually. I hope you all checked the little box so you receive the follow-up in email … and that you’ve had a great weekend!
Hugs and blessings,

Momisodes said...

Oh I love that photo of Jenke and Molly :) They look so happy in each other's company.

I caught a glimpse of Tiger Woods. It made me miss Torrey Pines dearly...and Jamba Juice too! *sigh*

Betty said...

Your dogs are very pretty. Nice picture of them.

I enjoyed reading your meme. And as always, you have a good "thought for the day".

Have a good week, Virginia

Barb said...

They're both smiling so it must have been fun. :)

Unknown said...

Love the foto of the doggies and the meme looks fun. Wish I could hang on my computer all day and play more, but I can't. I hope you're doing well; it's always so nice to see you. I have a famous dude posted for Monday. Have a lovely week, friend. *lovies*

Anonymous said...

Omigoh, I want your purchase! >D And up is always good. Yay~
All nice mutterings. Thanks for dropping by!

(Just a note: Blended beans: it's this new thing my mother bought that blends special beans to make some sweet soup)

Karen said...

They look like they've had tons of fun!

Susan Demeter said...

Awwww what a sweet pic :) Thanks for dropping by my CC :)

storyteller said...

Sandy – They do so love to play together and they’re great fun to watch. As for golf, I plan to watch today’s ‘play off round’ just because I can. I hope they both play well. Maybe I'll walk downtown for a Jamba Juice too ;--)

Betty – Thanks so much, and I hope YOU have a great week too!

Skittles –Yup … smiling and panting ;--)

Chuck – Believe it or not, there’s more to life than blogging and LIFE is to be LIVED! Our blog posts will be here whenever you drop by. Just enjoy everything each moment. I’ll drop by later this morning to check out ‘the famous dude’ once I finish checking comments and figure out what to write about and post myself.

Ash – I want it too! I checked it’s status this morning and it’s still ‘in production’ … so I guess I’m not likely to get it today. Thanks for the clarification about the blended beans. I was thinking ‘coffee’ but soup is good too.

Karen – They do have fun together and used to play more often … before Jenke’s dad and I got so busy with other things. I’m hopeful we can let them play regularly again because it’s great exercise and stimulation for the two of them.

Sue – Thanks … and it was my pleasure. I’ll be checking to see if you’ve Blogged Your Blessings in a little while since I finally managed to publish mine at Sacred Ruminations after missing a couple of weeks.

I appreciate all of you visiting Small Reflections and I hope you’re all having a marvelous Monday!
Hugs and blessings,

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