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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #14 - Oronyms

Twelve Oronyms and a Challenge

Oronyms are sentences that can be read in two ways with the same sound. To inspire you to create & share one of your own, here are a dozen from The Joy of Lex by Gyles Brandreth.

1. The stuffy nose can lead to problems. The stuff he knows can lead to problems.

2. Where is the spice center? Where is the spy center?

3. Are you aware of the words you have just uttered? Are you aware of the words you have just stuttered?

4. That's the biggest hurdle I've ever seen! That's the biggest turtle I've ever seen!

5. I'm taking a nice cold shower. I'm taking an ice cold shower.

6. He would kill Hamlet for that reason. He would kill Hamlet for that treason.

7, You'd be surprised to see a mint spy in your bank. You'd be surprised to see a mince pie in your bank.

8. Some other I've seen .... (or) Some mothers I've seen ...

9. Reading in the library is sometimes allowed. Reading in the library is sometimes aloud.

10. A politician's fate often hangs in a delegate balance. A politician's fate often hangs in a delicate balance.

11. White shoes: the trademark of Pat Boone. Why choose the trademark of Pat Boone?

12. The secretariat's sphere of competence. The secretariat's fear of competence.

13. Sooooo ... what's yours going to be? Please share in comments below and snag a copy of the award below for your trouble.

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Thought for Today
"Only the mediocre are always at their best." Chinese Proverb

I offer this award to all who participate in my challenge
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while acknowledging my gratitude to
MPJ of A Room of Mama's Own
who gave it to me in January.


Di said...

This is a bizarre one, but last week my Best Friend and I were driving four teen girls to a weekend getaway. My daughter Haley was in the way back. Amy and I were talking about books and I said, "Remember Alias Grace?" Haley's friend said, "What did you say about Haley?" We were puzzled and she said,"I thought you said 'Haley's a racist.'"


Alias Grace
Haley's a racist

Hootin Anni said...

I can't tell you any that's not already been done. I can tell you that snot already been done? No? Well, I tried.

For the message in a bottle graphic on my blog, you have to shut off your javascript in your browser's options, and then right click.

j said...

Oh it's early and this made me think. Ow my achin' head - LOL.

These were so cool. I'm going to show them to the kiddos this afternoon when they come home from school. Jennifer

Hootin Anni said...

Yes...yes!!! You'll want to turn it back on [your javascript] for your browser. Some things [many things] including posting in your personal blog...won't work without having javascript enabled again. so, when you're done 'copying' a graphic without the j-script --when you're done....turn it back on to 'enabled'.

Anonymous said...

I have a former brother inlaw named Mark Copus. He informed me how hard it was to say his own name because it came out sounding like Ma Copus (we're from Boston and do not pronounce the R.) So I paid attention when I named my sons. I wanted to name one Luke Copus but knew it would sound like Lou.

These are fun. All I can think of is djyet? We used to say it growing up for "Did you eat yet?" The predecessor to text talk?

Anonymous said...

Such an interesting way to see and understand phrases...

And, thanks for stopping by and your kind words...


storyteller said...

Di – Thanks for sharing the conversation and being the 1st brave soul to leave a comment today. It’s perfect!!! I enjoyed my visit to your blog a few minutes ago and forgot to mention in my comment what a neat dog you have! Molly would love to play.

Hootin’Anni – Hahahha! Well done indeed. LOL
Thanks so much for the tip about Java … I had no idea it was ‘on’ … I learned how to turn it off by trial and error (my usual mode of experimentation) and now have your lovely T-13 headers ready to use in the future so thanks for everything! I'm most grateful you followed up to let me know I should turn it back on and I’ve done so ;--)

Jennifer – It’s okay … I appreciate you leaving a comment anyway and I hope your kiddos enjoy these. I suspect they’ll come up with some excellent examples on their own … so feel free to return and share later.

Colleen – What a fun story! I’ve enjoyed ‘interactive’ T-13s when I’ve encountered them previously and decided to give one a try today. I suspect fewer people might stop to comment, but the comments that do get left will be most interesting.

