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Thursday, August 20, 2009

June Gloom in August - Is it Summer Yet?

Make Time for Small Reflections

Hard to believe ... Fall
just around the corner when
we've not had summer!

Early morning clouds
like we see in June rather
than in late August.

At least skies clear up
in the afternoon bringing
colorful sunsets.

Click to embiggen for better viewing and for others participating in
Looking at the Sky and Haiku Friday

Small Reflections ... Smile Back

Thought for Today
"People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy." Anton Chekhov


Janice said...

I love that you combine the 2 Friday memes. Love the Chekhov quote too! I'd add that I don't think people would complain about rain if they were happy. August heat, though -- I'm happy but I still complain, lol!

Anna said...

I agree - we haven't even had summer yet. This has been the coolest summer. I love the clouds, though!

EG CameraGirl said...

I guess it has been a cool summer in many places. Summer arrived here a few days ago and was very hot and humid. Unfortunately, tornadoes came with the summery weather. Tornadoes are very rare in Ontario...but not this year. Crazy weather!

DrillerAA09 said...

Very nice collection of sky photos.
Thanks for stopping by Driller's Place.

Ralph said...

The oceanic currents and clouds look unique over the palms. I suppose that paradise can't be sunny all the time!

Sara Diana said...

Great reflection of our none summer too xx

Stacie said...

I agree the weather has been so wacky we really haven't had much of a warm summer. I am ready for fall though. Great pictures.

Lisa said...

These are awesome -- pics and haikus -- but especially the combination of the two! We haven't really had summer here in Colorado, either! Makes me wonder what's in store for fall and winter...

Calico Crazy said...

Lovely cloud captures! They are like giant blankets in the sky.

Dianne said...

the larger shot on the left is great!!
I love that bold V line of light

we are having awful hot and humid, with endless sudden violent storms

Carolyn Ford said...

I love your mosaics! What program do you use to create them? Beautiful photographs!

Linda said...

Beautiful pictures!

We've had a heat wave for the past week so we've had the worst of summer but very little of the good parts of it. I sure hope that Fall isn't all fouled up as that's my very favorite season.

Euroangel said...

yesterday was the hottest day in Germany..i even got headache after having fun under the sun..happy to visit this site again...have a great and blessed weekend!

Unknown said...

Beautiful skies. Not sure I agree with the thought for the day though. When it gets hot enough we notice no matter how happy we are :) I'm ready for rain.

Unknown said...

Ms Kitty is a beauty. I used to have an all white cate named Mr.Kitty can you imagine the pair that they would have made. :-)
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