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Duck photo source: Lisa's Chaos
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Saturday, November 1, 2008

NaBloPoMo begins today - CC#32 and SS#26

Make Time for Small Reflections
This is my 32ndMisty Dawn started the meme and explains the rules here.
This dog, Rusty, lives in the next block inland
and but loves to come visit Molly when we're out front.

Click for others participating in Camera Critters this week.

This is my 26th
It's been a BUSY & challenging week,
... yet enjoyable in many ways as well.

1. Thanks to everyone who left 'remedy suggestions' and 'well-wishes' while I dealt with a lingering sinus headache for several days last week. Fortunately, the weather has shifted from dry to damp ... finally! My it's a thing of the past at the moment and I'm hoping we get some measurable rain out of the storm cell off the coast of Southern California because we do need it.

2. Have you seen this hilarious dance video featuring facsimiles of both McCain & Obama? I can't help but wonder how they DO this kind of thing because it looks so realistic.

I've not had time or opportunity to do much blog visiting this week so I don't have my usual 'smiley' links to share ... but if you've not yet seen it, I encourage you to click to check out the Andrew Zuckerman video: Wisdom ... It's well worth your time!

4. Of course I've been participating in Blog 365 all of 2008 ...


... so it seemed natural to participate in NaBloPoMo again this November ... just because.

Click for My Ning Page

I hope you've thought about making a Peace Globe and participating in the upcoming 5th Blog Blast for Peace on November 6th. If you need some help adding text to the graphic, let me know and I'll be happy to help out. If you haven't heard about it or need details, click to read my post about it and/or find more details by clicking the logo at the top of my sidebar.

6. I've voted ... have you?
Here in California we had 'early voting' from October 19th-28th ... so I went to the polls at the local City Hall Thursday afternoon to cast my ballot. It feels good to have done this early, and if you have that option where YOU live ... (and you've decided how to cast your votes on all the candidates & ballot measures) ... I encourage you to do so. I feel so relieved on a personal level.

Now my only remaining challenge is to remain calm in the face of all that is beyond my control. Currently my walking meditation is that people will vote with 'intention' rather than out of 'fear' ... with the kind of America they envision for the future in mind. I believe that together we CAN make a difference ;--)

If you're still undecided on candidates or ballot measures & need additional information, here are some links to assist.
Once you've cast your ballot, go to Mommy Wizdom's and sign the Mr. Linky there to participate in the Election Night Blog Party 2008! Click for details.

Small Reflections ... Smile Back

Thought for Today
"Democracy is the only system that persists in asking the powers that be whether they are the powers that ought to be."
Sydney J. Harris


Mike Golch said...

good posting. I hope that you have a great weekend!

bobbie said...

Lovely dog. That first shot could also be used for Shadow Shot Sunday, couldn't it?

Did you check out Planet Ollie-wood's Oct.31st post? Take a look.

i beati said...

a doggie play neighbor coolness sandhy

Martha said...

Looks like Molly has a boyfriend!
Just catching up on your entries for this week, I've been so busy lately! I hope you are feeling better! I Hope you had a great Halloween and are enjoying the weekend :-)

Tumblewords: said...

Glad you are feeling better! Excellent post. I did vote, in fact. I did. Sorry that I have but one vote to give!!

threesidesofcrazy said...

Nice that they socialize so well. Cute!

Jane Hards Photography said...

So cute together.

Carole Burant said...

Hi Storyteller:-)

I just wanted to come by and thank you so very much for coming to my Halloween Bash yesterday...I do hope you had a fun time!! I think I'm still recovering from it all! lol

I had never seen that video before...how funny it is and as you say, makes you wonder how they do that! lol

Hope your weekend is going well:-) xox

Roan said...

It's nice to have dog friends. Yep, I voted. BJ

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful dogs and look like they were having fun.

Mary said...

Rusty and Molly are both beautiful. Rusty reminds me of a dog that my grandfather had on the farm. His name was Nipper because when he brought the cows in at night, he would nip at their heels. He did this from the time he was a puppy. I'm sure Molly enjoys his visits. Dogs are very social animals most of the time.

Can you believe that Ontarians were searching high and low for Obama masks. They were going for about $150 a clip. McCain masks weren 't popular at all.

Take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend.


Misty DawnS said...

Awwwww! *waving* Hi Rusty! Nice to meet you! You are so very handsome... you got a little crush on my friend Molly? eh? hehehe

Joyce said...

As always, I especially enjoy your pet photos.
Glad you're feeling better, and hope you get some rain . . . SOON!

Juliana RW said...

lovely dog...

thanks for ur visit

Hootin' Anni said...

Love Rusty and Molly! They're cute together.

But, but....that photo/video of McScary just literally left me speechless. Ewwwwww. Sorry.

kitten said...

Cute pics!

Gretchen said...

Love the dogs visiting. :)

We don't have early voting here in PA, but I'll be going as soon as hubby gets home from work on Tuesday. This is the first election he's ever voted in, so it's a big deal for us. :) I FINALLY convinced him, with a little help from our local State Representative, how important it is. Dragging him to all these political events has opened his eyes to the real difference between the parties.

Unknown said...

I LOVED the video!! That is great!!

Yep, we voted. :)

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