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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings #1 and More Poetry

I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Silence :: is Golden (although occasionally over-rated)
  2. Wall :: Hanging (as in macrame and/or paintings)
  3. Killed :: in action
  4. Wishful :: Thinking
  5. Poodle :: Savant (a lovely 'Apricot Standard' I had the pleasure of knowing)
  6. Sullen :: Moody
  7. Do not disturb :: Me when I'm reading (and/or writing)
  8. Philadelphia :: Brotherly Love
  9. Anticipation :: Carly Simon (singing this song)
  10. Sidewalk :: Sale (a common site in my beach community)
My 1st time playing today
And now a little bit of ...
since April is National Poetry Month

It's a gorgeous 'beach day' in my
town today with the
temp'ratures mid-80s early
and soon there will be
no place left to park upon our
streets ... and possibly
parties will keep everyone a-
wake tonight. We'll see ;--)

I am reading a Baldacci
book that beckons me
though I spent my time this morning
commenting on the
One Single Impression posts for
last weeks' poetry
prompt ... they were amazing! You might
click the link and see ;--)

Thought for Today

"The human mind is the last great, unexplored continent on earth." Earl Nightingale


Karen said...

What a fun entry! Enjoy your good weather--and I hope you get sleep!

Phyl said...

Got some linky-love for you, Girlfriend:). Come and get it:


Momisodes said...

Very cool I say you think post! I've never seen that before.

I am sorry to hear about the inlanders herding to the beach. I remember that happening in San Diego as well. Hope there is some peace and quiet there for you tonight!

RW said...

Great post ST! And hey I know I have put off the star wishing meme sorry!! I been tagged by others for that to, I hope you don't banish me to a dungeon to!
Hope you had a awesome weekend!!:D

Anonymous said...

You said: Do not disturb :: Me when I'm reading (and/or writing)

My sentiments exactly. :D

storyteller said...

Karen – Thanks! I thought it was fun and am happy you enjoyed it too. The weather was glorious and we’re in for more of the same today. It’s ‘Retired Gals’ lunch so I’ll be connecting with friends in the real world later on.

Phyl – How cool! … I’ll be over later to see what’s there. I enjoyed passing along the ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ award at Sacred Ruminations … and plan to share it here soon (though I’m not sure just when).

Sandy – I’m mildly surprised it’s new to you because I’ve seen these ‘Unconscious Mutterings’ for months now all over the Web. I only just discovered ‘the source’ and decided to give it a go this weekend. The parties ended around midnight … so I did get some sleep thanks ;--)

Roger – Thanks! Not to worry … I don’t ‘banish’ nor judge anyone for memes ‘delayed’ and/or ‘ignored’ because I’ve got a folder filled with such things myself … that I may (or may not) get around to someday.

Feithy – Thanks for the comment and the link back to your blog. It’s nice to meet a ‘kindred spirit’ as it were.

What a pleasant surprise to find your comments this morning here. I appreciate you visiting and hope you have a delightful day!
Hugs and blessings,

Eve said...

I enjoy the unconscious mutterings. Hope you'll play again. And your poem is delightful. I'd like to come visit your beach, but I don't like crowds. Hope they leave you with some peace occasionally.

ShannonW said...

A teacher I had in middle school loved saying "Silence is Golden!"

Great post.

Jenn said...

great responses! And I do love #7 :)
(thx for stopping by if the spirits move me - I'm logged into Blogger with Quarter Rest, that I'm taking a little rest from. daily got to be too much!)

Jenn said...

oops, this time I'll check the box!

storyteller said...

Eve – I had fun ‘playing’ this week and once I figured out where to find others participating I enjoyed seeing what others did with the prompt. I suspect I’ll play again ;--)

Shannon – Heheh … I’m a ‘happily retired’ teacher (spent about a decade of my 34 'classroom' years working with Middle School kids) … but I don’t think I ever said that aloud to any of my students ;--)

Jenn – Thanks! I’m glad you returned to check the little box. I’m delighted I finally figured out where the ‘current’ links were so I found you and others. I understand the need for ‘rest’ … and have done the same thing on my other blog. Instead of posting there daily, I post about 3 times per week … usually for Haiku Friday, Sacred Life Sunday, and One Single Impression … but I do post here at Small Reflections daily … at least for the time being ;--)

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Wednesday. I appreciate you visiting and leaving a comment.
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

Welcome to UM. You did get quite different answers than me. Have a wonderful day.

storyteller said...

Vixen – Thanks. I had fun coming up with the answers myself and then seeing what others did with them … once I figured out how to find those who played. I appreciate your visit to my ‘UM’ today!
Hugs and blessings,

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