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Saturday, April 5, 2008

SaturdayTennis Haikupdate (with addendum)

Nadal celebrates
after almost every point
whether he's winning or losing!
Intensity might be his middle name ;--)

Sony Ericsson Tennis Tournament in Miami
Men's Semi-Final Matches

Davydenko played
the match of his life last night
winning in two sets ...

covering the court
with great speed! Roddick could not
catch a break although

twice the 'net Gods' blessed
Nikolay at crucial times
in the match. This is

the first time for the
Russian to advance to a
Master's 'final' match!

Rafa won today
easily against Berdych
also in two sets.

(Photos found at Yahoo Sports)

Men's final will be
broadcast Sunday. Saturday
Serena will play

Jankovic at 9
in the morning PST ...
(noon in Miami)

if you care to watch
one or both on CBS ...
That's where I will be ;--)

Afternoon Addendum
about the Miami Sony Ericsson's
Women's Tennis Championship Match

between Serena Williams and Jelena Jankovic

Serena Williams
dominated play in the
first set, but mid-way

through the second set
Jankovic discovered her
game and managed to

fight back from two breaks
down as Williams lost 'focus'
winning 7-6.

In the final set
Williams zeroed in and broke
Jankovic's serve twice

concentrating on
good technique ... correcting her
self, she raised her game

but when trying to
finish the match at five-love
once more Williams lost

focus ... dropping serve.
Jankovic then 'held' her serve
pushing Williams who

lost her serve again
in the windy conditions.
Jankovic held off

seven 'break points' but
finally Serena broke
Jelena's weak serve

(Photos found at Yahoo Sports)

closing out the match.
Williams wins the tournament
but her 'ranking' drops

from 8 down to 10
since she doesn't play enough
to gather the points

necessary to
raise her ranking to reflect
just how good she is!

Dangerous 'floater'
Serena will remain for
now ... and that's a shame!

Thought for Today
"The end of wisdom is to dream high enough not to lose the dream in the seeking of it." William Faulkner


Joyce said...

Dear Storyteller, you are the tennis-lovingest lady I know! I think you mentioned earlier that you have enjoyed playing tennis yourself. That must add to your enjoyment of the game.

Haiku comes very easily to you. I've had fun coming across your haiku'd comments in other friend's blogs! :)

Hope you have a lovely day.

Momisodes said...

Wow! What an intense tennis update through haiku! Sounds like you've been really engulfed in the tournaments. hope you're having a great weekend!

storyteller said...

Joyce - Yup! You're right about that. I love tennis (and Haiku) ... enjoyed playing in my younger days but am content to watch now.

Sandy - I am having a lovely weekend though I'd be happier if Andy had won the match against Davydenko (after his HUGELY EXCITING win over Federer) because a 'final' between Roddick and Nadal could have been fun to watch.

Thanks to you both for stopping by and I hope you're each having a wonderful weekend too ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Betty said...

Hi Virginia,

I don't keep up with tennis, but it's good that you enjoy it so much. It is one of my grandson's favorite sport.

I hope you have a wonderful week.


Karen said...

One word--wow!

storyteller said...

Betty – I appreciate you bearing with my ‘tennis passion’ … and it’s fun to know I have this interest in common with your grandson. Perhaps my posts will help you ‘talk tennis’ with him?

Karen – Thanks! Ya know what a ‘thing’ I have for both tennis and Haiku ;--)

Hope you both had a great weekend!
Hugs and blessings,

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