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Monday, July 21, 2008

Fun Monday #15 On the pursuit of dreams ...

Take time for Small Reflections
At last! I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to sign into Blogger since EARLY this morning (like around 4:30am) ... but miraculously I'm suddenly 'in' ... though I'm not sure which (if any) of the things I've tried 'worked' or whether Blogger 'straightened itself' out on its own. No matter how ... I'm relieved to have 'access' again I'm creating (a bit later than expected) my Fun Monday post and hope to visit others soon.
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Irish Coffeehouse is hosting Fun Monday and asks three questions: "As a child day dreaming of what your future would hold for you, what did you want to be when you grew up? Did you ever pursue or achieve it? If you could be trained and placed in any career beginning tomorrow, what would it be?"

I've given considerable thought to these questions all week and shared my process at Sacred Ruminations yesterday. I intended to have today's post ready to go earlier than usual, but somehow it didn't quite come together as planned. As a child, I don't recall having specific ideas about what I wanted to be when I grew up. I lived in my imagination most of the time ... riding a 'pony' my dad made for me out of a long pole ... creating indoor 'environments' with blocks in which I 'traveled' in my mind ... and vanishing into books as I read avidly. Perhaps that's why my parents tried to teach me to be 'practical' and apply myself to my studies ... something I learned to do early and excelled at throughout life.

If someone had suggested I might become a writer of stories (and/or ideas running through my mind), I suspect I would have pursued that creative path earlier in life and be a 'published' author by now. Instead ... good student and compliant soul that I am ... I allowed myself to accept the invitation that DID present itself and became a teacher ... a career I practiced for 34 years before retiring happily in 2001. The best parts of teaching revolved around helping others acquire skills and pursue their dreams while being a lifelong learner myself. Those were good years and I'm grateful for them.

I'm equally grateful for the years that came after, and that brings me to the 3rd question for the day. At 63 I'm no longer seeking 'training' or a 'new career' ... instead I'm allowing myself to remember and dream again ... trusting that Dreams are Whispers from the Soul ... and that's why I'm delighted to share this little 3 minute video-clip (from Simple Truths, discovered yesterday as I cleared a backlog of email messages) with any and all who pass this way. It speaks to me ... and may resonate with you as well ...(or not).
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This is my 4th ...
Here are the answers I left in 'comments' earlier at the Manic Monday site. I'm glad to have access to my blog finally so I can share ... just because.

What's your favorite beach in the world?
The beaches in Hawaii and the Caribbean are lovely, but nothing beats Southern California beaches since they’re close to home ;--)
What's the next country you want to visit?
At this point in my life I’m not sure how much traveling I’m likely to do … but Australia, Africa, and the Mediterranean countries beckon when I dream.
What one thing are you craving today?
Access to my blogs!!! Blogger won’t let me sign in, so I can’t publish anything (though that doesn’t keep me from creating posts to publish when/if access is restored) and I’ve only been able to successfully comment on one blog thus far (though I’ve tried many & keep getting the same Blogger error repeatedly). I have access to Gmail, Google Reader, and can SEE my blogs (and the blogs of others) … I find myself wondering if anyone else is affected? Sigh!

I'm relieved to have access (as I've indicated above), but I'm wondering if anyone can shed light on what happened to me earlier. Did others have 'issues' with Blogger too, or was my inability to 'sign in' using Mozilla unique to me ... indicating an issue with my new laptop and/or Vista configurations? Inquiring minds want to understand if at all possible.

Small Reflections ... Smile Back
Thought for Today
"Dreams are answers to questions we haven't yet figures out how to ask." X-Files


Molly said...

As the time frame of our career paths are similar, I read and pondered your post with interest. However, although I am still teaching school at 61, I have thought about retiring in 2009. As for fulfilling dreams, I need to narrow it down. I find myself trying to fulfill too many dreams at a time. I loved the video and will send the link on to others.

Anonymous said...

Storyteller, do not feel bad about blogger giving you a headache. Think How our frien Nick feels over ar saintnicksbytes.blogspot.com he has been locked out for 4 days now. every time I have tried to access his site I get the sams saill a** message BX-ui5l62 and I ever trien to report it to no avail.

Faye said...

Storyteller, agree with Molly--think you're a kindred spirit when it comes to teaching as a career. Can't imagine not being interested in learning something new even though I'm in third year of retirement.

