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Thursday, July 10, 2008

T-13 #32 Seeking 'Slogan' Suggestions

13 Slogan Suggestions for Small Reflections
(from Slogan Generator shared in previous post)
From yesterday's list, the overwhelming favorite was 'Make room for Small Reflections' although Ivanhoe liked 'Take Time for Small Reflections' ... and I like them both. In today's T-13 I've shared 13 more (from the generator) ... and I'm requesting additional Slogan Suggestions and input from today's visitors. I used the 'slogan generator' this morning to yield these results. Please tell me your favorites and/or leave additional suggestions in comments ;--)

1. Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Small Reflections
2. A Small Reflection a Day Helps you Work, Rest, and Play
3. You too can have Small Reflections like mine
4. Small Reflections is What We Do
5. Small Reflections Smile Back
6. Ah ... Small Reflections
7. Small Reflections Prevent that Sinking Feeling
8. Small Reflections lead to Answers
9. If you really want to know, practice Small Reflections yourself.
10. Good to the last ... Small Reflections
11.We bring Small Reflections to Life
12. Something Special in Small Reflections
13. Small Reflections are Good for You

For easy access, I’ve listed more T-13 links along with the Thursday Thirteen Blogroll at My Blog Rolls.
Thought for Today
"Trust your hunches. They're usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level." Joyce Brothers


Irishcoda said...

Hi! Happy T-13. My favorite among your slogans is Small Reflections Smile Back. It just gives me a warm positive image and it's different. Good luck with your choice! :)

Pretty Life Online said...

Cool entry for TT! Mine's up too hopr you can drop by... Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

Just what the Loose Leaf ordered: Those are fun. I like #5 and #10. I gave it a try, as you see.

Anonymous said...

I like #5-- like irishcoda.

Happy TT!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Small Reflections lead to big things?

I don't know. I'm playing around, off the top of my head...

Kayce aka lucy said...

i like "small reflections smile back"...seems very appropriate for the mood you generate here :-)

storyteller said...

Irishcoda – I appreciate your input and thanks for sharing your reasoning and good wishes.

Pretty Life Online – Thanks … it’s not quite 3pm and I’ve only just returned from running errands after my PSE6 class, but I’m planning to visit blogs once I respond to comments here and play with Molly a bit. I’ll get there as soon as I can.

Colleen – I’m delighted you found it fun and gave it a go yourself. Seems like #5 is quite popular so far and I like it too.

Peter Plum – There appears to be some consensus for that one.

Susan – Hmm … I like that! Playing off the ‘top of your head’ seems quite cleverly productive ;--)

Lucy – You’ve got a point there ;--) I do try to generate smiles, don’t I?

To all – I’m learning so much in these twice-weekly classes … but it sure takes a HUGE bite out of my discretionary time for other things. It’s 3:00 already and I’m only just starting to check in here. Molly’s wanting to play … and my brain’s been on overload all morning as we learned to use Photoshop to make Slide Shows with Sound , fades in & out, zooms, subtitles, and a host of other things … then burned a DVD to play on the computer and/or television. We also saved it as a PDF file where not everything gets included, but I might be able to share it here … maybe. Anyway, thanks so much for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. I hope you’re all having a delightful day! If I've not been to your blog already today, I'll do my best to get there this afternoon ... or tomorrow for sure.
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

Beautifully done! Great list. Thanks for dropping by my place today.

Happy TT!

Audra Krell said...

I like the one about small reflections being something special, because after all, they are something special. : ) This was a very cool fun list!
My list is at www.audrakrell.com

DrillerAA said...

I like this list. I like the play on some well known commercials.
You could try "Better Living Through Small Reflections." Just a thought.

Mike Golch said...

great posting as always. Hugs and Blessings That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

SandyCarlson said...

No. 6 is wonderful!

Momisodes said...

I'm so excited for you :) I love these slogans. My vote goes for: Small Reflections Smile Back

That really describes you well :)

Lori said...

