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"Nothing is ever achieved without enthusiasm."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Monday, October 22, 2007


With encouragement and support from friends, I'm venturing out into this public space for the first time after making a promise to my Taos Writers Retreat "Buddy" yesterday that I'd post something before our next weekly call. I've been a "closet writer" for decades, only occasionally sharing anything with a few trusted friends so this is a BIG STEP.
"Today I choose to embrace changes. I open my heart to its hidden but abundant blessings."
Transitions) by Julia Cameron
I'm a "newbie" to Blogs ... jumping in with both hands and all my fingers to see what happens this morning. Because I usually journal with my favorite mechanical pencil in hand ... darkening the page with whatever crosses my mind as honestly and fluidly as I'm able, composing at the keyboard is a new experience for me. I've long created some unusual "visual" pieces that I've framed and given to friends as gifts. I'm hoping I'll figure out how to upload a few here eventually, but for now ... just posting something will have to be good enough because I've procrastinated far too long already.
"Wisdom lies neither in fixity nor in change, but in the dialectic between the two." Octavio Paz
With gusty winds blowing and devastating fires burning all over Southern California, I'm grateful to live where I do in a relatively "safe" flat area of the southland near the ocean ... though the closest fire is less than 20 miles away burning out of control. Smoke and particulates fill the air making breathing difficult, but the only actual challenges I'm facing today are the huge palm fronds littering my yard, my front patio furniture blowing into the neighbor's yard, the awning on my 2nd story patio deck flapping precariously as it threatens to self-destruct and fly away, my feral cat hiding out, my Labrador Retriever pup driving me crazy indoors because walking is not an option at the moment, and my lovely garden being sucked dry.

I'm praying for all those affected by these fires and am hoping that the weather will calm down enough to get these infernos under control quickly with minimal destruction. May we each go about our day gently and compassionately, gratefully counting our blessings and generously giving of ourselves as we're able.


Kara said...

Yeah, a post! Congratulations! I came over to see if I could figure out your all capital letter problem, but it seems you figured it out. Stay well - here in New Mexico we are praying for an end to the fires there. So scary - stay safe. And nice job on the first post!

storyteller said...

Kara -- Thanks for all your encouragement, assistance, and support. I'm excited to have established an "online presence" and am eager to see where it leads. How fun to find a "comment" already! I'm grateful for the positive feedback.

Joy Des Jardins said...

You really are a newbie....your first post. Congratulations on joining this wonderful community....the Blogosphere. Welcome and enjoy every minute....I'll be back to check on you.

Inday said...

It's really great that we now have this technology advancement and our being a 'closet writer' is now a thing in the past.

We may not be recognized by those who never knew us, but it's amazing how we find there are so many out there who come and pause to read our thoughts once were only scribbled in a humble journal.

I am not a steady journal pen writer because I am used to typing. Yet, that cannot be dutifully accomplished as I have the tendency to be lazy. I write them down in my memory and most times, they automatically delete themselves when they are ready to be consigned to forgetfulness.

I feel privileged to revisit to read your beginning in the blogosphere. I have been blogging in my early days over at myspace until some lunatic hacked that profile and I lost everything I posted there. My back-ups were also deleted when someone changed our window program and did not really care to copy all what I had stored there.

So keep all those journals.

storyteller said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to click the link to my very first post and respond so generously today. As I celebrate my 2nd Blogoversary here at Small Reflections I find myself reviewing my journey into this virtual world with gratitude and amazement.

I'm saddened to learn that your early writings were lost in such a frustrating turn of events. Having watched this happen to other blog buddies, I've done what I can to protect myself ... (backing up my blogs on Blogger and at WordPress) ... but I don't make time to keep those back ups as current as I could. When I create and publish something, copies are sent to my gmail account so some reconstruction might be possible should disaster strike. That said ... I'm not sure I have the time or energy to start from scratch so I'd probably just begin again wherever I find myself.

I marvel at all the blogs you've created and have no idea how you manage to keep up because the four blogs I have seem a bit overwhelming to me at times. That said ... perhaps one of these days I'll become brave enough to share my private hand-written journal entries on a more regular basis than I do currently.

Thanks again for all support and encouragement. I'm happy to have encountered you and so many others through this phenomenon known as blogging ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Inday said...

Oh Madam, I am most honoured for such a lengthy kind reaction.

I am just nobody in the blogosphere with sometimes a very active mind flowing with ideas and saying words I even surprise myself where on earth they came from.

However, words they may be if I am allowed to used my Chopin 1986 personal words 'my music just flow like a river' and so is mine.

My notes of comment too, rest assured, do come from my heart for I cannot afford to utter them without good intent.

I feel flabbergasted by your attention.

One day, you'll come to publish in print some of your wonderful writings as a 'Memoir' to be read by those who could never attain to use a computer.

Kudos to you!

storyteller said...

You're very kind. Thanks again for the lovely award and linky-luv on your blog. I'll share it soon. I hope you've had a wonderful weekend ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

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