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Duck photo source: Lisa's Chaos
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Monday, August 3, 2009

Mosaic of Yellows, Reds, and Blues too

Make Time for Small Reflections

Weekend in Review ...
reds, yellows, and blues abound
Monday Mosaic ;--)

Click to embiggen for better viewing
... and for others participating in
Mellow Yellow, Ruby Tuesday,
Mosaic Monday and Midweek Blues.

Click for another Mosaic Monday left earlier at Sacred Ruminations.
Small Reflections ... Smile Back

Thought for Today
"Genius is the ability to put into effect what is in your mind."
F. Scott Fitzgerald


Tumblewords: said...

This sparkles! Love the images!

Felisol said...

Your photos are shining like a rainbow.
So many different themes.
The parrot's got them all in one.
From Fleisol

Ralph said...

Gotta love Ruby's Diner. The gumball machine that looks like a 1930s gasoline pump is great! Birds, Beetles and ruby flower buds. eclectic and eye catching!

Jim said...

Very pretty, S.T. I do think your dad spoiled you.
See you on my other blog soon for MidWeek Blues. You did good with both for this one. Too bad my truck wasn't blue. But the one I drove to school was black too.

Jeanne said...

Love it! What a fun mosaic!

GranthamLynn said...

Oh how fun. I love the red. I just started the Monday Mosaic. I love it. Thanks for visiting me today.
Have a great week.

Patti said...

Wonderfully eye-catching mosaic. I have no clue how to make one.

Ruby's Diner is just perfect for our Ruby Tuesday fun!

Happy RT. ;~)

Stacie said...

Loved your Mosaics.

Dora said...

Ruby Diner really suit the RT meme. Happy RT!

Stir-Fried and not Shaken

sunnymama said...

That's a great collection of reds, yellows and blues :)

Joyce said...

Hello, dear Storyteller! Your colorful mosaic is so cheering! Thank you for stopping by my blog for a little visit today!

Ellie said...

It is 5 o'clock somewhere :) Love that attitude. Perfect excuse to do what you want to do at any time - it is a right time somewhere :)

CyberCelt said...

Stopped by for C&C Monday. I like this Monday Mosaic, too. I saw the other yesterday, I think.

diane b said...

Very colourful. I like the quote of the day too.

Kathy W said...

What great shots. Love the photo of the dog. =)

Hootin' Anni said...

I really like the very first photo in the collage...looks like an old 'gas pump'

My RT is posted. And just above is a unscientific poll you may want to cast your 'vote'. Happy Tuesday.

Suburban Girl said...

Love the top 3 of your collage..such an old time feel.

Thanks for posting at Midweek Blues...I reposted your entry for this week and decided to put each week up on Monday since I get people looking for it then. I will date them also to further help.

Dianne said...

the images are all exciting and beautiful
my favorite is the dog
what a great portrait

DeniseinVA said...

A great collection of photographs. Loved all of them.

Miranda said...

What a lovely vibrant mosaic!

amanda said...

Another great collage.... the Ruby's diner shots are terrific very nostalgic!

Carol said...

Looks like a great weekend! Fabulous mosaic, so much fun!

Jim said...

Hey S.T, now I can tell you that your blues are really neat. For MidWeek Blues I'm thinking your parot in the ad is my fave.
I do wonder what kind of lessong are free. It isn't the lunch, "there is no free lunch."

Mine is on the P and P Place blog.

Inday said...

I love your ability to multitask memes. Everything for the price of ONE! :)

Carletta said...

A wonderful collage but I LOVE the ruby's restaurant images! Those are really cool.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

yellow reflections
bits and pieces here and there
golden memories

My Mellow Yellow Shots

Ebie said...

I love this colorful mosaic. The reds in Ruby's diner is very attractive! A great flashback!

Eaton Bennett aka Berenice Albrecht said...

Great collage, I adore the Ruby restaurant pics...they are truly gorgeous. :)

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