Sorry you're haveing problems with Blogger today--that's a pain when you really wanted to have your post up in good order--and had such a clear idea of what you wanted to say.

ChrisB said...

After reading so many posts about teaching and how rewarding it has been for those who chose this career path... I sometimes wonder if I should have gone down that route when the headmistress of my children's school suggested it because she thought I would make a good teacher!

Anonymous said...

It seems as though there are a lot of teachers out here in the FM communitity. :)

When you can't stand blogger any more, Wordpress is a good choice. It was the best switch I ever made!

Hootin' Anni said...

This was a great 'reflection' of your life's choice dear Storyteller!! My son is a college professor and he loves it!!! He teaches English as a 2nd language, and Economics. Altho, he teaches mainly adults, he finds it very rewarding and has oftentimes said "I'd do it for free!"

Have a great afternoon/evening.

Robocop said...

I thank you for being a teacher. Few people are in a career path that makes a difference.

Anonymous said...

Glad to here you are back, but unfortunately I know nothing of Blogger, and have no suggestions to offer :( Fingers crossed it does not happen again.

karisma said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful career! Blogger does have that effect on people doesn't it. I find its such a temperamental system. Oh well, lucky I am relatively patient!

Alison said...

You are another unknown super hero..I have the utmost respect for teachers!!!

Momisodes said...

I am sure you touched so many lives in those 34 years. However, you are wonderful writer. I suppose that is why the blogosphere is so amazing :)

All of those places beckon me in my dreams as well.

BS said...

A teacher ... exactly what I wanted to be. At my age though, I don't think I would have the patience that you need now a days. My first grade teacher was my inspiration.

Aoj and The Lurchers said...

Teaching really is a theme this week!

Unknown said...

I have problems at times too.

Have you used spybot, ww.ewido.net and pandascan?

Maybe you're bugged.

Get rid of your temporary files first, otherwise you get an endless list of useless cookies.

Is your computer set to "enable cookies"?
It should be as you need that to sign in at some sites, including blogger.

My manic monday is here:

Have a nice week!

Debs said...

Someday I will teach. Oh yes I will! :)

Irish Coffeehouse said...

I can tell you were the type of teacher who truly enveloped yourself into reaching your students academically and emotionally while bringing non-textbook life lessons to the table too.

I'm sure the impact you made is far greater than you will ever realize!

Unknown said...

34 years as a teacher? That's a long time!

Peter said...

So many teachers... so few students.
uummm or is it the other way around???

Tina Coruth said...


I'm sorry you've had such trouble signing into blogger. I just tried accessing my blog through Firefox and had no problem. I don't have Firefox on my Vista laptop - so I don't know if there is an incompatibility issue there.

It's wonderful that teaching has been your passion for so long. I guess maybe that is what matters, not what we may dream about, but what we find we are passionate about. (I dreamed of being Annie Oakley - I think I am just as happy that didn't come true. LOL)


Karen said...

Absolute bummer about the Blogger situation--but it's all cleared up?

I just want to say this, about your dreams, I mean--it not too late. You're published now (people read you on a daily basis, you are DEFINITELY published)--but if you want to be "actual-real-book-in-hand" published, you can do it!! And you've got a ton of friends (including me) who'd be willing to give you all kinds of support!

storyteller said...

To all – I apologize for being so tardy with my responses, but I’ve been working on them bit by bit and waiting until I finished them all before sharing any. I could have taken the easier route and left a single ‘thank you comment’ (as I’ve done a few times when ‘crunched’ for time periodically) … but I didn’t choose to do so here, perhaps because of this week’s question and the content it generated.

Molly – Being ‘contemporaries’ … I suspect we may have shared similar experiences along the way. I fully understand about trying to do too much and the need to narrow ‘dreaming’ focus. This is an on-going challenge for me as well. I’m delighted you enjoyed the video and hope those you shared it with found it inspiring as well.

Mike – I feel your frustration on behalf of your friend … knowing you’ve had your own issues with Blogger. My sense is that the folks behind the scenes don’t purposefully set out to inconvenience anyone and do try to fix issues that arise as quickly as possible. We can’t help the feeling that arise within us around these frustrating events, but we don’t need to add to the problems either. The Law of Unintended Consequences (that says something like fixing one problem often creates another unexpected one) together with Murphy’s Law (if something can go wrong, it will) come to mind as I type this response. I’m glad your friend finally got access and am sorry a solution was so long in coming.

