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Monday, July 27, 2009

Multi-tasking on Monday in a BIG Way

Make Time for Small Reflections
Monochrome Mania

Mellow Yellow BLUE Mosaic Monday

Huntington Beach - Surf
City -- one hundred years old.
Early monochrome

images captured
evolved into bold color ...
lovely transitions

Click images to embiggen for better viewing
Learn more here about surfing history ...

I photographed these
memories this past weekend
and used Photoshop

to present them as
Mosaics on Monday ... I
hope you enjoy them

Click to embiggen for better viewing
... and for others participating in
Monochrome Manics, Mosaic Monday,
Mellow Yellow and Blue Monday.

Click for LAST WEEK's Mosaic Monday
when I played even though other's didn't
Hope everyone has a delightful day!
Small Reflections ... Smile Back

Thought for Today
"Here is one of the greatest questions you will ever ask and answer: What one skill, if I developed and did it in an excellent fashion, would have the greatest positive impact on my career?" Brian Tracy


Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the selection.

SmilingSally said...

I see a tiny bit of BLUE. Thanks for sharing. Happy 1st Blue Monday.

Mary Bergfeld said...

You are one clever gal. I enjoyed you post. Have a great day.

Willa said...

I'm here for MYM and yes! I saw it! :)

Cass @ That Old House said...

Very clever -- like the lurking blue. I'm still figuring out how to get my collages loaded onto Blogger -- you are way ahead of me!

Jenn @ youknow... that blog? said...

Wow, I love black and white, and those are very exciting mosaics! Really nice shots.

Haiku, eh? You need to join me for my Silly Haiku Wednesday event - a different theme every week, and very addictive. Really hope to see you this week!

James said...

Nicely done. It's always nice to see H.B.

greensboro Daily Photo said...

Wow! Love the monochrome, the mosaic, the yellow. So many themes and you captured them all. What is your favorite meme to photograph? Should I say, what one do you feel like you get the best shots with?


Anonymous said...

Must be such fun to look at that gorgeous surfer - bold red! Looks good in red and monochrome - I guess in any other color spectrum :)

JunieRose2005 said...

Love the mellow yellow!! Perfect summer post!


George said...

I like the way you worked the blue into the borders of your color collages. It wasn't easy to decide, but I think I like the monochrome collages best.

Carol said...

My goodness! That's a lot of multi-tasking! I enjoyed your sunny yellow mosaic!

Margaret Gosden said...

All very interesting. My list of meme ideas gathered grow in my head - need to write them down! There is much to think about here. Will be back.

CailinMarie said...

what an interesting question you ask there in the "thought for today" hmmm I shall leave pondering!
I enjoy the mosaics - fun. Nice job meeting 4 memes at once!

Ms. Fiddlesticks said...

Very creative.

Sharon said...

Oh I could use a good tall glass of ice cold lemonade right now!

Jeanne said...

Great shots and I love the way you put them together!

Carver said...

Great job with your mosaics. I like the images and how they work so well in mosaic form.

Ebie said...

You always have a great selection and creativity.
P.S. Lake Shrine is free and open 7 days a week. Parking might be difficult, so check out street parking.

Martha said...

Very nice! Why not multi-task, we all have to during busy times :-)

ellen b. said...

I love your mosaics both with the color and black and white! Fun!

Thorne said...

WoW!! Those are really great! I especially love the Lemonade in B/W. What I think would be super cool is to hand color a dab of yellow here and there in the small images. Woooo.... I want to play with something like these. I like, I like!!!

Joyce said...

Lovely work, friend! :)

Regina said...

Nice post!

Susan Cook said...

Great multitasking! I love the lemonade stand.

Mary said...

Oh what a terrific set of images! Thanks so much for sharing your weekend at Mosaic Monday. :)

RobinfromCA said...

Great mosaics! What program do you use? Surfing is one of my favorite photo subjects.

Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

Inday said...

Great collage from Photoshop! You have creative mind to patiently do all these things to share with us. That's a Spirit!

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats better than a cool lemonade drink on a hot summer day :)

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