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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Salutations, Silliness, and a Surprise

"I think I've discovered the secret of life --
you just hang around until you get used to it."
Charles M. Schulz

It's a glorious sunny day in Southern California and lots of folks have taken a Sunday drive to the ocean so there are people everywhere. Molly and I have walked already and she's played fetch with me (and several friendly neighbors) plus she's romped with a couple of her fur-friends ... so she's a happy pooch, especially since she knows it's almost time for her late afternoon meal. She'll be bugging me in about a half hour, if not before. A dog's life is pretty simple and hers is a good one indeed. Apparently mine is too, albeit less than exciting ... according to this Blogthing.

Your Life is Rated PG

Your life is pretty family friendly. The worse someone is going to get from you is brief nudity or toilet humor.

In chatting with my neighbors, I learned that J's company may be sold and he might be transferred to a branch in New York or Dallas. I'm hoping that doesn't happen because I'd miss them if they moved. Of course, they're hoping they don't have to leave the area either ... but no matter what, they don't plan to sell their house here. I suppose that means I could be living between TWO "vacation rentals" at some point.

I started writing this at about 3:30, however a friend called as I was creating this post to "check in" and remind me that tomorrow is Retired Ladies Lunch, and we talked for almost an hour. She and her husband have been planning a "room remodel" of the master bedroom & bath and work begins tomorrow, so I'm invited over in the late afternoon to see the demolition. That could be interesting since I'm thinking about having my master bathroom redone sooner or later.

A couple of my Red Hat sisters are planning to take a 10 day Mediterranean cruise next Fall. If I decide to join them, I'd either need to put the "remodel" on hold or come into a financial windfall soon like yesterday's fortune cookie promised.

Both Molly and Ms. Kitty have eaten and I'm beginning to think about dinner too, although I don't know where the day has gone! I did some reading, checked a few blogs (though I'm way behind in that department and hope to catch up soon), and spent a bit of time trying to deal with MSN regarding my "Email Woes" (but gave up fairly quickly so as not to spoil my day).

Sandy of Momisodes recently passed this Spread the Love Award along (that she received from Baby-Amore), and I'd like to share it with those who visit here and share their thoughts. Please feel free to pass it along to others who support and encourage you at your blog too.

Thought for Today

"All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them." Walt Disney


Momisodes said...

HAHA! I've never seen this one before. My life is PG-13 ;) Not totally scandalous.

Demolition is so much fun! It's the clean up and work that follows that isn't always so exciting :(

That quote from Disney is one of my favorites. Thanks for passing on the award :)

Eve said...

I also have a PG life. It sounds as though you have had a good day. I hope you don't lose your good neighbors. I agree with Sandy. Demolition is fun, but I don't like the aftermath.

Karen said...

I'm PG-13--it'd be higher, but I'm a private person. ;)

I'm a bit jealous of your weather--the wind chill factor is bringing Maryland's temps down into the single digits. I've given up the idea of a morning walk (and to think, me a Michigander!)

That's a hard choice--a Mediterrean cruise or a "new" bedroom. My instinct would be for the experience, though--it sounds like such fun!

I hope you had a fab day!

storyteller said...

Thanks to all of you for stopping by, playing along and leaving your comments. Somehow I’m not surprised at our relatively tame life ratings :--)
I had a lovely time with the retired gals. We always meet at 11:30 and usually go our separate ways around 1:00, but yesterday most of us remained after lunch and visited until almost 2:00 catching up. Afterwards I ran a couple of errands, stopped by home to feed Molly and Ms. Kitty, then connected up at C’s house to see the “progress” … enjoying tea and sliced apples while visiting some more. I didn’t get home until after 6PM so I didn’t add anything more to this post after all.

Sandy – I’m happy to share the award with others and appreciate you passing it along in the first place. I need to rearrange my sidebar and perhaps create a special page for “bling” sometime soon.

Eve – I’m hoping I don’t lose these neighbors either. They moved in about 18 months ago and did lots of upgrading inside their house … so I suspect they’re not happy about the prospect of renting it out, but life often presents challenges we don’t necessarily appreciate at the time. I’m holding positive thoughts for them being able to stay.

Karen – I’m sorry about your weather. I talked to Jan on Sunday and she said the wind-chill in Minnesota had temps well below zero there. It’s hard for me to fathom when our weather has heated up all of a sudden to the 70s. I’m thinking of taking Molly to Dog Beach today. I could use the exercise and she could use a bath.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful week.
Hugs and blessings,

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