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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

SECURITY ALERT: Did you know ...

Make Time for Small Reflections
My next post contains Shadow Shots, Monday Macros, Mellow Yellow & RubyRed Outdoor Mosaics but first things first ....
Did YOU know ... copy machines have hard drives that store a copy of EVERYTHING duplicated on the machine? A friend just sent me this video link to a story from CBS Evening News. Watching it was a shocker to me as I tried to remember all the personal, medical, and financial papers I've copied over the years. What a huge security leak! When old machines are 'recycled' the data (from schools, financial institutions, health providers, law enforcement, government, etc) is available to the next owner.
The crazy thing is that for about $500 these machines could be fixed so that drives would be 'scrubbed' automatically as we use them ... maintaining our privacy, but the industry doesn't seem interested in closing this security breach. I plan to write some letters today ... and before I use a copier in the future, I'll ask about 'data scrubbing' software first!

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Carolyn Ford said...

Maxine is SO right on that one!

Ginny said...

I happened to see this whole story on the news. But I thought it is only machines that have been previously bought and are sold as used ones. Still, it is rather shocking, and good to know! The news showed used printers being sold overseas to all kinds of places!!

KleinsteMotte said...

I wonder why Homeland Security has never taken an interest in the digital security thing and I feel that many things are getting worse. We are being made to believe that sharing is simplifying things. My camera has tech in it that will pinpoint the location of a photo taken by it. It will even put it on a map! This is to help you make albums and be organized with ease. Have we allowed this or were we just given it ???? And all this is on cell phones too!!!! We are living in a world where the tech grew faster than the law.

lisaschaos said...

I had never heard of this until recently. It does make me feel a little weird about copies I've made.

JOE TODD said...

Thanks for sharing. I watched the video then posted on my FaceBook page. P.S. enjoyed your skywatch photos. I always enjoy all your posts though I don't always comment

Momisodes said...

Oh my! I had no idea. I will have to keep that in mind the next time I make copies at a store.

Rebecca said...

How true! Made me smile.

Joy Des Jardins said...

I think Maxine has something there. Thanks for this info making copies sweetie...interesting. I hope you are doing well. ~Joy

Eve said...

I had no idea about the copiers. I make all my copies at home on my printer.
I love Maxine. She is so right about everything. =)
Your thought for today is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

This is making me feel very uncomfortable. At first I comforted myself with the knowledge that I've had my own copier for a while...but now I'm thinking, what about Nathan's school? What about the doctor's office? So many places that have no doubt copied my family's pertinent info...

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