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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Photo Hunt #6 - It's a Gusher!

This week's theme: Water

In April of 2007
a car hit this Fire Hydrant

then drove off ...
leaving a 'gusher' for the
Fire Department
to deal with for about 25 minutes ...

and, naturally ... I captured photos!

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peppylady (Dora) said...

I haven't seen any thing like that for years.
Bonners Ferry is pretty unexciting.

Powell River Books said...

Your collage told the whole story. It made me think of old photos from places like New York City where they would open the hydrants to allow kids to play in the water on really hot days. I doubt they do that any more.

For my contribution I chose pictures of water reflections from around my floating cabin on Powell Lake. I invite you to come see. - Margy

Anonymous said...

You should be able to submit your photos in a local news paper :) . Cool water hydrant shots.

Sandy said...

Great shots...and collage

Stefij said...

hi fab pic


Anonymous said...

Crazy. I bet such things are hard to shut off too, so much pressure.

dangkin said...

crazy driver! must be drank, ha?

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Water is very precious around here. Great photos, and I love the one above of the Mom duck and her little ones!!

Susan Demeter said...

Great pics for the theme! I really would love to learn to make collages. Each one you do seems to get better and better! :)

Thanks for stopping by :)

Forgetfulone said...

I really like what you did with your photos. Looks great! Thanks for stopping by mine.

Betty said...

That's amazing. What a good choice for today's photo hunt. You really got a lot of good pictures of that accident.

Daisy said...

Oh my gosh, what a waste of water! Too bad you couldn't capture the license plate of the person who did that and then just drove off.

dixymiss said...

Cool collage effects. That was quite a gusher!

Anonymous said...

I don't remember the last time I saw a gusher. Um... not counting Old Faithful. That I saw the summer before last.

storyteller said...

Peppylady – Actually, I hadn’t seen anything like this for years either … until it happened. I’m glad those firemen knew what to do, but lots of water just ran off down the street and into the ocean … something we in So Cal can ill afford actually.

Powell River Books – Thanks. I almost published it w/o any words … but figured a few would clarify the circumstances for visitors. Methinks those days of letting kids play in water from fire hydrants are behind us … at least where we have water shortages. I love Lake Powell … have spent several weeks on various houseboats there with my extended family. I’ll drop by when time permits and my computer cooperates.

Tina (of My Good Finds) – I suppose I could. Thanks for the suggestion.

Sandy – Thanks. I’ve not been over to your 'Space' yet to see yours, but will try to get there when I finish responding here. On this hot California day, it’s been fun to see ‘water’ everywhere ;--)

Stefi – I’m glad you think so and thanks for the URL to yours.

YummyY! – It was intriguing to watch the guys work … and, in the end, it was an underground valve they turned to shut off the gusher … but it took several guys about 25 minutes to pull it off.

Dangkin – I suppose that’s possible … or just not paying attention. Folks here send ‘text messages’ as they drive … and that’s positively scary!

Cat~Goats~Quotes – Water is precious around here too. This happened in April … and by June local cities had passed ordinances limiting water usage … just like they’ve done currently.

Sue (of the Urban Zoo) – It was my pleasure … and thanks for the feedback! When I saw the theme a while back, I knew what I’d use. Interestingly, I didn’t plan ahead and wound up using Picasa to make the collages today. That free Google program makes it easy, but it will only do perfect squares and sometimes cuts off vital parts of photos … so one has to plan ahead. You could download it and play a bit. That’s how I learned. I’ve used Photoshop to make many of my more recent collages … and those take more time and skill.

Forgetfulone – As I explained in my comment to Sue (just above yours), I used my own photos and did this with Picasa.

Betty – I grabbed my camera and watched the entire thing … snapping pictures every 2-3 minutes or so as the scene changed. I didn’t know what I’d do with them because I hadn’t even considered blogging way back then, but it seemed like a good idea to capture the action.

Daisy – Yes! It certainly was. I wish someone had seen the license plate. One fellow got a description of the vehicle. I have no idea whether or not they apprehended the driver, but I hope they did … and that he or she paid a hefty fine.

