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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Heads AND Tails #2 - Tip of the Iceberg

This week's prompt for 'Heads' is 'tip'
and for Tails, anything that rhymes with 'tip' ...
so for my 2nd time playing ... I've decided to do BOTH today
just because ;--)


Have you read this excellent book?


Perhaps this skeleton is tip-toeing so as not to be discovered,
but I can't help but wonder ... just who it's sneaking up on?


This dancer (in colorful socks) seems
to be trying to stand on tip-toes w/o ballet shoes ...
in 'sneakers' no less!

Helpful moving hints are tips ;--)

The tips of these rocks seem to touch the sky .

Cape Farewell

(words that rhyme with 'tip')
Thinking about words that rhyme
with the 'prompt' this morning I'm
considering quite a few
in this poem. Which one to do?

Zip clip slip blip yip dip drip
sip flip grip lip nip ... tulip
rip trip chip hip also gyp
variant forms they permit
but I think I'll go with ... SHIP!

Tall Ship
Tall ship

Cargo Ship
cargo ship

Viking Ship
Viking Ship

Sunken Ship
kiss and the ship (underwater)

Pirate Ship
pirate ship two

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Thought for Today

"Play keeps us vital and alive. It gives us an enthusiasm for life that is irreplaceable. Without it, life just doesn't taste good." Lucia Capocchione


Hootin Anni said...

My oh my....I don't know where to begin...I love all the ships first off, then the poem, LOVE the packing tape tip. LOL But best of all I think the photo of the 'tip of the rock' is outstanding! And if you look closely [at least through my eyes] I see a sitting elephant using it's trunk as a straw...and the 'whirlpool' is the 'slurpy' flowing around and around up into his trunk/straw.

Okay, give me a break. I got up WAY too early.

Natalie said...

Excellent post! You thought of so many great things fort his week's theme. :)

Andree said...

What a great fun post. I love the poem so much. And the photo of the pointy rocks in the ocean. I listened to the Tipping Point in my car. I have the book but listening to it made it more accessible to me and I got it!

Raven said...

Wow... This is like three wonderful posts in one. So many wonderful photos, I agree with hootin' anni about the rock photo. But I like all the others too. THanks. This was fun.

Susan Demeter said...

Wonderful post!!! I too loved the ships :) Happy HOT day!

Anonymous said...

What an excellent post! I really enjoyed all the photos you included. Thanks for stopping by my site!


Hey it's said...

Wow, great job. Very nicely done... I have read "Tipping Point" I liked it. Also, I've read "Blink" by the same author. Good choice :D
(Shipp is my last name, and I didn't even think of it!)

storyteller said...

Hootin’ Anni – Why thanks for all the kind words today. I hope you checked out my Fun Monday post from yesterday to collect the ‘bling’ I left for you there. I totally SEE the elephant using his trunk as a straw now that you pointed it out. That’s very cool indeed ;--)

Natalie – Thanks … it definitely helps to be ‘happily retired’ with time to ‘play’ with possibilities.

Andrée – I used to listen to books in the car, but now I spent so little time driving anywhere (and have plenty of time) as a general rule … I prefer to read so I can jot notes in the margins. I’m glad you liked the poem and my HoT post today.

Raven – I’m glad you stopped by and appreciate your enthusiastic response to my post. I did kind of get ‘carried away’ … but it was great fun!

Sue - Originally I intended to ‘choose’ something to ‘go with’ … but I enjoyed it all so much I decided to put it all out there … just because ;--)

MamaPajama – You’re quite welcome. I enjoyed seeing what others do with these posts … especially since the ‘Heads or Tails’ meme is pretty new for me. It’s great fun to play and visit!

Amy – Funny how we tend to overlook the obvious sometimes. LOL Actually I’ve read ‘BLINK’ too and enjoyed them both! I appreciate your kind comments.

How fun to enjoy Heads or Tails posts and see what everyone does with the prompt each week! Thanks so much for visiting mine today and have a delightful day!
Hugs and blessings,

Mary Beth said...

What fun! I love your ships!

Tumblewords: said...

Excellent post. Loved the photos and the book references -

Akelamalu said...

A great post with plenty of tips! :)

peppylady (Dora) said...

I just love that skeleton.

Anonymous said...

That was awesome! I especially loved the Moving Tip #48.

Anonymous said...

This is a great post... so much put into it. Awesome.

Thanks for visiting my HoT. Have a wonderful week.

Anonymous said...

Woofenderful post, Ms. Storyteller. Lots of good tips and ships, well worth the trips over here. Bark!!

storyteller said...

Mary Beth – Thanks … and I feel YOUR pain about missing the end of the baseball game ;--(

Tumblewords – I appreciate your kind words and am glad you enjoyed my offering today.