I like #4....it jumps out at me for some reason:) Happy TT my friend. Thanks for stopping by. I added you to my fav's, BTW.....

Tina Coruth said...


"Small Reflections smile back" is my favorite!

I hope you are having a great week!


Anonymous said...

this is a great T13, thanks!

I love
Small Reflections smile back...


Small reflections lead to answers....


like Ivanhoe,

Take time for Small Reflections...

:) Bellax

Mine's up too at

storyteller said...

To all – I dunno what happened … but as I was visiting blog sites earlier this afternoon, all of a sudden I couldn’t load anyone’s pages to read and/or comment. After trying a few things, I called Dell Tech Support about 6:30pm … sat on hold for about 35 minutes before getting connected … then spent 68 minutes ‘repairing the computer in safe mode’ with the service rep and things seem to be working again … but (alas) it’s almost 8:30pm and I’ve been up since a little before 4am so I’m T I R E D! Guess I’ll leave the visiting until tomorrow when I’m rested and can leave coherent comments.

Crazy Working Mom – It’s always a pleasure to visit and thanks ;--)

Audra Krell – Thanks … I appreciate your perspective. Hope you give the slogan generator a try yourself and let me know what happens.

DrillerAA – Methinks that’s how the ‘slogan generator’ works actually, but I like YOUR suggestion too … so thanks a bunch.

Mike – I almost skipped T-13ing today, but am glad I didn’t. Thanks for dropping by.

SandyCarlson – Let’s see … #6 is ‘Ah … Small Reflections’ isn’t it? Yup it is. Maybe I’ll adopt a few and rotate them a bit because I like this one too.

Sandy C. – You and lots of others like that one too … so it must be one to keep near the top of the list. Thanks for your input.

Lori – I always enjoy your well-considered advice! ‘Small Reflections is what we do’ does describe my purpose here doesn’t it?

Tina – Thanks! It’s been another busy week, but pleasant overall until today’s ‘Internet-related computer issues’ stopped me in my tracks. I made a wonderful Slide Show Movie with Music in my PSE6 class today (using photos from my trip to the Writer’s Retreat in Taos last summer) and it was great fun to watch and share with others. I don’t think it will work on my blog however … so I can’t share it here.

BellaMocha – Methinks your vote makes the first one a ‘consensus’ of sorts … but like you, some of the others appeal to me as well. The two additional ones you mentioned ‘resonate’ with me too ;--)

To everybody again – Thanks so much for the visit and your input. It’s good to do a ‘reality check’ like this and I appreciate you all! I’m whipped at the moment … so when I finish responding I’m turning the computer off and heading upstairs for a ‘soak’ in the tub to unwind before sleep. I promise to visit tomorrow …
Hugs and blessings,

Robin said...

I like small reflections smile back too :).

Ivanhoe said...

I'm still sticking to my "guns". Have a great weekend, Storyteller!

storyteller said...

Robin – Thanks for your input … that one DOES seem to be popular and I used it at the beginning of Friday’s post yesterday. Thanks again for the V8 recipe in this week's T-13. I'm planning to try it out once I get to the grocery store for the ingredients.

Ivanhoe – As well you should! LOL … I used the slogan YOU voted for in Friday’s post too … near the end. It’s always good to have options ;--)

I hope you’re both enjoying a wonderful weekend!
Hugs and blessings,

NicciN said...

What a great list. I am personally drawn to 5 and 6.

storyteller said...

Yertle – Thanks for your comment … drawing my attention back to the subject of ‘slogans’ … something I’d lost track of in the ‘busyness’ of the week. I appreciate your input (I like #5 and 6 too) and did experiment a bit in my next few posts, but I need to figure out how to make this ‘automatic’ with my posts because remembering to include a slogan myself isn’t working for me. Maybe I can get to that today, but I’m also behind on OSI posts. Methinks I’ve not published anything for the last 3 weeks … so I’m hoping to do that today ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

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