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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tuesday - Thanks, Thoughts, Talk, and a Tag on a Wednesday (Guess I had a Senior Moment?)

Joy surprised me this morning with this lovely award
and some delightfully kind words at Joy of Six
I am most humbly grateful and

Yesterday at the Dream Life, LoriLyn shared Early Morning Buddhist Inspiration
from the Big Happy Buddha, and today I share the following quote with you from the same source.

"All People and things are interdependent. The world has become so small that no nation can solve its problems alone, in isolation from others. That is why I believe we must all cultivate a sense of responsibility based on love and compassion for each other." Tenzin Gyatso

For a few weeks now, I've found myself rethinking my online activities as I try to balance my life in the real world with the "virtual" one of the Blogosphere. In the last couple of days, I've reorganized my sidebar so that Small Reflections and Sacred Ruminations look more like they did when I started ... before I serendipitously added NaBloPoMo and Blog 365 badges, Holiday Decorations, and my Award collection.

In addition, I've updated the "About Me" section (located in my sidebar just below the "giraffe" in Taos, NM photo) to reflect my current status as a blogger and I've added "links" to posts that provide information for new visitors about who I am and what my blogging is about. Doing this is helping me refocus my priorities and intent, though I suspect things will be in flux for a while and I continue to think things through and experiment with possibilities.

Yesterday I was tagged by Jientje for a simple book-related meme that's sweeping the Blogosphere like a virus. It reminded me of similar, but slightly different Meme with No Tagging Necessary (definitely MY kind of meme but not necessarily for everyone) that I saw a couple of weeks ago, so I'm taking liberties (as I so often do because following arbitrary rules goes against the grain these days) changing the rules a bit today.

Call me perverse, but I'd rather see your responses in comments here. If you'd like to be "tagged" to do something similar on your blog, consider that done ... and if you let me know with a link back here, I'll be happy to visit and participate on your sites too.

1. Go to the current book you're reading.
2. Go to Page 161.
3. Locate 5th sentence, then copy the next 3 sentences into comments below.
4. Tell what book it's from and (if you wish) add whatever information you feel is relevant for context.

So ... here's my excerpt taken from Chapter 9 (on transforming your "personal"story) in THE VOICE OF KNOWLEDGE by Don Miguel Ruiz with Janet Mills:
"And the faith you invested in that belief is stronger than the faith you have available to change that belief. That is why it's important to practice recovering your faith with little beliefs. Then you can go for the stronger beliefs.

I know you've got a book somewhere,
so open it up and share.
It could be fun!


Momisodes said...

I love Don Miguel Ruiz! That excerpt was great on it's own. Mine from my meme post yesterday was so out of left field. I'll have to see your About page. I'm suffering with balancing my life and virtual life as well....hopefully by the end of Blog365 we'll come up with something :)

Mary said...

My dear friend, it's been a while since I was able to visit you and I apologize for that. I do hope you have been well.

I enjoyed your post considerably, especially the quote from the book you're reading.


Joy Des Jardins said...

I really am very grateful to you Virginia...you are a gem.

Karen said...

This was difficult in that, as usual, I'm reading about half a dozen things right now. But this is the one resonating at this moment:

"My friend had had been sexually abused as a child and until that moment, when his lover knelt before him as though in worship and slowly disrobed him to reveal his nakedness, he had never experienced his body as something deserving of reverence. All of us forget that our bodies deserve our esteemed regard and instead treat them like indentured servants. Shut up, we tell our lower backs which ache due to sitting longer hours than humans were designed to do."

From "A big new free happy unusual life" by Nina Wise.

storyteller said...

Ohmygosh! I just changed the title of this “Wednesday” post when I realized I’d given it a Tuesday Title while chatting with my sister on the cell phone a little while ago as I ran errands. I’m not sure how I ended up thinking yesterday was Tuesday when I published this post … but I do know it was Wednesday all day …(after the fact). LOL

Sandy – Me too! I have all his books and return to them frequently. I’m the opposite of you with books EVERYWHERE! I’m usually reading several at a time and whip through them quickly, but one of the things I’d been neglecting the last few months IS my regular reading time … and now that I’m making that a priority, I have less blogging time available.

Mary – I’ve been well thanks, but remiss with my blog visits too. Recently I’ve gotten together more often with friends, I’m reading more again and taking longer walks with Molly, visiting with neighbors, getting my hair permed, gardening, etc. In addition, I’ve been rethinking how to manage two blogs and real life … because I'm finding the balancing act more challenging that at first. Hopefully I'll figure out some way to balance it all sometime soon.

Joy – Ah shucks … [blushing] … thanks so much!

Karen – Ah … at last … a reader who’s willing to play along with the tag and share. Thanks!!! (You read like I do … lots of books at the same time). I’m not familiar with Nina Wise but this excerpt tweaks my interest. It DOES seem to fit today’s T-13 topic!

Thanks to all for you for visiting, taking time to comment, and taking my "day-of-the-week error in stride. I appreciate each of your responses.
Hugs and blessings,

Jientje said...

Sorry I tagged you! I'll never do that again!

storyteller said...

Jientje - No apology is necessary. Most bloggers doing the 365 thing would be happy to be tagged, and I did play along ... sort of. I genuinely hope I didn't offend you, because I certainly didn't intend to do so. If you look back you’ll see I wrote much the same thing about Sandy and Mama Zen tagging me when I did my first Hybrid-Haiku posts. I’m just a “stick in the mud” when it comes to fads. Rest assured that I value you as a blogging friend and love to have you visit. I also enjoy the lovely photos you post and the stories you tell. Please forgive me if I wrote anything that made you uncomfortable.
Hugs and blessings,

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