DiXymiss – Thanks … and yes it was!

Alice – It DID kind of look like Old Faithful (now that you mention it) … except for the structures in the background.

To all – Thanks for visiting Small Reflections and commenting on my Photo Hunt today. If I’ve not been to yours yet, I’ll do my best to drop by soon. I am having some rather serious computer issues that make blog visits more challenging, but once my new computer arrives … I should be fine again. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.
Hugs and blessings,

Sarge Charlie said...

perfect for this theme

Tina Coruth said...


Wow! That is some gusher. Shame on that driver to just leave the scene. I hope he was caught. Great collages!


Baba said...

wow.. what great shots for today's word of water...thanks for your visit to my place today. I love the picture of the mommy duck with her babies on her back...so cute..

Anonymous said...

Oh no! That is terrible!
But, you captured it very well.

Happy Hunting. Thanks for stopping by.

Sreisaat said...

Wow - that must have created a lot of fuss in the neighborhood!

mimi11460 said...

Wow all pictures are great entry....see you in my blog..Thanks.

Akelamalu said...

You got some great shots there but what a waste of water!

Anonymous said...

Good thing no one was hurt.

Hootin' Anni said...

Love the collage for the water theme storyteller!

This, if I were a kid again, I would have taken advantage of the wetness on a hot summer day!!!! Ahhhhhhh, bliss.

storyteller said...

Sarge Charlie – Thanks! I’m happy I finally found an appropriate opportunity to share these photos after more than a year.

Tina – It WAS a huge deal … and you’re right. The driver should have stayed and called for help, but folks don’t always do what’s right. I hope he was apprehended too.

Baba’s Blog – I’m delighted you enjoyed the ‘ducklings’ with their mom. I found that photo somewhere eons ago (maybe Cute Overload Press or Flickzzz) and lost track of it. I need a better way to organize my photos, and once I get my new computer … that’s a priority. Anyway, it surfaced while I was looking for something else, and I added it to this site a couple of days ago.

CrazyWorkingMom – Yes … and thanks. I did take advantage of the ‘opportune’ moment by grabbing my camera and running down the street shortly after it occurred and before the Fire Truck arrived while a neighbor called in the emergency.

ZJ – Most folks were at work when it happened so there were only a few of us around at the time. I suspect (by the time they got home) there was no way to tell what had happened actually.

Mimi11460 – I’m glad you enjoyed it and I’ll stop by when time (and this old computer) permits.

Akelamalu – Thanks … and yes it was a waste of water we could sure USE here right now in this unusual heat.

Lynn - Yes, that was a blessing indeed ;--)

Hootin’ Anni – If we were kids again is right. Actually this happened in the morning on a chilly April day when most kids were ‘in school’ … so no one played in the water then. If it had happened THIS weekend I suspect that even the BIG KIDS might have taken advantage of the ‘occurrence’ to cool off.

To all – I appreciate each of you dropping by and taking the time to leave your comment. I hope you checked the little box so that my response comes through in your email. I’ll try to visit those of you I didn’t get to yesterday as time (and this old machine) permit today. First I’m going to create today’s Camera Critters and Unconscious Mutterings for today … and possibly add a Smiley Saturday (and/or Saturday 9) belatedly. I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!
Hugs and blessings,

Karen said...

Great photos! And what is it with people leaving the scene?!

threesidesofcrazy said...

Fun collage!

storyteller said...

Karen – Thanks … and I haven’t a clue. Seems foolish at best … probably making things MUCH worse in the end.

Tamy – Glad you enjoyed my ‘gusher’ collage.

I appreciate you both dropping by and hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend.
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

Was the driver that hit the hydrant caught and penalized? Anyway, you did a great job of capturing the scene.

BTW, I have something for you at Makimeji.

storyteller said...

MamaMeji – I’m afraid I don’t know, but I certainly hope so. Thanks for the feedback … and the ‘Sharing the Love’ award created by Memoirs of a Mommy. It’s lovely ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

Great photos for the theme. Good shots.

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