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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

After a half hour or so of panic ...

... I removed the following plea for assistance entitled:
HELP ... what's going on with my blog photos?
Can YOU see my photos ... and if not ... does anyone have a clue what's going on? Is this a problem with Blogger or just my Small Reflections site? I see pictures on my other two blogs and most blogs I've visited this morning ... but I couldn't see photos at Spilling Out! I'm so confused ... and a little more than distressed about this turn of events. I'd appreciate any help you can offer.
because the photos reappeared just as mysteriously as they disappeared earlier, but I'm left wondering if anyone else experienced this 'fluke' or if it was just me?

It seems my Wednesday has gotten away from me. I did manage to visit some blogs with unread posts using Google Reader this morning (though not many HoTs posts yet) and left many comments ... so that's a good thing. I'd whittled down the unread posts there to less than 375 (from I don't know how many more than 1000 because it seems to stop counting at that point) by Monday evening, but the numbers had grown when I logged on today ... so I'm making some adjustments in which blogs I'll monitor regularly ... adding a couple of newly discovered folk, but removing a fairly significant number because I know I can't keep up any more ... especially as long as I'm taking Photoshop Classes twice a week.

I took Molly for a longish walk (after playing fetch in the front yard to wear her out first) ... met some folks who live around the block who have a lab that would like to play with Molly so that's a good thing. When I returned, my neighbor was working in her yard. I had helped her over the weekend to learn how to use 'Bridge' and the old version of Photoshop (2) that she has on her computer. Today she had some more questions about Photoshop on her Mac ... so I spent a while at her house trying to assist ...(mostly by trial & error) and succeeded in getting the old photos she had 'scanned' and copied onto a DVD (at the local Adult School Computer Lab)... first on to my 8GB flash drive and then on her 4 year old Mac (that doesn't read DVDs).

Anyway ... it's after 3pm ... and I've not posted anything yet ... so this will be short.
I found this at Tinkerbell's (who found it at Emilia's Illustrated Blog) decided to enter 'Small Reflections' to 'sloganize' ... and here are some early results:

What's In Your Small Reflections?

Small Reflections,

Take Me Away.

Try Small Reflections, You'll Like It.

Make Room for...

Small Reflections.

A Taste For Small Reflections.

Enter a word for your own slogan:

Generated by the Advertising Slogan Generator.

Get more small reflections slogans.

Which one do YOU like best for my blog?
If you decide to check it out to generate your own slogans and share, please let me know so I can visit yours too. You might also enjoy the Personality Quiz at Sacred Ruminations I posted yesterday.

Thought for Today
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." Albert Einstein


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

I'm glad the photos came back.

I like "make room for small reflections." I have a slogan that I've added to my feed, but not my blog "That's my truth." ;)

Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba) said...

I routinely "weed out" my feeds, too... I understand completely...

Sharon said...

Hi! I kind of like Make Room for Small Reflections.

Small Reflections Brighten My Day
Samll Reflections-Big Impact (or another word)

I've always loved the name Molly for a dog. Your Molly is sweet. I miss my Molly.

Betty said...

I'm glad you got your pictures back. I haven't had that problem yet. I can barely keep up with the few people I have on my blogroll. I can't imagine having as many as you have, so I can understand why you would downsize. I hope you don't discard me, but if you do then I'll understand. You have to do what you have to do.

Have a good rest of the week, Virginia.

Jules said...

I like the :Make room for..." as well.
And re: your pictures disappearing...... did you edit them or move them around?

Tink said...

I vot for "Make room for... Small Reflections" too! :-)

Ivanhoe said...

What's in your Small Reflections? is my fave.
Have a great Thursday!

storyteller said...

MPJ – I’ve noticed the slogan in my reader and think adding something to mine is something I’d like to do.

Rebecca – I’m better at ‘adding’ than ‘deleting’ things (in general), but the concept of ‘weeding feeds’ appeals to me because that’s something I do regularly as a ‘gardener’ and it has a positive effect on the state of my yard. This is a nice ‘reframe’ for me … thanks ;--)

Sharon – I appreciate the additional suggestions (‘Small Reflections Brighten My Day’ especially). I’m sorry for your loss. Methinks the ONLY problem with dogs is that they don’t live long enough.

