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Friday, August 22, 2008

HF#67 - Still Olympics Obsessed

Make Time for Small Reflections
First the women ... then
Rogers & Dalhausser take
Olympic Gold for

the United States
in Beach Volleyball ... Hooray
for the USA!
All photos found on the Internet this morning
after last night's historic match and collaged by myself with Photoshop Elements

Disappointment in
mens and womens relay teams
dropping the baton

now disqualified
will not make the 'final' race ...
and the USA

women's softball team
undefeated until now ...
lost Gold Medal match!

Japan claims the Gold
final year 'softball' will be
in the Olympics.

Cleats left on the field
honoring 'traditions' past ...
might this 'loss' fuel the

move to reinstate
softball in the Olympics?
Only time will tell.

Now it seems there is

evidence that not all the
Chinese gymnasts aren't

sixteen after all.
Certainly not how to end
Beijing Olympics.

I'm watching last night's
USA-Russian match in
team volleyball ... 3rd

set the Russian team
battling back from two sets
down to USA

hoping to reach the
final round against Brazil ...
up now 15-12.

Addendum: This proved to be an exciting match ... for the Russians took that 3rd set and the 4th ... pushing it to a 5th 'tie-break' set that was very close to the very end, but the American's pulled out a win and will play Brazil for the Gold Medal in the next round while the Russians play for Bronze.

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Mike Golch said...

Sorry for not visiting for a while.

I hope that you ar haveing a great day. Hugs and Blessings.Mike G. said that!(It's an A.A.thing of mine)

Tink said...

I love watching the Olympics too!

I like the new headers very much. :)

Unknown said...

I love all your collages. :) Really, you should design albums. :)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the women's volleyball final too! I was so disappointed about the relays though.

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend.

storyteller said...

Mike, Tink, Lisa, and Vixen,
Thanks for dropping by Small Reflections today. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one watching the Olympics … experiencing the ups and downs along with the athletes each day. I’ll be relieved (if a bit sad) when it’s all over … but there are a couple of final tennis tournaments happening this week leading up to the US Open and my PSE6 classes begin next Tuesday … so I guess I’ll still be busier than ever for a while longer. I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I’ll do my best to drop by for a visit as time permits over the next couple of days.
Hugs and blessings,

Betty said...

Thanks for the update on the Olympics. I really have not been watcing it, so it's nice to know who's winning and who's losing.

Have a good weekend.

Akelamalu said...

I've really enjoyed these Olympics because Team GB have done so well - usually we're last at everything!

storyteller said...

Betty – I’m glad to fill you in on some of the results … though you do realize I’m not watching ALL events or I’d really be ‘bonkers’ by now ;--)

Akelamalu – Great Britain HAS had some excellent results … and that young 14 year old diver is amazing to watch.

I hope you're both having a lovely weekend. I’m exhausted and ready for the Olympics to end so I can catch up on some sleep … though I notice a few 'final tennis’ matches recorded on my DVR signaling the beginning of the US Open next week so it will be challenging to watch those since my PSE6 class starts next Tuesday. It’s always something, right? LOL
Hugs and blessings,

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