Faye – What a lovely comment … and I suspect we are ‘kindred spirits’ in this (and perhaps other) ways. Methinks one of the blessings of retirement is being able to pursue interests and continue to learn new things all the time. As for my ‘Blogger’ issues, I appreciate your empathetic response. I did feel frustrated … especially since others didn’t seem to be having similar problems and I do enjoy visiting on Fun Mondays … but all’s well that ends well. I suspect it’s yet another reason why my responses are later than usual for this post.

ChrisB – It’s intriguing to see how many ‘teachers’ participate in Fun Mondays. That said, I suspect we each take the path we choose in life for reasons we may not understand fully in this lifetime … and could perhaps have made other choices for different reasons as well. Perhaps you ‘teach’ in your own way all the time as is … much in the same way I’ve shared stories always?

Susan – Thanks for the positive note about Wordpress. Others have mentioned it as an option and I do consider changing from time to time, but ‘free’ is good on my budget … and there’s something to be said ‘for the devil you know’ ;--)

Hootin’ Anni – Throughout my career I found myself thinking and even sometimes saying that I loved it and ‘would do it for free’ if I had enough money to sustain myself. That said, I’m quite content (at this point in my life) to have passed the torch to others. LOL

Robocop - What a lovely comment. Thank you for honoring the career path so many of us followed. A little appreciate goes a long way.

Sue – Thanks and me too! I hope you’re getting lots don on your week’s hiatus from blogging. Fortunately there have been no further problems with Blogger since that day … almost 2 weeks ago now. I’m hopeful whatever it was is a thing of the past. (Knocking on wood … just because.)

Karisma – I’ve learned to be patient out of necessity over time. I did enjoy all of my 34 years as a teacher and the 5 years before that as I worked my way through college as a ‘playground director’ too. My life has been (and continues to be) interesting ;--)

Alison – Thanks so much. The thing is that one never knows just what ‘touches’ and/or ‘resonates with’ others … sometimes it’s the most seemingly inconsequential thing that makes a monumental difference. Fortunately I’ve learned to do my best and say a lot of prayers … letting the rest go because that's totally out of my control and perhaps even none of my business.

Sandy (of Momisodes) – I appreciate your perspective more than you know. As I mentioned in my ‘random T-13’ reflections last week, the ‘me’ I see and experience is often different from the ‘me’ you (and others) reflect back to me. I am, indeed, grateful I allowed myself to be led to enter this virtual world.

BS – Patience is essential for educators, but so is desire. You might be surprised that you have more patience than you realize.

AOJ and the Lurchers – Yez … and it’s definitely been an interesting surprise. Who knew?

Laane – Thanks for all the suggestions. If this had happened on my older XP I would have suspected and done all of the things you suggested. As it was on my NEW laptop, those things seemed much less likely … and apparently it was just a ‘glitch’ that eventually worked itself out.

Debs – I hope you love it as much as I did ;--)

Irish Coffeehouse – You’re correct in that I did live, eat, and breathe teaching … worked harder than I probably needed to most of the time. That said, I’m certainly you’re equally right in that it’s impossible to know the impact I had … but I do run into former students (and their parents) and hear stories that warm my heart … and I choose to believe the best for all.

Lisa – Yup … about half my life ;--)

Peter – Hahaha … perhaps it works BOTH ways?

Tina Coruth – There’s no compatibility issue with Vista and Firefox that I’m aware of, and I much prefer Firefox to Internet Explorer for a variety of reasons … so I continue to use it. Since that day I’ve had no similar issues, but the popup comment box isn’t wide enough for me to see the ‘slider’ on the right and I don’t seem to be able to ‘resize’ it … so I’ve had to learn some ‘tricks’ to allow me to comment on other’s blogs that use it. I’m hoping it will fix itself eventually and/or I’ll find a way to fix it myself.

Karen – Thanks for the reminder that it’s not too late … that I’ve made some progress already simply by publishing in the Blogosphere … and that you (and others) are there to support me. I appreciate you more than you know.

To all again – Thanks for visiting and leaving these comments. I appreciate your patience and hope you eventually see MY responses either here … or in your email.
Hugs and blessings,

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