Akelamalu – Yup … when time permits I do tend to get carried away! LOL

Peppylady – You’re the first to comment on that one, but I thought it was ‘cool’ myself. I found most of these images at Photobucket and have finally learned to use the HTML code so that when clicked upon they jump the viewer back to the source.

Maggie – Heheh … that was funny. Actually I was saving ideas thinking I’d choose one or two, but when all was said and done I decided to include it all … just because.

Alice – You’re most welcome! I love seeing what everyone else does with the prompt. There’s always such variety!

Reba – Molly’s thrilled whenever fur-friends visit … and her tail is going a mile a minute as I type right now. Of course that’s because she knows we’re about to head out on a walk when I finish eating lunch ;--)

I appreciate all of you visiting Small Reflections today and enjoyed dropping by your blogs too. I hope you’re all having a wonderful week.
Hugs and blessings,

Unknown said...

Wonderful entry!

I can still stay on my toes on sneekers.

Welcome at my heads or tails:

:: here::

Have a great day!

The Gal Herself said...

At first glance, I thought the cargo ship was made of Leggos! Wouldn't that be a good idea? I love the diversity of your post. Thanks for sharing (and thanks for stopping by mine).

Betty said...

OMG, Virginia, you did such an outstanding job on HoT this week. You were so creative with it. I wish I had half your imagination.

ShannonW said...

Awesome post for "heads and tails"! Two thumbs up!

Momisodes said...

What a great post! I love all of those ship images. You did a great job with these.
I've heard Tipping Point is a great book. It's certainly on my reading list (that is collecting dust).

Anonymous said...

I have had several people to tell me to read that book, and I always keep forgetting about it. I'm writing it down this time so I actually remember!!!

Phyl said...

as always, this is a fun post:).

Mike said...

This post is chock full of neat ideas for the HoT meme. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Karen said...

What a fun and playful post--it's inspiring me to be more playful today! I love the ship pics--ships have always stood for mysteries in my mind--where's it going? Where's it been? Can I go too?

I have the Tipping Point book--it's on a pile (oh a couple of feet high) of books that I've purchased but still haven't gotten around to reading!


storyteller said...

Laane – Thanks … and that’s nifty to know! I wondered (when I selected that picture) if it was possible. I’m no ballerina myself ;--)

TheGalHerself – How funny! Now that you mention it, the ‘containers’ DO look like Legos stacked on the ship. I’m glad you enjoyed my HoT offering this week. I had fun creating it.

Betty – It helps to have lots of ‘discretionary’ time on my hands, but thanks for your positive comments. I do enjoy learning how to do new things in this ‘virtual’ world.

Shannon – How fun to get ‘two thumbs up’ … thanks!

Sandy – ‘The Tipping Point’ IS a ‘good read’ and so is ‘Blink’ … but you’re pretty busy as is ;--)

Annie – I suspect you’ll find it worth your time. Let me know what you think.

Phyl – Thanks … I had fun creating it.

Mike – You’re welcome. Life’s been busier than usual of late so I’ve seriously cut back on blog visits … but I try to get around to everyone at least once or twice a week.

Karen – Playful is good … always! You’ve got lots more on your plate than me. Sometime I wonder how I ever had time to work!!! Seriously.

I’m grateful to each of you for visiting my HoT this week and sharing your perspectives.
Hugs and blessings,

Mercedes said...

Nope~haven't read that book. Love your pictures for tip~great ones! Poetry~all the rhyming words leading up to ships! Awesome! Great pictures of ships! I believe you covered all aspects of HoTs-Great Job!

Thanks so much for visiting mine

Have a great day!

storyteller said...

Mercedes – It’s certainly a good one if you’ve got the time. Thanks for your positive comment here. I do sometimes get ‘carried away’ with things when time permits and I certainly did on this post! LOL

I always enjoy visiting your blog and am happy you had time to visit here on Tuesday.
Hugs and blessings,

Unknown said...

I love all of those photos! But I'm still giggling over the skeleton. :)

storyteller said...

Lisa Marie – I’m happy you enjoyed my ‘playful’ presentation. You’re just the 2nd person to mention the skeleton, but I felt captivated when I first saw it too. Thanks so much for visiting … and have a delightful day!
Hugs and blessings,

Tina Coruth said...


I love the "rocks touching the sky" and the ships! Beautiful. The colorful socks in ballet sneakers made me smile!


Tina Coruth said...


I love the "rocks touching the sky" and the ships! Beautiful. The colorful socks in ballet sneakers made me smile!


storyteller said...

Tina - I loved that photo myself … especially when Hootin’ Anni pointed out the ‘elephant’ she saw ;--)
Looks like you sent this comment twice but since it makes me smile I’m going it leave them both.
Hugs and blessings,

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