Write at home mom – Visiting your blog was my pleasure and thanks for following the link back here. I do hope you’re feeling better and that things calm down a bit in your life.

I appreciate each of you taking the time to share your thoughts and hope you’re having a delightful Thursday!
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

Not only did they make me laugh but I read them to my hubby over the phone and he was laughing too!! Happy TT!

SandyCarlson said...

Oh, those were fun. What a great teaching tool, too. I had this experience with kids yesterday, The word was raise or race!

Gattina said...

That was too funny, lol ! It sometimes also happens when somebody doesn't hear very well and just invents some same sounding words.

Open Grove Claudia said...

This are wonderful. Gosh, they are so creative and thoughtful at the same time. And true! You always inspire me Storyteller! :)

I do love that quote - it's one of my favorites.

Happy TT!

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

I thought I recognized that sign! ;)

All I can think of for this sentence challenge are misheard rock lyrics. Excuse me while I kiss this guy/the sky... (I think there was a book with that title -- Excuse Me while I Kiss this Guy.)

Greatfullivin said...

Ok I am going to give it a try....Is it Ketchup or catsup?...Is it catch up or cats up? These are really good. Very Creative! Thanks for sharing them...(((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

That was great! My brain is not in creative mode yet to come up with my own..
Have a wonderful day!!

Chelle Y. said...

This is crazy. I have never seen this before. Unfortunately, I am not creative enough to do this.

Eve said...

My mother had a favorite that she used to trot out for us. "Look, Pa, in the road ahead." or Look,Pa! In the road - a head."

Momisodes said...

I've never heard of Oronyms before! This is very cool :)

LOL at "You'd be surprised to see a mince pie in your bank."

storyteller said...

Kat – I’m happy to have shared laughter with you and your husband today!

Sandy Carlson – I’m glad you thought so and that’s a perfect example! I used to share things like this in my classroom and always enjoyed what my students came up with.

Gattina – Yes, that’s quite true!

Claudia – I appreciate your kind words and am delighted you found these creatively fun.

MPJ – Hahahaha! You should (and you’ll notice I gave you full credit). With some recent tips from Hootin’ Anni, I’ll be creating awards of my own very soon. Seriously!!! (I’m very excited about this new ability I’m developing in case you can't tell). Ah … that’s a good one all right!!! So … YOU can take your choice of awards from the archive you recently discovered with my blessing).

Greatfullivin – Thanks for playing along. I love the way our minds work when we approach tasks like this playfully. (I appreciate the hugs!!!)

Ellen – ‘Tis quite all right. I’m happy you stopped by and let me know you enjoyed my T-13.

Chelle – Ah … you might be surprised what pops into your mind later, but thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Eve – That’s funny! I hope you’re feeling better.

Sandy – We old teachers have lots of tricks up our sleeves. LOL Keeping kids busy on rainy days kept me looking for unusual ideas to use in the classroom and some of them come back at the strangest times.

What fun to find all your comments as I return from my T-13ing to check email and respond. I hope you’re all having a wonderful day.
Hugs and blessings,

pussreboots said...

Ow my head. Happy TT.

Unknown said...

Darn it. I can't think of any. But knowing me, I'll think about it until I get one and then come back! And thx for offering up the gift - so thoughtful of you.

Tina Coruth said...


I never heard of this before. What fun!! Here is my feeble attempt.

This stone fell with a great thud. This tone fell with a great thud.

I'll have to play this with my grandchildren. I think they would enjoy it and maybe I would get better at it. LOL

Thank you!


TorAa said...

I love Oronyms and word playing. But since my native language is Norwegian, mine would have meaning for a very few people around.

PS. This is a great TT

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I've never heard of those before! What rock have I been living under?

As for the bands at my blog this week... you haven't heard of them because I made them all up. But by now, I'd hope you recognize ShapeShifter and Deadly Metal Hatchet!

storyteller said...

Pussreboots – Heheheh … sorry to give you a headache! It seemed like a fun thing to post this morning.

Chuck – Not to worry … when something strikes you feel free to return and share (or not). No pressure … ever! I hope you snagged the gift. I do appreciate all my readers … especially when they take the time to leave a comment of any kind.

