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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Camera Critters #38 - Pelicans

Make Time for Small Reflections
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This is my 38thMisty Dawn started the meme and explains the rules here.
Yesterday while visiting with my sister (who just returned from a couple of years traveling the USA
in an RV with her husband) as we walked out on the Huntington Beach pier, I took these pelican photos
with my new toy, using the 18-55mm lens. We also
saw dolphin, seal, and a whale ... but methinks I
need a telephoto lens to capture better shots of
those critters, even from the pier.

Small Reflections ... Smile Back

Thought for Today
"A wonderful bird is the pelican
His bill will hold more than his belican.
He can take in his beak
Food enough for a week,
But I'm darned if I see how the helican."
Dixon Lanier Merritt


George said...

Wonderful pictures and a great collage.

DrowseyMonkey-Photos said...

What a great collection of photos! They are such interesting birds.

Unknown said...

Great photos !!!

They are such interesting birds..

Mimi said...

I must say the pics are great, but the Thought for Today is awesome!

Tumblewords: said...

I love pelicans and love your new camera - don't you? What fun and it's nice to see some blue and birds!

Joyce said...

Great shots of the pelican.
The limerick is fun, and Hooray for your sister being there with you again. :)

AppleDebbie said...

I can see that you're already having fun with your new toy! The photo collage is wonderful... you even captured the Pelicans in flight! Hope you're having a nice weekend!

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

Love your collage, Storyteller! Fabulous photos.

I 'stole' your Thought for Today... hope you don't mind. Gave you credit, and linked back.

Have an awesome day, dear friend.


Dianne said...

they are like the comedians of the bird world to me - always doing slapstick ;)

Reba said...

Whoof!! I think it's snowing here at yur bloggy. Nice birdies. Bark!

Akelamalu said...

You're so lucky having such interesting wildlife where you live!

Jane Hards Photography said...

We have George who escape from the wildlife centre. These are excellent.

i beati said...

a smack down landing I bet sandy

Forgetfulone said...

Those are some great shots! I appreciate all your support while my mom goes through some difficult times.

Barb said...

How marvelous, storyteller! I have a new DSLR on my wishlist! And your poem at the end brought a belilaugh!

Unknown said...

Look at you! These are great! You must have been fairly close to this guy! Beautiful!

Roan said...

Great shots, but love the limerick!

Mary said...


The photos are awesome. I love pelicans and see one there on the pier. Lucky girl to have these so close.

I'm glad that you had time with your sister. Two years is a long time.

Have a wonderful day.

Betty said...

Nice pictures and nice camera, Virginia. I just have a cheap camera, but it seems to take good pictures.

Have a good week.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Nice collage, i never realized just how big those beaks are

Michelle said...

I like the collage/tiled idea. Very clever! :-)

Karen said...

Hilarious poem! And my oh my--you're going to have fun with your new toy!!

Misty DawnS said...

I really, really love these pelican shots! I don't think I've ever seen a pelican in person now that I think about it.

Fantastic collection of shots, my friend. You are doing great with that new toy :-D

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