Betty – The missing picture episode was just strange … and I’m immensely relieved they’re back. I wish I knew what caused it, but some things remain a mystery in life I guess. As for downsizing, not to worry … you’ll remain in my reader indefinitely friend ;--)

Jules – I can’t think of anything I might have done intentionally … though I did visit two sites shortly before it happened: the Slogan generator was one, and a ‘Wordle.net’ site that created visual word collages. I suppose one or the other (more likely the 2nd than the 1st) may have done something to my Java controls w/o me realizing it. I do know that the settings in Java affect the viewing of photos, though I’m not sure exactly how. I’m relieved this new laptop (or Blogger) was able to ‘fix itself’ on it’s own ;--)

Tink – Thanks again for sharing the 'slogan generator' ... Hope you’re feeling better. The flu is definitely no fun ;--(

To all – Looks like the consensus is for ‘Make room for Small Reflections.’ Thanks for your input & suggestions. I should be thinking about what to post for T-13 this morning, but I’m uninspired at the moment and am thinking I might leave for class w/o posting today. Perhaps I should have saved THIS slogan generator for T-13. Hmmmm …my mind is off and running. Maybe I can pull something together after all? Thanks for the visit and have a delightful day everyone!
Hugs and blessings,

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ivanhoe - It looks like you left your comment while I was creating these responses. I'm glad I noticed it as I 'previewed' (to proofread) so I can add my response to you here before publishing. I do like ‘What’s in Your Small Reflections?’ because it invites thought and initiates conversation. Perhaps that’s why I put it first on the list. Actually, there were others I liked (but didn’t include) in today’s post … so maybe I’ll revisit this in another post soon. Thanks for your input and for dropping by this morning. Hope you’re having a wonderful week!
Hugs and blessings,

Kahshe Cottager said...

I had a little chuckle reading the quote at the end of your post about Photoshop!

I liked all of your slogans .. but I think I would chose Make Room For Small Reflections from the list you have here.

Did you make your avatar?

Momisodes said...

Whew! What a scare. So glad they came back. I'm curious if it was a blogger glitch...

Tina Coruth said...


I still like "Small Reflections Smile Back" best!! :-)


storyteller said...

KahsheCottager – Hmm … I’m not sure which quote you’re referring to, but I’m glad to provide chuckles always. Thanks for your input. I didn’t ‘make’ this avatar … I adopted it from an email I received years ago after using it in a post at Small Reflections early on. Now that I’ve learned how to do things in PSE6, I’m thinking about either modifying it a bit or creating something new … when time permits ... just because.

Sandy C – It was a scare … and at first I thought it must be a glitch with Blogger … but with today’s computer issues, I’m wondering if it’s something in my computer. Hopefully whatever it was is ‘fixed’ now … hopefully.

Tina – That one (along with Make time for Small Reflections) seems to have gotten the most votes today. Thanks again for taking the time to share.

To all – I hope you all had a delightful day! One of the errands I ran on the way home from class was a stop at Staples where I bought myself a new comfortable office chair and I’m looking forward to it being delivered tomorrow. The one I’ve been using is almost 30 years old … and is still good, but it has a low back and no arms. I decided I spend enough time at my desk that it was time for a change. Maybe I’ll post pictures of both sometime soon? Now ... I’m headed upstairs for the night, but I’ll catch up with you all tomorrow for sure.
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

I like "Small Reflections. Take me away". Because that is how I feel whenever I visit.

storyteller said...

Vixen – Thanks for your input … and what a lovely thing to share about your experience here at Small Reflections. Hope you’re having a pleasant weekend. I’m multi-taking … in the middle of a creating a couple of posts and clearing out my email box … dealing with phone calls and Molly’s desire for attention … even did a bit of weeding a watering a little while ago. I need to FOCUS on one thing and get it done … seriously! LOL
Hugs and blessings,

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