Tina – Oh that’s a great one! I hope your grandchildren enjoy the activity. I loved doing this kind of things with students … especially on rainy days when everyone was ‘bored’ and I needed to occupy their minds to save my sanity.

TorAa – I’m most impressed with your English. My ‘ex’ was Norweigan (from Minnesota however so he didn’t speak the language but he did make ‘lefsa’ that we all enjoyed). Thanks for visiting.

Susan – No bigger rock than me. Of course I recognize ShapeShifter and Deadly Metal Hatchet now that I’m not trying to place them in the ‘real’ world. Duh! Thanks for making me feel better. Each week I learn a bit more about your ‘friends’ and feel less lost.

I appreciate you all sharing your thoughts today and hope you’re having a delightful Thursday!
Hugs and blessings,

Kaige said...

Those are awesome! Thanks for sharing, I've got a couple people to show these two.

Happy TT!
Mine's up at:

Karen said...

I'm reading this too late in the day (less than two hours 'til bedtime)--this requires thinking!

PJ said...

Oronyms!! How would I know you're an English teacher??? (Ok. retired!) I love them! And thanks for dropping by with encouraging remarks...And, I did go look at your flower pictures just to feast my eyes...anything but this white stuff...which we're supposed to get more of tonight. If I come up with Oronyms, I'll come back!

Lori said...

LMAO...those were great. Loved your list. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by:)

storyteller said...

Kaige – I’m glad you think so and I hope your friends enjoy them too. I’ll check yours tomorrow or over the weekend. Thanks for leaving the link.

Karen – It’s okay … you’re excused for this assignment. LOL
I just returned from Book Club and can’t believe I’m responding to comments at 7:30 in the evening (given the early start I get in the mornings), but the computer’s on and I’m fully awake for the moment at least … so here I am … typing away.

PJ – Yup! I’m a happily retired teacher of English and other subjects. I left a comment on your blog earlier with more details.

Lori – Thanks for returning the visit. I’m glad you enjoyed them.

I’m happy to find your comments this evening.
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

I love this! I have to take some time to come with one though! ;-)

Jientje said...

Lovely TT! Thanks, I never heard of them before too!

storyteller said...

Grace – When you do … feel free to add it to comment, and if you don’t … well that’s fine too.

Jientje – Thank you … I’m happy to share something new.

I appreciate you both stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs and blessings,

Unknown said...

i worked on this. i did. i layed in bed last night and said sentences in my head and none of them worked. all i could think of is "it's not vs. it's snot" *LOL*

storyteller said...

Chuck – Ah … Hootin’ Anni’s answer contaminated your thoughts, eh? I’m sorry this task kept you awake and I hope it didn’t interfere with your dreams. So … do you get to eat today? And, if so … what? Perhaps once you put some fuel in your body your brain will work more efficiently again? I hope you have a wonderful weekend my new blogging friend! I’ll be off playing with my Red Hat ‘sisters’ today.
Hugs and blessings,

anthonynorth said...

Now that was clever. Loved it.

Thirteen Places I'd Like To Be

storyteller said...

Anthony – I’m happy you think so! Thanks for the comment and the link. I’m off to check out your T-13 right now.
Hugs and blessings,

Unknown said...

I know there's no pressure - not from you!! But, I couldn't help do what I could to participate. The snot thing came to me just out of the blue. I guess I should go back in and read Hootin' Anni's to see what you're talking about...

No food till Wednesday :( Drinking OJ now. Yes. Fuel would be nice. Maybe I'll return. Who knows. *Hugs* and blessings too back atcha :)

storyteller said...

Chuck – There’s something to be said for synchronicity! It’s quite possible you didn’t see Hootin’ Anni’s comment but your thoughts may run in similar paths. Hang in there … I’m sending supportive thoughts your way as you finish your fast.
Hugs and blessings,

Tink said...

I love those kind of language things!
Thanks for visiting my TT trees slideshow.

storyteller said...

Tink – I’m glad you enjoy them … me too ;--)
I loved you're tree slideshow! Thanks for the belated T-13 visit!
Hugs and blessings,

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