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Sunday, July 6, 2008

UM#13 and the Men's Wimbledon Championship

Camera Critters #13 is in yesterday's post.
I'm participating for the 13th time today.
How about you?

What comes to YOUR mind?

If you'd like to play here, copy and paste the clues in comments along with your responses ... or post on your blog and let me know so I can visit ;--)

Here are MY responses:

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Notification :: Official communication
  2. Cheat :: ers never prosper!
  3. Top Ten:: Favorites (songs, shows, blogs, tennis players, etc.)
  4. Draft :: Create ... revise ... edit ... then publish ;--)
  5. Unbelievable :: Astonishing
  6. Cheap :: Inexpensive
  7. Spontaneous :: Applause or laughter brings joy and smiles.
  8. Harass :: Annoy or hassle ... often purposefully
  9. Lipstick :: Something I carry in my purse but forget to use.
  10. Transpire :: to occur, happen, or be revealed in some way
Your turn: I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Notification ::
  2. Cheat ::
  3. Top Ten::
  4. Draft ::
  5. Unbelievable ::
  6. Cheap ::
  7. Spontaneous ::
  8. Harass ::
  9. Lipstick ::
  10. Transpire ::
Click for others 'muttering' today.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Are YOU watching too?
For the 3rd year running, Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer will battle it out on the grass at Center Court this morning ... just as soon as the rain stops.
Photo source: Yahoo Sports

Each is seeking a 'record' here and the match should be a highly competitive one ... exciting to watch.

is going for his 6th Wimbledon win in a row and Rafa his 1st ... but if Nadal emerges victorious, he'll be the first man since Borg to win the French Open and Wimbledon titles back to back.

Yesterday's Women's Championship between the Williams sisters was fun to watch, however it ended too soon. I was hoping for a 3rd set!

got off to a fine start breaking big sister early, but once Venus broke back ... there was no stopping her. They both played magnificently, but in the end ... Venus served extremely well (right into Serena's body repeatedly) and moved beautifully all over the court ... winning the match (7-5, 6-4) and the title for the 5th time!

Later in the day the sisters won the Doubles Championship together (6-2, 6-2) ... but I wasn't able to watch that match because of no television coverage here in the States. I'm hoping to see bits & pieces in today's coverage ... especially since it looks like there will be some rain delays.

Addendum at 4:35pm - It was a long, exciting match (longest in Wimbledon history actually) with a couple of 'rain delays.' Rafa won the first 2 sets (6-4, 6-4) and Roger the next 2 sets (7-6, 7-6). The 5th set continued well past 9:20pm ... but Nadal emerged victorious at 9-7. This is a Championship Match to be remembered for sure! NBC did air part of yesterday's Women's Doubles match, so I enjoyed seeing the William's sisters play well together.

Afterwards, Molly and I took a longish walk then I chatted with my 'Writers Retreat Buddy, Jan' ... so it's late and I've not done any blog visiting. I'm not sure how much energy I'll have this evening, but I'll see what I can do between now and dinner time. I hope you've all had a delightful Sunday!

Thought for Today
"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else." Judy Garland


Anonymous said...

Nice Mutterings!

Akelamalu said...

I'm watching the match right now!

Tina Coruth said...


I enjoyed your Mutterings!

Here are mine:
Notification :: You've won a million dollars! (Hope springs eternal. LOL)
Cheat :: despicable
Top Ten:: Hits!
Draft :: a letter
Unbelievable :: incredible!
Cheap :: scrooge
Spontaneous :: combustion
Harass :: Creep
Lipstick :: red in a tube
Transpire :: happen

I hope you are having a great Sunday!


Anonymous said...

I always forget the tennis thing until I get here. I'm so out of the tennis loop... ;) I do love that you love it so much.

Happy Sunday!

storyteller said...

Dave – Thanks. I’m hoping to do some visiting now that ‘tennis’ is over and Molly’s been walked.

Akelamalu – Wasn’t it an exciting one? Roger had so many opportunities to break Rafa, but just couldn’t capitalize on them. I was hoping he’d pull out the last set and make a bit more ‘history’ at Wimbledon, but Nadal played magnificently (and hungrily). He deserved the win … and there’s always NEXT year, right?

Tina – I appreciate you ‘muttering’ here in comments. I love your response to #1 especially! I actually ‘thought’ of combustion for spontaneous, but my fingers had a mind of their own (as they so often do) and typed something entirely different.

Claudia – (I’m smiling as I type this … just because). Tennis is over for a while now, so life should get back to normal. It was an amazing 5 set match … exciting to the very end with incredibly competitive tennis and unbelievable shot making from both players! Magnificent … though I wish Roger had managed to pull this one off ;--)

To all – Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your comments. I’m about to begin visiting now. Hope you’ve had a pleasant Sunday.
Hugs and blessings,

ShannonW said...

Great mutterings! I am not watching this year..not really into tennis.

Anonymous said...

Like the honesty about the lipstick muttering. ;-)
Didn't watch Wimbledon but watched Tour de France instead, more for the scenery then the rally though.

Ivanhoe said...

What a game! I watched just last two sets, but these guys made it already to Classic ESPN. What a accomplishment!

storyteller said...

Shannon – Thanks … and it’s okay not to be ‘into tennis’ … I’m not into ANY other sports until the Olympics and then I do watch some of the events, but not all.

JC – It is what it is. I always used to say, I put lipstick on in the morning before I left the house … but now that I’m retired, I don’t even do that consistently any more. I do use Chapstick and/or Blistex however to keep my lips moisturized.

Ivanhoe – It was an amazing match … from beginning to end. I’m glad you got to see at least some of it ;--)

I appreciate all three of you stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Hope you had a wonderful weekend and are having a marvelous Monday now.
Hugs and blessings,

NicciN said...

I thought of you when I heard about the match. It sounds like it was some great tennis.

I love the word Astonishing.

storyteller said...

Yertle – It was ASTONISHING tennis actually! They both played magnificently with only a couple of points separating them throughout the match. Things looked bad for Roger when Rafa took the first two sets, but what fun to watch Federer fight back to level the match by winning the next two sets … leaving it to a 5th and causing the match to break the record for the longest men’s final at Wimbledon held by McEnroe and either Connors or Borg (I forget which at the moment but I watched both of those matches way back when tennis on grass was all serve and volley). Thanks for thinking of me and letting me know ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

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